13 best organisational items you need to start your 2019 right

Can you believe that it’s less than a month to the new year? If you’re reeling at how quickly time has passed this year, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

With 2019 looming closer and closer with each passing day, we can’t help but think about our New Year’s Resolutions for the upcoming year. One of the most common ones out there? To get more organised, of course!

If you find yourself nodding along, well, then this piece is for you. Here is a list of 13 best organisational items you need to start your 2019 on the right (and orderly!) note.

Trust us, the likelihood of you missing an important appointment is nilch with these babies!

1. Kikki K Leather Personal Planner Large: Sweet


You’ll be able to plot out your upcoming schedule in great detail with this Kikki K Leather Personal Planner. As if the adorable cover isn’t enticing enough, this bad boy also comes with weekly and monthly spreads, a to-do tab, customisable tabs, notepads, stickers, and more. You can even personalise it further by getting it monogrammed at Kikki K stores!

It also contains several pockets (to store loose sheets), meeting pages, and an elastic pen holder for maximum convenience. One of the best organisational items you need to start your 2019 right? No doubt about it!

The Kikki K Leather Personal Planner Large: Sweet is available at all Kikki K boutiques and retails at SGD104.90.

2. Mini File Cabinet Business Card Holder


A new work year is going to be that much easier when you have everything in place.

For instance, you could store the business cards you’ve collected in this miniature filing cabinet instead of leaving strewn around your desk in 2019. This one even includes an A-Z index, so you can alphabetize them for maximum efficiency! How cute.

Plus, it’s super affordable. Coming in at below SGD20, you just know that it’s going to be an essential (and worthwhile) addition to your desk.

The Mini File Cabinet Business Card Holder is available on Amazon and retails at SGD19.95.

3. Orbitkey


If you find yourself constantly fumbling for the million and one keys on your key ring every time you head home, then Orbitkey is the one for you. We definitely regard it as one of the best organisational items you’ll need for 2019, with how you’ll be able to keep 3-7 keys on this product alone. It is also made from a durable, lightweight material that makes an excellent companion for jogging or exercising. Say what?!

Yup, you’ll experience no annoying jingling on long walks home or when you’re at the gym. There’s even an optional car key attachment available for bulkier items!

The Orbitkey is available on B Store and retails at SGD39.90.

4. Rotating Makeup Organiser


Upgrade your skincare and makeup storage containers to something even more space-efficient and convenient than before: such as with these rotating makeup organisers. It allows for 360 degree rotation that makes grabbing an item off your vanity a breeze, and has shelves of various heights to accommodate a multitude of products.

Made of a hard shell plastic material, it also happens to be safe, odourless, washable and durable. Nice!

The Rotating Makeup Organiser is available on Qoo10 and retails at SGD69.

5. Typo Planner Set


Possibly one of the best organisational items you’ll need for 2019? This helpful Typo Planner Set, of course! Trust us when we say that it is going to make your work life that much easier with its multiple tabs and organisational clips. There’s even a separate column for you to note down the bills you have to pay!

Keep this one mounted right by your office desk— we guarantee that it’ll become a work life essential in a matter of days. Plus, who can resist the gorgeous lush marble design?

The Typo Planner Set is available at all Typo boutiques and retails at SGD20.

6. Remote Control Organiser


There is a remote control for just about everything these days: for air-conditioning, TV, and even your curtains! Keep it all tidy and neat by investing in this good ol’ remote control organiser. With four different spacious slots that can fit everything from mobile phones to a DVD remote, you’ll never lose track of the multiple remotes in your life again.

You can choose from four different colours of black, yellow, white, and grey!

The Remote Control Organiser is available on Shopee and retails at SGD5.67.

7. Acrylic Earring Display Stand



Find that your earrings are constantly going missing, or tangled up in a messy heap? Well, then it’s time to get them in order with this acrylic earring display stand, then!

With four whole drawers that allows you to store up to 80 earrings in a single drawer, you’ll be able to keep a lifetime’s worth of earrings safely (and neatly!) organised. The fact that it is made of clear acrylic also makes it all the more easy to pick out which earrings you feel like wearing on the day.

The Acrylic Earring Display Stand is available on Lazada and retails at SGD19.90.

8. Grid It Storage Bag


This handy little organiser is perfect for those who are always struggling to find something in their huge, cavernous backpacks. Instead of scrambling through a thousand of one items to locate your mobile phone, keep everything neatly tucked away with the ever-useful Grid It Storage Bag.

Everything from your phone, keys, and even wires can be safely strapped down, allowing you to locate whatever you need at the time with ease. And besides, you know what they say— a clean space leads to a clear mind, right? You can bet on it being one of the best organisational items you’ll need in 2019.

The Grid-It Storage Bag is available on Qoo10 and retails at SGD49.99.

9. Doiy Evolution Bookends


Stacking and or piling up books doesn’t just deprive you of space, it also can make a room look cluttered and smaller than it actually is. Prevent this from happening by investing in a pair of super cute bookends, like these ones from Doiy.

They are whimsical, quirky, and best of all— keeps your book neatly lined up so you can grab whatever you want with ease. Score!

The Doiy Evolution Bookstands are available on Naiise and retails at SGD39.90.

10. Hanging Laundry Basket


As our inner neat freaks like to remind us, dirty clothes belong in the laundry basket and not on the floor. If picking up after yourself is growing to be hassle, keep it all organised by installing a laundry basket right by your washing machine. The fact that it is clamped to the side of the machine also ensures that you save on space.

Plus, it serves as a good reminder to load up the machine frequently, all while making it a lot easier to sort through your pieces. Oh, and did we mention that it only sets you back SGD10? How affordable!

The Hanging Laundry Basket is available on Shopee and retails at SGD10.

11. Just Sketch Wooden Singapore Shophouse Pencil Holder


Shoving your pens in any drawer space you can find isn’t going to cut it anymore for 2019. Neaten up your desk with a quirky pencil holder instead, like this one from Just Sketch.

Featuring an adorable (and nostalgic!) wooden shophouse design, you’ll be able to fit up to four pens and pencils in there. Buy multiples if you’re a stationery hoarder!

The Just Sketch Wooden Singapore Shophouse Pencil Holder is available on Naiise and retails at SGD39.

12. Sink Drain Rack


Don’t leave sponges and brushes lying about in your kitchen — not when you there is a rack to store them all in! This ones hang, which makes it all the more space-efficient and convenient, and are also washable and adjustable according to your sink height.

It is available in both blue and pink, and comes at the low, low price of SGD15.90. What a steal!

The Sink Drain Rack is available on Qoo10 and retails at SGD15.90.

13. Adjustable Clothing Hooks


It may be sorely tempting to keep draping jackets over your chair, but if you’re looking to have a fresh (and neater!) start to this 2019, consider investing in clothing hooks.

Jackets and towels can be hung up, so as to keep your space neat and organised. It is also great option if you’re looking to dry clothes without having to hang them outside! Trust us, it is undoubtedly one of the best organisational items that you’ll need in 2019.

The Adjustable Clothing Hooks are available on Qoo10 and retails at SGD9.90.