What to add to your playlist for Christmas parties to create those festive, winter wonderland vibes

Nothing can set (or ruin!) a mood quite like music.

This is especially relevant when it comes to parties and gatherings, where there are big groups of people — most often with varying music tastes — to contend with.

Still, if the thought of it already has you contemplating hosting a ‘silent’ party instead (yes, silent disco style), we recommend you slow your roll, because Avenue One is here to help with our very comprehensive list of playlists and tracks that are perfect for just about any Christmas gathering out there.

From classics to pop, we have you covered!

1. Christmas Hits

When in doubt, make sure to go for the Christmas classics, of course! This playlist is filled with all the hits, from Jingle Bell Rock to the titular All I Want For Christmas Is You. What makes this playlist a little more unique, though, is that it features classic favourites sung by modern pop icons of today, too — think Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Meghan Trainor, even.

Classic Christmas tunes, but with a modern twist? Check! We recommend starting out with faster beats, such as Last Christmas and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, before transitioning to mellow tunes as the night progresses. End off with Silent Night for maximum festive vibes, of course!

2. Christmas Pop

Prefer tracks that are recorded some time in this century? Or popular bops that everyone can sing and jive to? Then go for this Christmas pop playlist which comes with upbeat covers of our favourite Christmas tunes.

Most of them are from pop mega forces of today such as Sam Smith, Echosmith, and The Vamps, which are guaranteed to please the younger crowd. Get this playlist blasting, and watch as the night dissolves into a full out sing-along session!

3. Christmas Peaceful Piano

Hosting an intimate get-together or a dinner party? Well, then keep the noise level low with this Christmas Playful Piano playlist, instead! You can expect classic Christmas favourites, still, except in instrumental form. This allows for more conversation anyway, and adds a nice touch to the festivities without overwhelming.

4. Christmas Jazz

Trust us, any party transforms into an elegant affair the second this playlist comes on. Filled with jazz editions of classic Christmas tunes like Deck The Halls, Winter Wonderland, and Last Christmas, we recommend this for quiet nights in with your loved ones.

5. Christmas EP by The Sam Willows

Because who says you can’t be patriotic and festive at the same time? This Christmas album by The Sam Willows features an original track from them as well as a bunch of other classic tunes that we are all too familiar with. Granted, there are only four tracks available, but quality over quantity, right?

Besides, you can always add individual tracks into an existing soundtrack, though we highly doubt you’ll be able to stop at just one after hearing these addictive jingles!

6. Everyday Is Christmas by Sia

Hipsters are bound to love this edgy and unique offering by Sia, which comes with ten original festive tracks that could work for just about any type of party. Begin with cheerful, upbeat tracks such as Santa’s Coming For Us, before moving on to melancholy ones like Underneath The Mistletoe.

End the night off with Underneath The Christmas Lights for a picture-perfect, picturesque for close to your party.

7. Christmas Kisses by Ariana Grande

No one can pull off a power ballad quite like Ariana Grande (except maybe Mariah Carey, but we digress) so be sure to opt for her Christmas Kisses album if you’re celebrating with your girls this Christmas.

All four tracks available embody festive excellence that is sure to sweeten the mood. Best paired with desserts and champagne – oh yes.

8. Christmas Deluxe Special Edition by Michael Buble

The voice of an angel, or Michael Buble? We know, we have difficulty telling them apart sometimes, too. Packed with 19 whole Christmas carols, Michael’s holiday album is guaranteed to be a hit amongst the majority.

After all, there’s a reason why he’s the default choice when it comes to Christmas events, right? We guarantee that you’ll hear at least one Michael Buble song at every Christmas village or wonderland there is — but shh, you didn’t hear it from us!

9. Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey

You didn’t think we’d recommend Christmas bops without mentioning Mariah Carey, right? The OG queen of pop doesn’t disappoint with her Christmas album. Plus, the wide variety available means you can cherry-pick according to the mood you’d like to set.

Go for All I Want For Christmas Is You and Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town if you’re looking for something a little more upbeat, and Silent Night or Joy To The World for something a little more contemplative.

10. Christmas Is Here! by Pentatonix

American capella group Pentatonix caused quite a stir when they came to Singapore a few years back, which comes as no surprise considering their buttery smooth vocals and insanely catchy covers.

Their Christmas album is no exception, with their tracks being of a more unique nature as compared to the usual Christmas classics. There’s still enough to entice a majority of your guest list, but also a respectable number that will have them asking, “what song is this again?!” — in a good way, though, we promise!

11. Christmas Classics by Bing Crosby

It doesn’t get anymore old school than it does with Bing Crosby. Bring this out if you’re looking to create 100% authentic Christmas vibes, with a tree and presents to boot!

12. Disney Christmas Songs

The little ones are sure to adore this super cute Disney Christmas themed playlist! Expect familiar faces — or, well, voices — such as Mickey and the gang, Miley Cyrus, and Mariah Carey.

Or, failing that, you can always opt for another winter wonderland themed soundtrack, such as…

13. Frozen Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This might possibly be the most apt Christmas soundtrack out there. There’s a high chance that the little ones might start belting along though, so remember to warn your neighbours (or herd them in a room with thicker walls, maybe?)

14. Acoustic Christmas

Have a relaxing, stress-free party with these acoustic Christmas tracks. If this doesn’t put you in the mood for a cup of hot Milo, turkey, and all things Christmas, then nothing will!