Treat your dog to a cold and sweet dessert – paw-fect for a hot and sunny day!

What better way to cool down on a hot day than with a scoop of some delicious, cold ice cream? If you love ice cream on a sunny day, you might be tempted to share this with your favourite furry friend. However, human ice cream is not the most suitable for our little pooches.

Well, we’ve got great news, because Creamier and PetCubes have teamed up to create refreshing treats for our doggos.

PetCubes is a pioneer in the fresh food movement and strives to consistently produce premium, human-grade meals for both our canine and feline friends alike. Together with well-known ice cream brand Creamier, they are releasing a special edition line of doggie ice creams made using quality human-grade ingredients.

Credit: petcubes on Instagram

These doggie ice creams are gluten-free, lactose-free, and low in sugar, making them the perfect treat for your pup. The Doggie Ice Cream Collection is made with lactose-free cow’s milk, so it’s safe for your four-legged friend to indulge in without getting an upset stomach. The ice cream also contains coconut cream that not only enhances the ice cream’s delicious taste, but also makes their fur coats more beautiful.

Of course, no preservatives or artificial food colourings were used in these doggie ice creams, and the healthy and delicious ice cream comes in three different flavours for your favourite pooch to munch on.

Credit: Creamier

Birthday Cake is a must-have at any dog birthday party, and is a vanilla ice cream made with spirulina, gluten-free sponge cake, and naturally coloured sprinkles for a fun and creamy treat.

Spirulina not only adds a fun touch of blue to the already colourful ice cream, but also helps to enhance your little hound’s immune system and helps their body to produce some cancer fighting compounds. Ice cream that is both healthy and delicious? It almost sounds too good to be true.

Credit: Creamier

For the doggie that loves berries, Super Berries will be a super treat for them! An açai berries and blackcurrant sorbet with blue spirulina, real bananas, and coconut, the vibrant Super Berries is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C and E for a healthy treat.

Not to mention, the berries in the sorbet contain anthocyanins, which offers anti-inflammatory benefits. The flavonoids it contains helps to improve memory function and prevent brain ageing. This sorbet is also a perfect alternative for the doggie who can’t digest milk well.

Credit: Creamier

Last but not least, Banana Surprise is made with real bananas, spirulina, and gluten-free cookie crumbles for a super creamy treat with a surprise crunch from the house-baked cookie crumbles.

This ice cream will help to cultivate healthy microbes, and is absolutely loaded with natural fibres that can be found in bananas and seaweed to help mend and soothe any irritated guts. The bananas not only provide a natural sweetness to the ice cream treat, but also brings with them many vitamins, minerals, and soluble fibres.

Treat your fur-baby to a delicious, cold, and healthy sweet treat today!

Doggie Ice Cream is available in individual tubs (350ml) for S$16 each or as a bundle set of three for S$45, and is available in Creamier stores, Creamier Online Shop, PetCubes Online Shop, and selected stockists from now till the end of February 2022.