16 homeware brands you can get Christmas decorations from to make your home a Christmas wonderland

In just a blink of an eye, we’re already in the midst of November, and that just means we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas! And of course, it’s never too early to start planning for your Christmas gatherings. Seeing as to how the restrictions may continue to be strict even during Christmas, here are some homeware brands you can get Christmas decorations from to make your home a Christmas wonderland.


IKEA is one of the most popular brands people think of when it comes to shopping for homeware. It offers a huge selection of affordable furniture in a warehouse, and delicious Swedish meatballs and hotdogs for people to have after shopping to conclude the day.

IKEA’s new Christmas collection has everything that you would need for Christmas, from gift wrappers to decorations, to glassware and furniture needed for hosting. Here are some of our top picks!

Christmas Tree

Whenever we think of Christmas, we think of Christmas trees. Unfortunately, not all of us would like to spend on a tree, only to have it wilt in a couple of days and be thrown away. It just doesn’t really make much financial sense. However, IKEA offers us a solution that will allow us to not only have a tall and full-bodied tree in our homes, but will also allow us to reuse it every year.

This 210cm artificial tree is needle-free, so your kids won’t be hurt if they’re running around the house excited about the season. Plus, it takes up little storage space, allowing you to keep it in the storeroom easily.

Credit: IKEA

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, you can also consider this artificial tree that stands at a height of 170cm. Similarly, this tree is needle-free and takes up little storage space.

Credit: IKEA

The VINTER 2021 210cm Artificial Christmas Tree retails for S$129 and can be purchased here, while the VINTER 2021 170cm Artificial Tree retails for S$39.90 and can be purchased here.

Christmas Ornaments

A Christmas tree is not complete unless it has decorations on it, so check out IKEA’s fantastic deal on these Christmas Ornaments. They come in a pack of 20 pieces, and are all different in terms of its shape and colours. They come in balls, hearts, stars, and bells in the colours of red, silver and green.

Credit: IKEA

These are also 3.5cm in size, and you’ll definitely have a ball decorating your tree with these.

The VINTER 2021 Mixed Baubles (3.5cm) can be purchased for S$12.90/20 pieces here.

Drinks Dispenser

If you’re intending to host a small gathering with your loved ones and friends, you might want to buy this drinks dispenser so that your guests won’t have to keep asking you for a refill. They can simply walk up to it and turn the tap.

Credit: IKEA

This will also be perfect whenever you host a party, not just for Christmas.

The VARDAGEN Jar with Tap (5.0 litres) is available for S$29.90 here.

You can shop IKEA’s full Christmas collection here.

2. Urban Li’l

Urban Li’l is known for its custom interior decor made from laser and printing. Make your Christmas decorations unique by adding on a personal touch to them.

Winter Sage Christmas Wreath

Consider getting your own Christmas Wreath customised and you can either place it on your front door, or leave it in the house as a backdrop for photos. The wreath is also made of a faux material, which means you’ll be able to leave it up all year, or reuse it for the following years when the Christmas season arrives.

Credit: Urban Li’l

We’re sure your guests won’t stop admiring the intricate work of Urban Li’l and will definitely snap a lot of photos of themselves with the wreath.

The Winter Sage Christmas Wreath starts from S$70 and can be purchased here.

Customised Christmas Ornaments

Get your name printed on these cute Disney-themed Christmas ornaments and place them on the Christmas tree.

Credit: Urban Li’l
Credit: Urban Li’l

Imagine your guests’ shock when they see their own names printed on these ornaments on your Christmas tree! It will make for a very nice souvenir that they can bring home after the party.

Credit: Urban Li’l

Furthermore, it can even be reused as a decor piece to be placed around the house.

The Winnie The Pooh & Friends Engraved Ornament is S$16 and you can place an order for it here. The Minnie and Mickey Motif Ornaments are S$18 and can be purchased here and here respectively.

If you would like to take a look at Urban Li’l’s full Christmas collection, click here.

3. Masons Home Decor

Masons Home Decor is the largest Christmas retailer in Singapore, and it’s not hard to see why. It has over 100 Christmas decorations to select from, and that doesn’t even include the hyper-realistic trees that they have. They also offer same-day delivery, which is great for those who don’t like to wait days for their items to arrive.

