Your nearest Cold Storage is going to look a whole lot different soon – here’s why

Not many people know this – us included – but Cold Storage Supermarket was actually established way back in 1903 and had its major store refresh more than 20 years ago!

So, to say that a new rebranding exercise is overdue is probably an understatement but that doesn’t mean that Cold Storage has been resting on its laurels. In fact, the brand is now undertaking a S$40 million revitalisation programme to refresh all of its outlets and is expecting to complete the rebranding exercise by the end of next year!

cold storage cs fresh paragon storefront

To give you a taste of what the new store concept looks like, Cold Storage recently unveiled the CS Fresh flagship store at Paragon Shopping Centre and AVENUE ONE was invited to be one of the first few to experience the new flagship store!

The opening of CS Fresh at Pargon follows the success of CS Fresh in Great World City, which opened its doors when the mall debuted its new look following a two-year transformation. According to Chris Bush, CEO of Cold Storage, the brand has taken the CS Fresh concept even further with CS Fresh Gold at Paragon, “with exciting innovation and inspiration for all customers in Singapore.”

Keep reading to check out everything that you can expect at the new CS Fresh store.

What’s new at CS Fresh Gold, Paragon

cold storage cs fresh paragon fresh fruits and vegetables

The new store concept features an all-black, sleek interior unique to the CS Fresh retail identity. As part of Cold Storage’s ongoing sustainability initiatives, wooden fixtures in the store were recycled from old palettes and repurposed into the store design to mimic a rustic interior akin to that of a farmer’s market.

Within the store, products are all categorised accordingly starting with fresh vegetables and fruits displayed neatly and beautifully at the entrance.

cold storage cs fresh paragon vegetables closeup

Cold Storage always strives to bring the freshest produce to us, and the new CS Fresh is no different. As the store refreshes its fresh produce frequently, you can quite literally pick any random fruit or vegetable and it’s guaranteed to be as fresh as the next one on the display area.

An extensive Rotisserie section that includes Crystal Jade offerings

cold storage cs fresh paragon rotisserie

Apart from fresh produce, the store also has an extensive Rotisserie section where you can shop a variety of freshly baked pastries and artisanal bread.

Eating on the go is more than just convenience at CS Fresh Gold too, as it has a Fresh Sushi and Salad Bar on the other end of the Rotisserie section that offers an assortment of ready-to-eat sushi dishes as well as a wide array of ingredients to make your own salad.

cold storage cs fresh paragon kitchen on the go

But what’s different at CS Fresh Gold in Paragon is the exclusive Crystal Jade-prepared roasts and quality ready-to-eat meals that you can easily get at the Rotisserie section without having to hunt down a Crystal Jade restaurant to satisfy your craving.

The largest organic produce range in Singapore

cold storage cs fresh paragon organic produce

Yup, you read that right – CS Fresh Gold in Paragon boasts the largest range of organic produce on the entire island, offering organic fruits and vegetables that taste as good as they look!

cold storage cs fresh paragon organic potted herbs

There’s also a selection of organic potted herbs that you can bring home to nurture your green fingers or have them handy for cooking your next meal!

On top of that, CS Fresh Gold also offers a large variety of vegan and plant-based meat brands like Impossible, Beyond, Arlene, and Quorn, as well as a wellness section stocked with sugar-smart products, to help you eat healthier.

In-store artisanal cheese and charcuterie shop

To elevate your grocery run even further, look for the artisanal cheese shop where you can get your very own customised cheese and charcuterie board.

CS Fresh Gold is said to have the largest range of international cheeses in Singapore, stocking more than 100 international cheese types and 50 varieties of cold cuts and cured meats that you can mix and match to create your own personal platter.

Exclusive Ryan’s Grocery dry-aged beef and premium meats

cold storage cs fresh paragon ryan's butchery

Ryan’s Butchery is another exclusive concept that you can expect at CS Fresh Gold. It’s a partnership with Ryan’s Grocery, to make shopping for premium meats for your steak dinners, house parties, or family barbeques so much easier.

There are even ready-made items such as Beef Wellington, rolls, and wraps that you can easily grab and finish cooking in the oven for a quick but nice meal.

Wide selection of local and international beers, wine, and spirits, including sustainable wine

Not satisfied with just offering bespoke cheese platters and the largest range of organic produce, CS Fresh Gold also carries one of the most extensive ranges of international wines, beers, and spirits available in Singapore supermarkets.

How extensive? We’re talking over 200 beer variants, 450 types of wine, and more than 200 spirit variants.

There’s even something for whisky lovers too, which is a dedicated whisky section at CS Fresh Gold where you can find whiskey staples such as Monkey Shoulder or Auchentoshan whiskeys, or score an exclusive bottle of Yamazaki or Hibiki Aged Whisky.

Premium fresh seafood range

cold storage cs fresh paragon premium seafood

A variety of fresh fish aside, you can expect to find live lobsters, as well as fresh oysters that come from Japan and Ireland.

Get them in the shell, or you can also ask for the complimentary shucking service on the spot if you can’t wait to dig in!

Singapore’s first pet treat bar

cold storage cs fresh paragon dog treat bar by alison's pantry

We’re not sure about you but we don’t think we’ve seen something quite like this before: a treat bar dedicated to pets!

Simply grab a Ziplock bag provided and fill up the item of your choice. All the treat variants are priced at S$6 per 100g, which lets you easily mix and match the treats that you want.

For now, most of the treats offered over at the Dog Treat Bar by Alison’s Pantry are for our canine friends but we’ve been told that the brand is looking into cat treats too so keep an eye out for that!

CS Fresh Gold is located at 290 Orchard Road, Paragon Shopping Centre, #B1-21/22, Singapore 238859. It opens daily from 9am to 10pm.