15 best bedsheets in Singapore for a decadent night’s rest: hotel, organic, printed

Creating the ideal wind-down conditions can do much more than make it easier for you to drift off to sleep – it can also help you enjoy a seriously decadent slumber through the night.

And, while we often think of drawing the curtains, playing white noise in a low hum from our speakers, or even spritzing our sheets with soothing fragrance, we often forget the most essential element to a restful night: our bedsheets.

The myriad of bedsheets available gives us the power to transform seven hours of mere shut-eye into deep, divine rest. For that reason, we’ve rounded up the 15 best bedsheets to get in Singapore, including luxurious hotel-inspired sheets, organic sheets good for the planet, and ones with the prettiest prints!

Best bedsheets: Hotel-inspired comfort

Robinsons Hotel Collection

bedsheets - robinsons hotel collection

We don’t know about you, but the first thing we do when entering a hotel is throw ourselves face-first onto the glorious bed: decadent sheets and cushiony quilts, what’s not to love?

Robinsons’ newest launched Hotel Collection lets you enjoy a hotel-like experience right in your own home with its two elegant bed sets.

The Cool Bamboo Bed Set features seriously soft sheets made from 100% bamboo, and the Royale 1000TC Embroidered Bed Set uses superior-quality cotton with a 1000 thread count.

We had the chance to try out the Robinsons Hotel Collection Cool Bamboo Bed Set, which included a fitted sheet, pillowcase, and duvet cover, and we were impressed by how silky-soft and cool the sheets were.

Slipping in between the sheets was like being enveloped in soft clouds, and we’re not even exaggerating when we say we had one of the best nights of sleep in a long time. The only caveat is that it might take you extra effort to get out of bed in the mornings – the sheets make for that magnificent a night’s rest.

Since the bamboo sheets are so breathable, we recommend this set for everyone in Singapore, especially for those who tend to wake up in a hot sweat. Even with just a fan on and windows open, it’s likely that you’ll enjoy an opulent night’s rest (we surely did) – it’s the stuff of dreams.

Robinsons Hotel Collection Cool Bamboo Bed Set is available in five colours for S$159.99 instead of S$329.99 on Robinsons.

Robinsons Hotel Collection Royale 1000TC Embroidered Bed Set is available in three colours for S$149.99 instead of S$299.99 on Robinsons.

Oak & Sand


Providing the ultimate comfort for sleep, Oak & Sand bedsheets are actually supplied to hotels – they’re not just hotel-inspired bedding, they’re hotel-used.

Surprise, because, while the brand’s cotton sheets are what’s most popular with luxury hotels thanks to their comfort and durability, the true winners when it comes to pillowy-paradise are the Tencel X Naia bedsheets.

Made from the most upgraded version of TENCEL™ lyocell, which is a creamy weave of eucalyptus wood pulps, the Tencel X Naia bedsheets are luxuriously soft, smooth, and moisture-wicking, so you enjoy the ultimate sweet sleep after every long day.

TENCEL™ X Naia™ Luxury Bedsheet Set is available in Bahamas Soft Pink, Scandinavian Muted Green, Daylight Periwinkle Grey, Champagne Sand, and Jeju Ash Grey for S$179.90 on Oak & Sand.

Shop Oak & Sand here.


bedsheets (1)

Since Kinu means silk in Japanese, it’s no wonder that the brand’s bed sheets are luxurious and oh-so-soft to the touch, especially when it comes to their hotel-inspired collections.

The Luca Bedset is a best-seller from Kinu, as it’s inspired by hotel bed sets’ minimalist designs and maximum comfort. Available in elegant Pearl and Silver colours, the Luca Bedset uses fine 100% USA cotton to let you sink into sweet, sweet slumber each time evening rolls around.

The Kinu Luca Pearl Bedset retails for S$245 instead of S$588 on Robinsons.

Shop Kinu at Robinsons.

Grand Atelier Hotel Collection

bedsheets (2)

Grand Atelier’s Hotel Collection is created with hotel-style luxury in mind, which is why the bedsheets from this series use silky Egyptian cotton, known to be more breathable and moisture-wicking than other kinds of cotton.

The bedsheets are also thicker, more durable, and smoother to the touch – you’ll want to jump straight into bed for a rest equal to the ones you have on holiday.

Available in Burgandy, Slate, Rose Gold, and White, the Hotel Collection bed sets are complete with clean, minimalist detailing for a understated yet elegant style.

Shop Grand Atelier at Tangs.