Christmas Tree

Masons Home Decor boasts a wide selection of hyper-realistic trees that are bound to wow your guests. The trees are extremely dense and are made to replicate its real life form using state-of-the-art digital printing. Don’t quite believe your eyes? Visit them at their physical store and select the best tree to you before bringing it home.

Credit: Masons Home Decor

The Christmas Trees start from S$69 and can be purchased online or in-store at 5 Pereira Road, #04-01, Asiawide Industrial Building, Singapore 368025.

Christmas Tree Topper

Complete the Christmas tree you’ve bought with a sparkly topper. Take a look at Masons Home Decor’s collection of toppers and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Credit: Masons Home Decor

The Giant Stella Tree Topper in Silver is available for S$19.90 here.

View the full collection here.

4. Mint Home

Mint Home is a fully-online shop in Singapore that specialises in personalised homeware. They also offer homewares that can be bought without any customisation. Their unique products will make you want to buy them all!

Table Decor

Looking for a Christmas activity to do with your kids or your partner? Get the DIY Christmas Sleigh Table Decor and start building your own Christmas sleigh! Choose from three different characters – Santa, Reindeer, or Snowman – and watch as the sleigh become a centrepiece on your countertop.

Credit: Mint Home

The DIY Christmas Sleigh Table Decor is available from S$3.90 each and can be found here.

Christmas Floor Mat

There’s no better way to invite your guests in with a special Christmas floor mat. Check out the Merry Christmas Coil Mat that Mint Home offers.

Credit: Mint Home

You can also choose a red Snowman design or a green Santa design.

The Merry Christmas Coil Mat retails for S$25 and is available here.

Shop their entire Christmas collection here.

5. Crate&Barrel

Crate&Barrel is another homeware shop that is familiar to many Singaporeans. So if you’re shopping for Christmas, do check out their Christmas-themed products as well.

Alpaca Snowman Christmas Ornament

If you have kids around, or if you’re someone who is quite clumsy, you’d probably want to skip out on glass ornaments. Crate & Barrel has the perfect fix to this. Introducing the Alpaca Snowman Christmas Ornament!

Credit: Crate&Barrel

Handknit with alpaca-blend yam, this ornament is soft to the touch and won’t cause a mess when it accidentally gets dropped. This design is just one of the many from the exclusive alpaca tree decoration collection.

This ornament can be bought for S$20.85 here.

Aspen Cotton Napkin

Level up your whole Christmas dining experience with these Aspen napkins. They’re going to make your guests feel luxurious as opposed to using disposable napkins. Plus, they’re environmental-friendly as they can be reused. Simply throw them into the washing machine for a quick wash and they’ll be as good as new.

Credit: Crate&Barrel
Credit: Crate&Barrel

The Aspen Cotton Napkin comes in the colours of Christmas – red and green – and can be purchased for S$6.85 each.

Shop the whole collection here.

6. Island Living

If you’re looking for unique Christmas decorations in neutral colours, take a look at Island Living’s Christmas collection.

White Christmas Stocking

Have a bunch of small little gifts you would like to gift your loved one but have no box to keep all those items? Fret not, because you can place them all in this White Christmas Stocking with a cute reindeer on the front.

Credit: Island Living

The White Christmas Stocking is available for S$55 here.

Christmas Star in Natural Colour

This Christmas Star is in a natural colour and is very soothing to the eyes. It is unlike any other Christmas ornament that can sometimes be too shiny.

This product offers a little more minimalism in a muted colour.

Credit: Island Living

The Christmas Star in Natural Colour is available from S$9 and can be purchased here.

Want to see more? Click here.

7. All Events Decor

As the name suggests, All Events Decor offers a huge range of decorations suitable for any kind of event. And that obviously includes Christmas too.

You’re bound to find something that you’d like in the 39 pages of their Christmas Catalogue.

Also, they offer wholesale prices if you’re looking to purchase a lot of decorations, so grab a couple of friends and do a group buy!

LED Christmas Tree

Want a Christmas tree that lights up just like the ones you see at Orchard? Get yourself your very own Tree Tower that comes with DIY LED and enjoy your Christmas Wonderland with your loved ones.

