BT21 fans are going to want to get their hands on exclusive BT21 EZ-Charms that have arrived on our shores

If you’re a proud member of the Army (if you don’t know what this means, you’re probably not a member) of superstar group BTS fans, there’s a high chance you’ve already gotten your hands on the BT21 Ez-Link cards last year.

If you haven’t, or want even more BTS merch (and we don’t blame you), great news: this collaboration between Shopee and EZ-link features the eight adorable BT21 characters on a wearable EZ-charm to make your daily commute a more enjoyable one!

Enough talk, here’s a look at the exclusive collection we’re sure fans would willingly brave the long queues for.

Van, the edgy guardian space robot
Tata, the eccentric, curious soul
Shooky, the cookie-brown mini prankster
RJ, the kind and loving foodie
Mang, the mystery dancer
Koya, the smart sleepyhead
Cooky, the adorable yet unexpectedly muscular bunny
and Chimmy, who is innocent and hardworking

These unique, loveable charms are attachable to your watch strap so you can show off your fandom pride, making you the object of envy among your friends, BTS fan or not.

Plus, it also makes the perfect birthday or “just because” gift that is as useful as it is cute, and retails on Shopee at SGD19.90 per charm (without value in the charm). The sale of BT21 charms start at 9am on 17 February, so gear yourselves to battle fellow ARMYs for this exclusive collection!