16 best interior designers for HDB flats in Singapore with gorgeous portfolios you can use as inspiration for your own home

Whoever coined the term ‘the bigger, the better’ clearly has never been in the real estate scene in Singapore. Or our interior design scene, considering the increasing number of beautifully done up HDB flats we’ve seen these days!

With space no longer being a huge, defining factor as to having a beautiful home, we hunted down 16 interior designers that have completed designs for HDB flats in Singapore. Look for them to do up your next abode or use these designs are inspirations.

A cramped, messy HDB? Not on our watch! Here are the interior design companies to look out for when it comes to creating a space that is uniquely yours:

1. Artistroom



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HDB in Singapore, or a loft-style apartment in New York? With Artistroom, it’s pretty much impossible to tell.

Established in 2008, this design studio prides themselves on customising functional spaces that suit their clients’ needs. From planning the space to shopping for the right fittings to actually building the space, Artistroom does it all.

Check out their full portfolio here!

Address: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #02-01A, Singapore 168976

Contact: 6577 0244 | [email protected] | Site

2. Studio WILLS + Architects


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With the company specialising in a wide variety of designs and forms, it’s no surprise why STUDIO WILLS + Architects works are constantly regarded as one of the best HDB flats in Singapore with gorgeous interior designs.

Just check out their work above! And bear in mind, this is just one of their many projects.

Check out their full portfolio here to get a better idea of what they can do for you.

 Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3, Vertex Tower B #07-04/05, Singapore 408868

Contact: 6966 9765 | [email protected] | Site

3. Asolidplan



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The interior design company that created this year’s National Day stage set, Asolidplan has proven to have an amazing eye when it comes to interior design and fulfilling their clients’ wishes.

The above image is the result of a ‘messy’ family that requested for nothing too refined. With the gorgeous hardwood floors and textured walls, you can totally picture this as a totally hip café instead of a home. We approve!\

Check out their full portfolio here.

Address: 72 Neil Road, Singapore 088 838

Contact: 6221 2348| [email protected] | Site

4. JQ Ong



Image source

Love nature-inspired materials such as wood, ply, glass, metal, and stones? Then JQ Ong is the interior designer for you! Widely regarded to have worked on several of the best HDB flats interior designs in Singapore, he is the one to turn to if you’re looking for something fresh, quirky, and timeless.

He also has experience designing commercial spaces such as Solecase, Hoops Factory, and Runner’s edge.

Check out his full portfolio here!

Contact: [email protected] | Site

5. Box.ID Studio


Image source

Think clean lines, a superb attention to detail, and that delicate balance between design and functionality when it comes designs from Box.ID Studio.

With an amazingly varied portfolio featuring apartments, landed properties, and commercial spaces, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good (and experienced!) hands with Box.ID Studio.

Check out their full portfolio here.

Address: 137 Jalan Besar Singapore, #02-01, Singapore 208855

Contact: 6341 7105| Site

6. The Scientist



Image source

Luxe, minimalist designs featuring fun pops of colour seems to be a speciality of The Scientist. With an emphasis on being inquisitive, explorative, persistent, creative, and analytical, you’re guaranteed to get an original— and beautiful! — design by The Scientist.

Check out their full portfolio here!

Address: 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 (Lobby 2) #06-86, Singapore 338729

Contact: 6743 0363 | Site

7. Fuse Concept



Image source

With a firm belief in ‘simplicity and quality’, Fuse Concept aspires to provide quality design consultation along with turnkey project management to both residential and commercial designs.

They place a great emphasis on clients’ wishes and requirements, too, so you just know that you’ll get your house of your dreams over with Fuse Concept.

Check out their full portfolio here!

Address: 479 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387551

Contact: 6742 8208 | Site

8. Green And Lush



Image source

Modern, clean designs filled with lush greenery seems to the name of the game when it comes to Green And Lush, an interior styling and design consultancy that is relatively new to the home design scene.

Don’t let that deter you, though— their gorgeous designs are so popular, they have already amassed a ton of positive reviews on their Facebook page. It doesn’t get more reassuring than this, right?