The Tree Tower + DIY LED is available from S$40 and starts with a height of 180cm. 

Inflatable Snowman

We may not have snow in Singapore, but who says we can’t have a snowman in our own homes? Simply purchase the 300cm Inflatable Snowman and you’ll have your own! This will definitely be a hit with the kids.

The 300cm Inflatable Snowman retails for S$120. 

Take a look at the full catalogue here and contact Hannah (+65 9697 9691), Evan (+65 9060 8460), or Sharon (+65 9645 1069) on WhatsApp to purchase.

8. Singapore Trading Post

Singapore Trading Post is a homeware store that was inspired by Sir Stamford Raffles and the Spice trading routes, which is why you’ll see some of the products referencing them.

Small Ice Glass Holder with Tongs

If drinks are served during your gathering, you’ll probably want to just put ice out on the table so that everyone can easily refill their cups when they’re done.

This Small Ice Glass Holder will be perfect for this task. Plus, it comes with its own set of tongs so you won’t have to purchase an additional one.

Credit: Singapore Trading Post

This ice bucket retails for S$110 and is available here.

Christmas Cards

Host a party and send out invites the old school way with this set of Singapore-inspired Christmas cards. Each card is different and is hand drawn by artist Tay Thain Lin.

Credit: Singapore Trading Post

This set of six retails for S$35 and can be bought here.

Browse the full collection here.

9. Bed, Bath N’ Table

Bed, Bath N’ Table offers luxury home decor, so if you’re into that aesthetic, this is definitely a place you would want to look at for your Christmas hosting needs. It also has look books on its website so you can take a look to get an idea of what to purchase.

Hand Towels

Don’t want your guests splashing water all over the floor? Get this set of Botanical Wreath Hand Towels and you won’t have to face that problem anymore. Plus, it serves as a nice Christmas decoration in the toilet and in the kitchen.

Credit: Bed, Bath N’ Table

The Botanical Wreath Hand Towel Set is available here for S$44.99. 

There are so many more products that you can take a look at, so click here to browse through all of them.

10. Next

Next is a retailer from the UK that carries clothes, footwear, and home products. Their Christmas catalogue is extensive and even covers Christmas clothes.

Glow in the Dark Fleece Christmas Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

Make it feel even more like Christmas with a Christmas-themed bedding set. Throw on your matching sleepwear and cuddle up underneath the blanket with your loved one as you put on a Christmas show to watch.

Credit: Next

This bedding set is made of fleece, making it extra cosy to cuddle up in. Plus, if you expose this bedding to light all day, you’ll see it glow in the dark at night!

The Glow in the Dark Fleece Christmas Duvet Cover and Pillowcase set is available from S$41 here.

Santa and Friends Serveware

If you’re going to be serving sweet treats, be sure to get your own Santa and Friends Serveware so that it looks extra festive!

Credit: Next

The Santa and Friends Cake Stand costs S$35 and can be purchased here.

Check out the rest of the products Next offers here.

11. Marks & Spencer

If you’re looking for quality products with an affordable price tag, you’ll probably want to take a look at Marks & Spencer’s catalogue.

Joy Medium Lantern

Add a little brightness to your home with this Joy Medium Lantern. It features the word ‘Joy’ written in cursive, set against a backdrop of stars. All you have to do is set it up with a standard tealight and you’re good to go.

Credit: Marks & Spencer

The Joy Medium Lantern retails for S$32.90 and is available here.

Velvet Joy Slogan Embroidered Cushion

Don’t have cushions to decorate your living room sofa with? Try getting a couple of embroidered cushions from Marks & Spencer. This particular Velvet Joy Slogan Embroidered Cushion brings joy to anyone who sets eyes on it with its striking red and beautiful embroidery.

Credit: Marks & Spencer

This cushion can be purchased here for S$45.90.

For more products, click here.

12. Tangs

Tangs is often the go-to when you want to shop all things homeware. Here are some of our picks for Christmas you can consider.

Festive Oblong Cover

If you have existing cushions in a non-festive cover, you would probably want to shop for festive covers to dress them up a little. This Festive Oblong Cover is perfect if your cushion is in an oblong shape as opposed to the usual square shape ones.

