Tasteful ways to decorate your house this Chinese New Year

When we say Chinese New Year decorations, often the image that comes to mind is a space full of overtly oriental and obnoxiously red decor pieces. While there is nothing wrong with that, some of us would prefer something more subtle and modern that still brings out the CNY feel.

If that just described you then read on to find out how to give your living space a festive yet tasteful vibe this Chinese New Year!

Miniature Lanterns


One way to keep the decoration subtle and minimal is to use miniature version of iconic Chinese New Year decor pieces like the lanterns. You can hang these on the wall or on plants and trees around the house to give the space a festive touch without going overboard.

These mini lanterns come in packs of 30, available on Lazada at SGD5.99.

Red alternatives

To keep the decoration modern and less garish, only use red as a pop of colour on a predominently light background rather than let it overwhelm the space. Here are some ways you can replace the traditional read  with

Lanterns in pastel hues

If you still want to use full-size lanterns for decoration, choose pastel hues such as pink, which are less in-your-face but still bring refreshing spring vibes into your house!
This set of paper lanterns comes in white and pink, available on Lazada at SGD8.54.

DIY Cherry Blossoms


Cherry blossoms are a familiar decor piece during Chinese New Year, but a vase full of the usual fake pink cherry blossom branches can look so cheesy! Instead, you can DIY these cherry blossoms using white, pink and red colour papers, so you can create an ideal blend of colours that is both tasteful and festive.

Here‘s a tutorial on how to DIY cherry blossoms that you can check out.

Flower arrangements

No Chinese New Year decoration is complete without flowers. Instead of using cliche red flowers such as flamingo lilies, choose a flower arrangement with a more muted and delicate colour palette such as this one from Vanda Win:

Contact them here or email [email protected] for further enquiries.

Red Marble Lazy Susan

Red on its own may be loud and garish, but combine it with the quintessential modern decor pattern that is marble, like this lazy Susan from Concrete Cat does, and what you get is a chic and sophisticated tableware item that doubles as a stunning piece of decoration for your dining table.

You can buy the Ambrosia Lazy Susan here for USD265.

Terrazzo Tile

Red is festive, but so do confetti! This tile from Actseed Co. brings a cheerful vibe to any living space. You can use it to display small decorative pieces like candles in your living room, or for fruits or cheese in your kitchen.

This tile is available for purchase on Naiise at SGD48.

A touch of gold

Like red, gold is supposed to be auspicious and is often used in Chinese New Year decorations. So adding a touch of gold details to your home decor not only brightens the space but will also bring you good luck in the new year.

Marble and gold ceramic vases

During Chinese New Year, your house will be filled with various plants and flowers. These ceramic vases with gold accents will not only have the practical purpose of housing those plants and flowers, but also instantly elevate your living space and give it an elegant yet festive touch.

These ceramic vases come in a set with three sizes, available on Lazada at SGD18.83.

Gold confetti balloons

Nothing says party like a set of balloons! These transparent balloons with gold confetti inside will make your house look extra fun during Chinese New Year, especially when they burst. The little ones in your house will absolutely love these!

These balloons come in a set of 20, available on Lazada for SGD4.69.

Gold printing cushion cover

Cushion covers are among the best and most convenient decorative piece as they can easily be swapped out depending on the occasions. If your house already has a gold accent theme going on, these cushion covers with gold leaf details will fit right in. And the leaves will also go nicely with all your spring plants and flowers!

This cushion cover is available on Lazada at SGD6.41.

Chopsticks with gold details

Your living room isn’t the only place where you host guests during Chinese New Year. Bring a festive vibe to your Chinese New Year meals with this set of black chopsticks with elegant gold details at the end.

You can order this set from Lazada for SGD11.92.

Seagrass Basket – Metallic Gold

Pair this hand-woven metallic gold seagrass basket with any indoor plants for the ultimate new year vibes in your living room. And after Chinese New Year is over? The basket conveniently doubles as a stylish storage bin to help you keep all the junk!

This basket is available at Naiise for SGD34.20.