Immortalise your pets by getting a customised trinket of them from these shops!

As pet-owners, even though we wish that our little pets will stay with us forever until we grow old, we know for a fact that it isn’t possible. And nothing feels worse than seeing our cheerful little furballs gradually lose their energy as they continue to age.

Thankfully, there are shops around that help us to immortalise our pets and make them live forever not just in our hearts, but also in the form of accessories. Take a look at our round-up of places where you can purchase such customisable trinkets of your pets!

1. Ponggi

Ponggi is a jewellery brand that specialises in offering personalised accessories with photo projections when you view the sculpture with a camera. While it does focus a lot on the market for couples, it also does have a couple of products catering to pet owners.

You can opt for the Personalised Pet Photo Projection Necklace – Paw (~S$66.06) so that you can always carry your favourite photo of you and your pet with you everywhere you go. You can choose to either upload a coloured photo or a black and white one.

Credit: Ponggi

Opt for the Personalised Photo Sketch Necklace/Keychain (~S$55.04) instead if you prefer to always be able to see your pet without using any tools.

Credit: Ponggi

Simply upload a photo of your pet and Ponggi will have their image sketched out and engraved on the accessory. You can even choose the material as well as what you would like to engrave on the back.

For more options, you can view Ponggi’s website.

2. GetNameNecklace

Wear a sketch of your pet around your neck everyday with GetNameNecklace’s Personalised Pet Head Portrait Necklace Photo Necklace (S$54.77). You can engrave your pet’s name on the front underneath the sketch, and even choose to engrave something on the back, like their birthday or the day you got them.

Credit: GetNameNecklace

You can also choose the material you would like the necklace to be made from, as well as the style of the engraving.

If you don’t wear necklaces often, don’t fret! You can also get the Personalised Pet Photo Stud Earrings in Silver (S$49.10) where you can wear your pet on your ears.

Credit: GetNameNecklace

Check out more of such products from GetNameNecklace.

3. SwanGift

We all know about a dog’s relationship with bones – they love them. So what better way to remember your dogs than a necklace with a paw and a bone?

But that’s not all, you can also personalise the necklace with your dog’s name on the bone, and a picture of them on the paw.

The Personalised Name Bone Dog Paw Necklace (S$47.95) by SwanGift is a quirkly piece and would make a great memento for any pet lover.

Credit: SwanGift

If you prefer something a little sweeter, choose the Personalised Photo Custom Love Paw Print Necklace (S$43.84) instead. This features an engraved heart and a paw with your pet’s photo on it.

Credit: SwanGift

Visit SwanGift for more variety.

4. Soufeel

Necklaces aren’t necessarily something that you can see on yourself unless you stand in front of a mirror. For those of you who very much prefer being able to see your pet at any given time without having to use a camera or a mirror, perhaps a customised bracelet or a keychain would suit you better.

The Photo Engraved Bracelet, Personalised Pet Portrait Bracelet Rose Gold Plated (~S$26.89) is a simple bracelet with two charms on it. One charm will have the sketch of your pet’s face on it, and the other can be engraved with anything you’d like, such as their name.

Credit: Soufeel

For this, you can also choose the material and colour you would like.

If you’re not a fan of wearing jewellery, the Custom Photo Engraved Word Pet Photo Keychain (~S$21.50) would probably interest you more because you get to hang it on your bag and look at it whenever you want. The keychain features a charm of a photo of your pet and a bone charm. You can engrave something on the back of the photo too.

Credit: Soufeel

Check out Soufeel’s full collection on their website.

5. Melody Necklace

Rings are great fashion accessories, but they’re made even greater when they mean something. Check out the Personalised Bone Shaped Name Ring (~S$40.30) where you can personalise your dog’s name on the bone-shaped ring.

Credit: Melody Necklace

This is definitely more unique than the other rings you may have, like solitaire rings or birthstone rings. Plus, it offers a good remembrance of your beloved pet.