Check out their full portfolio here.

Contact: [email protected] | Site

9. Desmond Ong



Image source

Clean, minimalistic designs are all the rage right now, and there’s no better person than Desmond Ong to help you achieve this specific aesthetic. With functional and beautiful designs that are still on theme, you’re guaranteed to be completely wowed by whatever he comes up for you.

Check out his full portfolio here! Make sure to click on the images to get a more in-depth look for each project.

Contact: [email protected]

10. 0932



Image source

0932 has numerous international accolades including the K-Design Award 2018 (Korea), the American Architecture Prize 2017, and the Singapore Design Awards 2017, so you know that they’re the real deal.

They also believe strongly in creating pieces and homes that are simple, relevant, and detail-orientated. If you’re looking for something that is 100% unique, look no further than their consultancy.

Check out their full portfolio here!

Address: 3 Jalan Anak Bukit, Sherwood Towers #23-06, Singapore 588998

Contact: [email protected]| Site

11. Provolk



Image source

Once known as Studio JP, Provolk is a joint effort between Jonathan Poh and Jessica Leong, both of which firmly believe in creating meaningful spaces through in-depth rapport with their clients. The end result? A functional yet logical space that is wholly, 100% yours. Nice!

Light, space, and form are fundamental considerations when it comes to any design by Provolk. Just take a look at this quirky, comfortable and cosy space they came up with for a three-room HDB flat!

Check out their full portfolio here.

Address: 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex #06-24, Singapore 199588

Contact: 6635 7810| [email protected]| Site

12. FUUR



Image source

You might recognise some of FURR’s notable works, which include amazing restaurants such as La Strada, The Assembly Ground, and Barrio by Mex Out.

They may focus more on commercial properties, though they are also adept at developing and creating unique residential spaces.

Check out their full residential portfolio here!

Address: 395 Jalan Besar Road, #02-01, Singapore 209006

Contact: 6298 2422 | [email protected] | Site

13. Free Space Intent



Image source

With numerous accolades under their belt and more than a decade’s worth of experience (they were established in 1999!), Free Space Intent is more than capable of delivering you the house of your dreams.

With a down-to-earth approach that emphasises clean lines, muted shades, and clever space planning, it is no wonder Free Space Content is one of the top contenders when it comes to having one of the best HDB flats in Singapore with gorgeous interior designs!

Check out their full portfolio here.

Address: No. 8 Ubi Road 2, Zervex #02-07, Singapore 408538

Contact: 6392 8885 | [email protected] | Site

14. Three-D Conceptwerke



Image source

Known for their edgy and unique interior decorating skills, Three-D Conceptwerkz is undoubtedly at the forefront of the Singapore interior design scene.

Having furnished several HDB flats in Singapore with gorgeous interior designs, they are constantly looking for ways to improve on and reinvent their style. They also firmly believe in the concept of sustainability, salvaging and bestowing renewed purpose on items within a space.

Check out their full portfolio here.

Address: 24 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169774

Contact: 6293 8001 | [email protected] | Site

15. The Interarch Design


Image source

Original, distinctive, and practical designs is what you’re going to get with The Interarch Design.

With a diverse portfolio involving both commercial and residential properties as well as a proven track record, you are bound to be satisfied with the results of The Interarch Design’s work.

Check out their full portfolio here.

Address: 11 Beach Road, Crasco Building #03-01, Singapore 189675

Contact: 6732 0286 | [email protected] | Site

16. The Orange Cube



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With a team that is now 40-member strong (a far cry from their five members when the company was first established), The Orange Cube is more than equipped when it comes to designing your humble (or not so humble!) abode.

In fact, they even design and build their own landed properties, now. Look to them if you plan on finding a company that does it al l— from architecture of the space to design consultation of the interior.

Check out their full portfolio here.

Address: 14 Arugmugam Road, LTC Building C #01-03, Singapore 409959

Contact: 6337 7277| [email protected] | Site