Credit: Tangs

The Festive Oblong Cover retails for S$10.90 and you can place an order here.

Pop The Bubbly-Garland

Have a meal right under the stars with this star garland from Tangs. It stretches 5 metres, giving you enough room to play with as you decorate your living room.

Credit: Tangs

The 5m Pop The Bubbly-Garland (Star) in Gold retails for S$16.80 and can be purchased here.

Be sure to drop by The Christmas Store at Tangs to check out their entire collection.

13. Henry Christmas

While Henry Christmas doesn’t offer an extensive list of products like the rest, the products it has on its Christmas catalogue are priced very reasonably. This is the shop you can look to if you don’t want to spend too much on Christmas decorations so that you have more budget for Christmas gifts.

Gift Wrapper

Of course, when it comes to Christmas, you can’t miss out on buying gifts for your loved ones. And if you would like the gifts to be a surprise, you would need to wrap them. Henry Christmas has gift wrapping papers that come in a set of three different designs, allowing you to pick the most appropriate one for each recipient.

Credit: Henry Christmas

The Christmas Wrapper is sold for S$1 per three pieces. You can purchase them here.

Click here to view the rest of the products.

14. Spotlight

Spotlight is known to be a big crafts store, but it also has some homeware products that you can purchase. Since Christmas is coming, Spotlight also has its own Christmas collection that you can shop.


Dress up your dining table with the various tablecloths Spotlight has to offer. These Christmas-themed tablecloths are enough to show your guests that you’re ready to party.

Credit: Spotlight

This tablecloth is available for S$24.50 and can be found here.

Here is the whole Christmas collection if you would like to take a look.

Fairy Lights

Dim the lights and turn on these fairy lights to change the atmosphere of the living room into something a little more festive!

Credit: Spotlight

The Jolly & Joy Decorate Wire Lights Holly Green (2.2m with 20 lights) is available for S$17 here.

15. Daiso

Daiso is the land of products sold for just S$2 each. It’s known for its festive collections no matter what the occasion, and you’ll be glad to know that they offer a Christmas collection as well!

Paper Plates

When it comes to a party, cleaning up after it can be quite a mess. To make things easier, buy these Christmas-themed paper plates so that they can be thrown away right after the party! These serve a great purpose especially when you’re eating cakes at the end of the celebration.

Credit: Daiso

The Round Christmas Paper Plates cost S$2 for a pack of 12. It can be purchased here.

Paper Cups

If you don’t have that many cups at home but you’re hosting this Christmas, consider getting these paper cups instead of reusable ones to save space in your kitchen cabinets. This is good especially if you don’t usually host parties.

These cups also come with a lid, which will come in handy when trying to minimise spillage.

Credit: Daiso

The Christmas Paper Cups with Lid (200ml) cost S$2 for a pack of five. The pack is available here.

Reindeer Headbands

Looking to take lots of photos that day? Get you and your loved ones some Reindeer Headbands and bask in the Christmas spirit!

Credit: Daiso

The Reindeer Headband is available for S$2 each and can be ordered here.

Take a look at the entire collection here.

16. Swarovski

This isn’t a typical homeware brand, but Swarovki’s Holiday Collection does include some very beautiful and intricate Christmas ornaments that we just couldn’t leave out.

Holiday Cheers Santa Claus Candle Holder

If you’re hosting a party, you’ll probably want your house to smell great. So why not light up a scented candle and place the candle in this super adorable Holiday Cheers Santa Claus Candle Holder?

Credit: Swarovski

This candle holder retails for S$129 and while it is currently out of stock online, you can purchase it from any of the Swarovski outlets. Simply click here to reserve it at the outlet you would like to purchase it from.

Holiday Cheers Snowman Candy Bowl

And of course, when you’re hosting, you can’t forget the snack bar. Get the Holiday Cheers Snowman Candy Bowl so that you have a lil festive bowl to store all the treats in.

Credit: Swarovski

The Holiday Cheers Snowman Candy Bowl retails for S$199 and is available both online and in stores.

Interested to see more crystal decorations? Check out Swarovski’s full holiday collection here!