For those who have cats as pets instead, don’t worry, there’s also another design of rings that will be suitable for you. Check out the Personalised Cat Ear Name Ring (~S40.36). Likewise, you can also engrave your cat’s name on the ring in between the cat ears.

Credit: Melody Necklace

You can browse more on the Melody Necklace website.

6. Custom Man

Custom Man is another jewellery shop that offers personalised trinkets that you can purchase, including the Personalised Photo Engraved Paw Print Pendant Necklace (S$36.99).

Credit: Custom Man

This features a photo of your beloved pet on the paw at the front, and your choice of inscription on the back. The entire necklace is fully customisable in the sense that you are able to choose the material, colour, as well as the chain length.

For those who don’t wear accessories, you can opt for the Custom LOVE Photo Collage Lights (S$47.95) instead. Unlike the other accessories, you don’t have to choose just one photo. You can select up to seven of your favourite photos to be placed on this home decoration piece. Place it in your room on your desk, or in the living room so that you can always look at it.

Credit: Custom Man

View more on the Custom Man website.

7. Shingirl

For those who love to dress up your bag with cute little keychains, the Personalised Pet Photo Keychain (S$33.57) is perfect for you. Put your pet’s face on the keychain and they’ll be wherever you go. The keychain also comes with a larger circle charm behind the photo so that you can engrave your pet’s name, birthday, or something that reminds you of them.

Credit: Shingirl

This is perfect for anyone who wants to remember their pet.

Check out other similar products on Shingirl.

8. Danique Jewelry & Gifts

Sometimes, simplicity is the best. The Custom Pet Name Necklace, Paw Print Bar Necklace (~S$49.85) is the perfect minimalistic necklace that you need in your wardrobe now.

Credit: Danique Jewelry & Gifts

This necklace features a bar with a personalised engraving and a tiny paw print beside it. Being so simplistic, it is the most ideal piece of jewellery that you can wear everyday no matter what the occasion.

For this, you can customise the material, colour, and even the font of the engraving.

View Danique Jewelry & Gifts’ full collection on their website.

9. Just Promise Rings

Looking for something a little more unique? Perhaps Just Promise Rings’ selection may interest you. The Cute Pet Paw Infinity Necklace with Personalised Name (~S$60.63) is definitely our top pick not just because of how cute it is, but because of how meaningful it is.

Credit: Just Promise Rings

With the infinity sign, it just shows that your pet will always be with you, even if they’re no longer in this world. It can also represent your everlasting love and friendship with each other.

Just Promise Rings also makes it extra special by donating 10% of the proceeds from each purchase to their animal charity partners, so you’re helping to make a difference for other animals as well when you purchase from them.

Shop more on Just Promise Rings.

10. Gifts Finder

Instead of customising a keychain with your pet’s photo exposed and prone to scratches, you might want to purchase the Personalised Paw Print Heart Photo Frame Keyring (~S$31.07) by Gifts Finder instead. This features a heart-shaped locket with your pet’s name engraved on the front.

Credit: Gifts Finder

Open the locket to reveal two precious photos of your pet. Since your pets are just as precious as your own baby, you wouldn’t want even their photos to get a little scratch, right? As such, with this locket design, it helps to keep your pet’s photos unscratched and in pristine condition.

For more personalised gifts, you can check out Gifts Finder.

11. Woofer&Purrlensky

Woofer&Purrlensky is a homegrown brand that boasts an array of luxury pet accessories such as collars and leashes. But one of the key highlights of the brand is their Customised Leather Charms (~S$296.50) that are crafted to look exactly like your little furball.

Credit: Woofer&Purrlensky

Since they are a luxury boutique, the attention to detail is amazing. If your pet’s colouring is varied, the team at Woofer&Purrlensky will ensure that the colours are made as accurate as possible. Since the crafting process is an intense one, it can take up to three to four weeks for your customised charm to be shipped out to you.

Also, as the company is rather popular among the pet owner community, there is currently a waitlist that you have to register for before your order is accepted.

If you would like to view their other products, you can check out the Woofer&Purrlensky website.