15 KTV apps for you and your friends to sing your hearts out with

Even before the circuit breaker started, entertainment spots like your favourite KTV lounges have already been mandated to shut down temporarily. And while you could invite your friends over for a KTV session if you have a home entertainment set, this wouldn’t be possible with the circuit breaker measures that are in place now.

But hey, this is precisely the time to get creative and resourceful. Replicate the KTV experience with your closest friends, family, and even strangers, with these mobile apps that offer functions like duets and scores to keep you entertained throughout the work from home period!

1. Best KTV app for dueting with friends: Smule

Why just Skype or Zoom when you can sing together? One of the more popular KTV apps, Smule allows you to duet with friends, like-minded fans, and even celebrities! It even comes with interactive features to show if you’re singing the correct pitch, making it great for beginners. This is definitely one of the first apps that comes to mind when you’re looking for a good KTV mobile app to use with your friends.

Free on App Store and Google Play.

2. Best KTV app for uploading new songs: SingPlay

With this KTV app, you’ll never have to worry about not having the songs you love because the app doesn’t carry them. One of the most unique features of this KTV app is that it allows you to upload your own songs, convert them to karaoke versions, and lets you record your own singing!

Free on Google Play.

3. Best paid KTV app: KaraFun

This KTV app has over 26,000 songs for you to try out (with new ones added each week!), and has features to adjust the pitch of the song to better suit your vocal range, so no song is too difficult.

Although this app is listed as free on both App Store and Google Play, users of the free version are only allowed 30 second previews. To access their album of full songs, you can choose between weekly or monthly payments, and stop whenever you want!

4. Best for The Voice reenactment: The Voice

If you love singing, you’d probably have heard of The Voice, a worldwide singing competition, that catapulted many to fame. You can now be your own star with The Voice‘s official app, which has basic features like recording and sharing, as well as voice enhancement.

Free on App Store and Android.

5. Best for legit karaoke lovers: Karaoke

For a fuss-free experience, use Karaoke, which allows you to access their library for free, and auto-adds a little reverb and natural sounding enhancement, to make the experience more real.

Free on App Store and Google Play, but you can also sign up for the Premium version, which has even more song choices.

6. Best KTV app to feel like a popstar: StarMaker

Like its name suggests, feel like a star with this popular KTV app that provides everything from recording features, to rolling lyrics, and many voice effects to suit anyone. There are plenty of song choices from famed artists like Ed Sheeran, Elie Goulding, and Billie Eilish and you can even duet your best friend on this app. For those who are into Desi music, you’ll be happy to know that this is also the KTV app with one of the largest Desi song databases around.

Free on App Store and Google Play.

7. Best KTV app for smark Karaoke: Magicsing

You know this one will be good when it’s created by the #1 karaoke manufacturer, Enter Media. With this KTV app, the song’s tempo, tone, and melody can be altered to each unique singer. There are also more than 200,000 songs in its database so you’ll never get bored!

Free on App Store and Google Play.

8. Best KTV app with autotune: Voloco

In terms of technology, no app on this list can beat Vocolo. The app automatically recognises your voice’s natural pitch and tone, and tunes your favourite songs to match it. This way, you can execute your performance comfortably and flawlessly.

Voloco has a seven-day free trial on both App Store and Google Play, then choose from a weekly or monthly subscription.

9. Best free KTV app: SongPop 2

One of the more popular KTV singing apps around, new music clips are added everyday, and you can even win points and trophies for completing songs. Feeling competitive? Challenge online users to tournaments to see where your singing skills stand!

Free on App Store and Google Play.

10. Best KTV app for singing with an online community: SingSnap

If you want to meet a community of like-minded music lovers, SingSnap is the KTV app for you. It comes with features like threads, chats, and competitions to participate in, in addition to the regular recording function.

Free on App Store and Google Play.

11. Best KTV app for Karaoke virtual rooms: Quan Min Party


This popular Chinese KTV app is making a scene on Singapore’s socials, and with good reason! Quan Min Party is made up of virtual karaoke rooms. You can also made one with your friends or enter into other rooms to join other users cover your favourite songs!

Free on App Store.

12. Best KTV app for video-themed Karaoke experience: Yokee



With over 90 million users and counting, Yokee is one of the best free KTV apps out there. Yokee’s features include a virtual Karaoke room experience, and enables users to sing along to popular music videos with cool video themes!

Free on App Store and Google Play.

13. Best KTV app with built-in recording function: K歌达人


Itching to belt out classic Mandarin songs? This KTV app is for you! It has a huge song database and it’s updated frequently with both English and Mandarin pop songs. K歌达人 also comes with a built in with a recording function and with very good quality. You can just sing it through your ear-piece’s mic!

The best part? It’s FREE with no advertisements!

Free on App Store and Android.

14. Best KTV app for recording sessions: WeSing


Aside from having an extensive music catalogue, WeSing allows its users to record their karaoke sessions! You can also enhance each video by adding
special voice effects to correct your pitch and enhance your singing!
Free on App Store and Google Play.

15. Best KTV app for singing with friends: Joox


Joox has recenty introduced their its newest feature, “Quick Sing,” where it enables users to sing the pre-selected verse of a song so they get to enjoy the most exciting parts of their favorite songs.

Just like Tiktok, Joox allows users to use stickers, beauty filters, and voice autotune for their karaoke videos.

Free on App Store and Google Play.