These adorable BT21 mood lamps are the kind of night lights you want to have in your home

The ARMYs are definitely in for a treat lately with the return of the BTS pop-up store at Funan, a seriously stylish collab with Jamie Wander, and more recently, the BTS McDonalds Meal reaching our sunny shores – finally! – on Monday (21 June) after seeing it all over social media in the past few weeks.

Well, we’ve got more good news for fans to rejoice over: LINE Friends has launched a series of adorable BT21 Baby Sensor Mood Lamps that any ARMY would need in his or her abode! Even if you aren’t a fan of BTS, these night lamps are so cute you’ll probably want to cop one (or maybe a couple) for yourself anyway.


From adorable Chimmy (first from the right) to swaggy Van (second from the right), this collection features all seven BT21 characters which, by the way, represent each of the seven well-loved band members.


Not only are these lamps highly adorable, but they’re also portable and compact, so they can be easily brought around the house, or even outside if you’d like.

Oh, did we also mention that the characters’ faces are made of a squishy material? How cute!


Equipped with a magnetic back, you can stick these mood lamps onto your fridge door or any other metallic material to add light around the house.

Alternatively, you can have these lamps by your bedside – just attach them to the wall with the help of a sticky adhesive that comes with the lamp kit.


Also included in the kit is a remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp to your liking with three different options to choose from.

Additionally, if you’re someone who needs to fall asleep with the lights on, the self-timer option is definitely a feature you’d appreciate. Simply click on the timer button and the lamp will automatically shut off after 30 minutes – giving you just enough time to fall asleep without needing the lamp to stay switched on all night long.

But, that’s not the best feature of this fun-sized lamp. It’s also equipped with a quick signal detection that catches any moving object from a two-metre distance, making it the perfect addition in dark corners or areas of the house that aren’t the most well lit. You also won’t have to worry about its battery draining because it automatically turns off after 25 seconds of not detecting any object.


The full BT21 Baby Sensor Mood Lamp kit comes with a remote control, sticky adhesive, and batteries to get you started.

The BT21 Baby Sensor Mood Lamps retail for approx. S$34.48 (US$26) at the official LINE Friends online store and on Shopee. Alternatively, you may also pre-order from the PLAY LINE Friends store at Funan here for S$44.