Bedding Affairs

bedsheets (3)

Luxurious, high-quality bedsheets at affordable prices – that’s what you get when you shop at Bedding Affairs.

The brand retails bed sets made from an assortment of premium fabrics including breathable Tencel Lyocell, soft Supima cotton, and stretchy jersey cotton. Depending on the type of comfort you desire, take your pick from the many bed set collections available!

For hotel-standard comfort, go for Bedding Affairs’ luxury Hotelier Prestigio collection, which is made from combed extra-long staple cotton or Supima cotton. Since combed cotton is further treated before being spun into fabric, it’s a softer, smoother version of regular cotton and feels ultra-luxurious against the skin.

The Hotelier Prestigio 100% Combed Cotton Embroidery Fitted Sheet Set is top pick, and it includes one fitted sheet and one or two pillowcases depending on your bed size.

Hotelier Prestigio 100% Combed Cotton Embroidery Fitted Sheet Set retails starting from S$64.90 on Shopee.

Shop Bedding Affairs’ official store on Shopee, or visit either of its two showrooms in Singapore here.

La Perla

bedsheets (4)

Luxury lingerie brand La Perla has come up with a just-as-exquisite range of premium bed sets, made with the finest fabrics like satin, silk, organza, jacquard, and pure cotton, as well as boasting intricate embroidery details.

The La Perla Home Collection Duvet Set Arpa includes a duvet cover, flat sheet, and two pillowcases, each made with 100% cotton. The contemporary blue-ribbon pattern and Italian-style bedsheets will bring a true touch of luxury to your bedroom, both in comfort and style – surely, you’ll drift into most heavenly dreams by night.

La Perla Home Collection Duvet Set Arpa retails for S$1,440 instead of S$1,800 on Robinsons.

Shop La Perla’s bedsheets here.

Best bedsheets: Sustainable slumber


bedsheets (5)

Indulge in comfort the planet-friendly way with Heveya’s organic bed sheets and duvet covers. The brand prides itself on sourcing its products from renewable resources and creating them using sustainable practices – all while providing premium-quality comfort to all seeking a good night’s rest.

The Heveya Bamboo Fitted Sheet Set, which includes one fitted sheet and pillowcases, is made from 100% bamboo lyocell. It’s soft as clouds against the skin, breathable, and cooling, which makes it ideal for Singapore’s warm nights.

Heveya Bamboo Fitted Sheet Set retails for S$188 on Heveya. You can also visit the Tiong Bahru Showroom and Tangs Orchard Showroom – see details here.


bedsheets (6)

The two-woman duo who founded Sojao believes that sustainability is just as much a necessity as sleep – which is why they’re committed to creating bedsheets that are organic, ethical, and oh-so-comfy, of course.

Sojao, which in Hindi means “go to sleep” – it’s a hat tip to the Indian cotton farmers who make the soft sheets possible, is GOTS-certified. That means you can trust that the bedsheets are good for you and the planet.

Buttery smooth and pillowy soft to the touch, Sojao’s Classic Mix & Match Bundle Set lets you also explore new styles for your bedroom. You can mix and match colours for your duvet cover, fitted sheet, and pillowcases, picking from a lovely range like Blush, Lilac, and Autumn.

You’ll snuggle up better with a style that’s uniquely you!

The Classic Mix & Match Bundle Set retails starting from S$198 on Sojao.

Shop Sojao here.


bedsheets (7)

Every sleep is divine when you’re sleeping on sheets made from 100% Austrian TENCEL™ Lyocell, handcrafted from eucalyptus wood pulp and said to be seven times softer than Egyptian cotton as well as ten times more breathable than silk.

Heavenluxe’s bedsheets are also Oeko Tex Certified, which means that they’ve been tested and certified free from up to 350 harmful chemicals, so you and your family can sleep all the more soundly at night.

The Premium Fitted Sheet Set includes a fitted bedsheet and two premium pillowcases packaged in a gift-friendly box. You can also choose from dreamy, muted shades like Stone and Grey, or deep, opulent tones like Sapphire and Midnight.

Heavenluxe Premium Fitted Sheet Set retails for S$239 on Heavenluxe. You can also have a feel of Heavenluxe’s bedsheets before you buy them, at Zinus Singapore’s four locations


bedsheets (8)

Your French linen bedsheets from Annette are sure to bring a beautiful touch to your home, since the raw texture of the fabric and the earthy colours, combined, effortlessly spell elevated style.

Annette’s bedsheets, made from 100% pure linen, are woven with flax fibres sourced straight from France. Linen is said to be 30% stronger than cotton fabrics, and, the more you use your linen sheets, the softer and more comfortable they become.

