11 Christmas candles to add festivity to your home

No Christmas home decor is complete without the festive glow from candles. In fact, Christmas candles absolutely take the cake with their gorgeous packaging and lovely scents. If you are still deciding which candle to buy, or have absolutely no clue where to begin with, we’ve compiled a list for you! Our list caters to different budgets and fragrance preferences, so read on to find your favourite candle for the home.


1. Innisfree Dreaming of Santa Scented Candle

Many of us have vivid childhood memories of looking forward to Santa’s gift delivery on Christmas Eve. Although you probably outgrew that phase, no one will reject a wonderful holiday gift. If you are looking for something that will bring back those warm and fuzzy memories of Christmas, Innisfree’s Holiday Limited Edition candle is one you have to check out.

Aptly named Dreaming of Santa, it gives off a clean soapy musk scent that resembles the pure memories of childhood, and is sure to make any home smell refreshing. It also comes with a retro style wool warmer inspired by the symbolic ‘Christmas stocking’, which you can put it on the candle as a cute touch.

You can get this candle at SGD28 (130g) from Innisfree stores.

2. Yankee Candle Christmas Garland Jar Candle

If Christmas has a smell, we are guessing it resembles fresh, frosty winter. With this Christmas Garland Jar Candle from Yankee Candle, you can indulge in the lush aroma of fresh-cut pine boughs and zesty cranberries in the comfort of your home. Your family and friends will surely love the natural atmosphere created by the candle’s fragrance. There is a high chance you will light this up every other day of the year to relive the festive vibes – we promise not to judge.

You can get this candle at SGD19 for the small jar (104g), and SGD39 for the large jar (623g) from Yankee Candle stores and website.

3. John Lewis & Partners Frosted Spruce Wick Inclusion Candle

If you are looking for a candle that can complete your Christmas house decor, look no further. This wintery candle from John Lewis & Partners looks and smells exactly like it’s been frozen in winter. Boasting a musky winter fragrance, it is said to be reminiscent of pine needles with hints of black pepper and citrus, which could be a nod to the Christmas feasting.

You can get this candle at SGD49 from Robinsons stores or website.

4. Crabtree & Evelyn Noel Candle

It’s a little tough to imagine wanting something warm in Singapore’s hot weather, but Crabtree & Evelyn’s Noel Candle is sure to put you in the mood for it. This candle contains notes of festive nutmeg, orange and fir, evoking of a crackling fire and the spicy aroma of cider on the stove. It’s like wrapping yourself in the warmth of a fireplace – without the extreme heat, of course.

You can get this candle at SGD33 for 67g, and SGD70 for 200g from Crabtree & Evelyn stores.

5. To Be Calm Serenity Christmas – Lily of the Valley & Sandalwood – Large Candle

We all love a soothing scent in our home during the restive period, so To Be Calm delivered a floral, woody candle with pleasing notes such as fir, sandalwood, rosewood, and Lily of the Valley. In addition, the candle comes with a stunning artwork on it, which was produced in collaboration with Singaporean artist, Pamela Yee (‘Papergirl’) #supportlocal.

You can get this candle at SGD56.08 for 350g from To Be Calm’s stores and website.


6. Huxley Secret of Sahara: Candle ; Moroccan Gardener

Wish you could fly off on an overseas escapade this holiday season, but just can’t do so? You can still enjoy the exotic smells of Morocco right from the comfort of your home with this long burning natural soy, paraben-free candle from Huxley. The brand’s signature Moroccan garden scent is sure to evoke pleasant images of the country’s bright colours, soothing breeze, and sweetly-scented plants – a great way to welcome any guests, and the best way to relax after a tiring year.

You can get this candle at SGD80 (230g) from Huxley’s website.

7. Jo Malone White Moss & Snowdrop Deluxe Candle

You might not have the space in your home to fit a Christmas tree, but you can still have your home smell like it does with this candle from Jo Malone. When lit, it infuses your house with the fresh, embracing scent of snowdrop petals (it’s an amazing flower that blossoms in snow) and forest-fresh moss under winter sunlight. Well, it may not snow in Singapore, but this scent will make us feel like we’re enjoying a white Christmas.

You can get this candle at SGD410 from Jo Malone London stores.

8. Goutal Paris Emblematic Candles Trio

This Goutal Paris gift set features three essential scents in the Holiday collection. Un Air d’Hadrien and Une Forêt d’Or contain fruity notes of Sicilian lemon and orange rind respectively; on the other hand, Bois Cendrés promises a heavier, smokey fragrance, thanks to its notes of smoked woods. Together, the three candles complete the Christmas olfactory experience. You can light different candles everyday according to your mood, and never tire of the amazing atmosphere these candles can create.

You can get this candle set of three for SGD180 from Escentials.

9. Diptyque Christmas Candles

Christmas is magical, and this collection of three from Diptyque is joining in the magic. Created as part of an imaginary folklore, in which candles take on magical powers, each candle is meant to represent one of the spirits from the legend. The three candles, Sapin de Lumière (Pine Tree of Light), Amande Exquise (Exquisite Almond) and Baume d’Ambre (Amber Balm), can also be bought separately, but why not get the full set of magic, right?

You can get this candle set of three for SGD155 for 70g (per candle), and SGD290 for 190g (per candle) from Escentials.

10. BYREDO Chai Candle

As the name implies, BYREDO Chai Candle is a tribute to the tea ritual of the Indian subcontinent. For the unacquainted, Masala Chai is a blend of spices and black tea leaves infused in boiling milk. It has a warm and enveloping smell, which is closely linked to founder Ben Gorham’s childhood emotions and the memory of his grandmother’s home. Just imagine having a cup of hot Malasa Chai in winter with your loved ones. The images evoked are so comforting and homely, it is sure to make your party guests feel right at home.

You can get this candle at SGD100 for 250g from Escentials.

11. Crate & Barrel 13″ Green Pine Tree Candle

Maybe you want a Christmas tree in your home, but don’t want one that you have to throw away after Christmas ends. Don’t worry, because you still have other options, including getting one that is actually a candle. It’s unscented, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Crate & Barrel recommends that you create your own evergreen forest by clustering pine tree candles together – how cute!

You can get this candle at SGD75.95 (including GST) from Crate & Barrel’s store and website.