Because of their durability, linen sheets are traditionally passed down in European families, from generation to generation – one day, you’ll get to pass Annette’s bedsheets on as a family heirloom.

Since flax cultivation requires fewer resources compared to cotton, you’re also choosing a more earth-friendly option each time you go to bed.

Shop Anette’s bedsheets here.

Sunday Bedding

bedsheets (9)

Sunday Bedding’s serious when it comes to sleep and sustainability.

That’s right, besides taking steps towards getting their cotton products GOTS-certified, the brand also offers other sustainable options like bamboo and French linen bedsheets.

The best part is, you don’t have to choose between your bedtime fabrics with Sunday Bedding’s Build Your Own French Linen & Bamboo Sheet Set.

The bed set includes two bamboo pillowcases and one bamboo bedsheet, so you can enjoy ultimate softness and breathability whilst you rest. But for the duvet cover, the fabric used is French linen, which offers a switch-up in terms of style and durability.

You also get to mix and match colours to create a style that’s completely your own!

Sunday Bedding Build Your Own French Linen & Bamboo Sheet Set retails for S$293 on Sunday Bedding.

Shop Sunday Bedding here, or visit in-store.

Best bedsheets: Prettiest prints


bedsheets (10)

If you’re looking for bedsheets to spruce up your home’s style, Hillcrest is a brand that won’t disappoint.

Hillcrest offers a myriad of beautifully patterned sheets, with designs ranging from cheerful polka-dotted patterns and feminine tiny-petalled daisy trains, to bursts of bright tulips, reminiscent of the liveliest spring season.

Made with cotton that has a 928-thread count, Hillcrest’s bedsheets let you enjoy a comfy sleep with zero compromises on vibrant style.

Hillcrest Cotton Printed 928TC Fitted Sheet/Bed Set – Tulis retails starting from S$49 instead of S$189 on Robinsons.

Shop Hillcrest here.

Linen House

bedsheets (11)

Everything that you need to dress up your bedroom, you can find at Linen House, thanks to the brand’s stunning selection of bedsheet sets and quilt cover collections.

For bedsheets, you can take your pick from an assortment of colours and simple styles like the Matilda Mauve Sheet Set, which features delicate Australian botanical in soft pink and purple, as well as the Vivienne Ginger Sheet Set – a vintage-style polka-dot design.

To really switch it up style-wise, Linen House’s Quilt Cover Sets boast a much more interesting plethora of patterns: the Arezzo Quilt Cover Set is decorated with bright, tufted checkered patterns, and the Bobbi Quilt Cover Set throws in classic florals for a summery, yet elegant, look.

Shop Linen House’s bedsheets here.

Bed Bath N Table’s Morgan & Finch

bedsheets (12)

Morgan & Finch is a brand that was created exclusively for Bed Bath N’ Table, and it boasts a spread of bed sets and bedsheet designs that range from elegant to quirky.

The Zuri Sheet Set, for one, features intricate patterns that are inspired by tribal art, and brings decadent style to your bedroom. On the other hand, Morgan & Finch’s Great Catsby Flannelette Sheet Set is decorated with the most adorable cat illustrations – you’ll be able to count cats instead of sheep when you’re laying in bed at night.

The Zuri Sheet Set retails starting from S$119.95 at Bed Bath N’ Table.
The Great Catsby Flannelette Sheet Set retails starting from S$79 at Bed Bath N’ Table.

Shop Morgan & Finch bedsheets here.

Suzanne Sobelle by Charles Millen

bedsheets (13)

Charles Millen’s designer collection, Suzanne Sobelle features bedsheets that are cheerfully patterned and classically elegant all at once.

The Suzanne Sobelle Bloomsbury Maje Deluxe Bed Set has delicate white floral designs against deep midnight blue, which lends to an exquisite bedroom style. Suzanne Sobelle’s Rena Deluxe Bed Set gives more light-hearted, Bohemian vibes with washed deep green foliage patterns against a fresh white shade.

Besides the beautiful designs, you can also look forward to supreme comfort, thanks to the breathable, moisture-wicking bedsheets that are made from 100% Tencel Lyocell fibres!

Suzanne Sobelle Bloomsbury Maje Deluxe Bed Set retails starting from S$188 instead of S$438 on Robinsons.
Suzanne Sobelle Rena Deluxe Bed Set retails starting from S$268 instead of S$698 on Robinsons.

Shop Suzanne Sobelle by Charles Millen here.

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