18 simple design ideas to make your HDB flat bathroom look like a hotel’s

Ever fancied hotel bathrooms and wonder if you could do the same in your HDB flat? Wonder no more with this list of 18 simple ideas to get the luxurious bathroom you’ve always dreamt of!

1. Use furniture style-vanities

Source: The Spruce

The cabinet in your bathroom doesn’t always have to look plain and serve only as storage for your toiletries. Glam up the bathroom look by going for vanities with furniture details – your guests may even ask you if it’s an antique!

2. Separate the ‘wet area’ and the vanity

Source: Home & Decor

If your bathroom is connected to your bedroom, consider bringing the vanity or washbasin out from the “wet area” where you usually shower. This fuses the two spaces together so that you get a semi-open-concept suite, and your bathroom instantly feels a lot roomier.

3. Decorate in white…

Source: Butterpaper Studio

Light-coloured walls reflect light, which can create the illusion of space, therefore making your small bathroom look bigger than it actually is. In addition, using the colour white gives a very clean and bright look, giving your bathroom a minimalist feel that many hotels boast of.

4. …Or paint the walls black

Source: Fresh Design Pedia

We know that this seems to contradict our last point, but hear us out. If your bathroom tends to get a lot of sunlight coming in through the windows, go for a high-contrast look by painting your bathrooms black. It gives the space a bold and modern twist that is sure to impress any house guest.

5. Marble, marble and more marble

Source: Recently

We often associate marble with luxury and class, so it’s no wonder that decorating your bathroom with marble can give it an instant upgrade. You can use marble just about anywhere, be it the floor, walls, or washbasin. We know that real marble can be very pricey. Consider using tiles with marble prints to save on costs.

6. Soften lighting

Source: YLighting

Good lighting is desirable in a place where you have to look at yourself closely in the mirror, but too harsh a lighting is not ideal either. Don’t flood the bathroom with strong lights; instead, get just one or two fluorescent light sources and be discerning with its style.

7. Monochromatic colour scheme

Source: Houzz

Love the colour blue? Like to collect all things pink? Why not apply that to your bathroom as well? A colour-coordinated bathroom that comes in different shades of the same colour is definitely aesthetically pleasing and is a look that’s easy to put together.

8. Hang up artwork

Source: Design Sponge

If you find your bathroom walls too plain for your liking, try decorating them with some artwork. It doesn’t have to be expensive art – even your kids’ multiple drawing attempts put into quirky frames can make for a good livening up of the bare walls.

9. Give the gold treatment

Source: Home & Decor

If you feel that your bathroom is lacking something to top it off, a hint of gold here and there is the key. Suitable for all wall colours, gold accents are small, elegant touches to your bathroom. They don’t have to be excessive or expensive – for example, try getting a mirror with gold-painted frames.

10. Add some greenery


If you are not keen on having gold in your bathroom, then try some green. We all know that looking at the colour green can help us to relax, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to add some life to a place we visit frequently in a day. Orchids are recommended for their ability to bloom in high humidity, and succulents are always a fool-proof option.

11. Add fun vibes with playful wallpaper…

Source: HouseBeautiful

While a minimalist, luxe theme will have your bathroom looking like it belongs in a five-star hotel, consider putting up adorable wallpaper to plaster your plain walls with for a fun take – like what boutique hotels are sometimes about – and you may find yourself loving it even more than before.

12. …or a colourful shower curtain

Source: Etsy

Maybe having wallpaper is not a feasible option for you, but don’t fret – you can always have a shower curtain that adds lots of colour to your otherwise monochromatic bathroom. The best part is that you can easily change shower curtains as and when you feel like your bathroom needs a colour change.

13. Get a large mirror

Source: Pouted

A large mirror, preferably extending from the sink to the ceiling, will instantly make your bathroom feel larger (plus, you get to admire a little more of yourself).

14. Store more with shelves

Source: findhotelsandflightsfor.me

You’ve got all these things you want to store and display in your bathroom, but there just isn’t enough space in your cabinets? You can simply create the space you need by installing shelves on the walls and putting fresh towels on them every day – just like a hotel bathroom!

15. Hook it up

Source: Shutterfly

If you don’t need as much storage space but would still appreciate having something to hang your clothes and towels from, hooks are a great alternative. They are also a great way to add a bit of quirkiness to your bathroom – go for gold-coloured hooks for a deluxe feel, or wooden ones to make your bathroom look rustic.

16. Create a theme

Source: Zanita

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring at all. Think of a theme that you and your family would really like, and decorate your bathroom based on that theme. You can get everyone involved by sourcing items related to the theme to display, or even painting the walls together. You’ll definitely get a one-of-a-kind bathroom that even a hotel can’t provide!

17. Use oversized tiles

Source: Duker.co

Tiles may be an obvious choice for bathrooms, but you might not have paid attention to the effect that tile size creates. Larger tile sizes can create a luxurious feeling in a small space. Smaller ones, while useful if you want to create patterns, are actually harder to clean.

18. Display interesting knick-knacks

Source: HomeBNC

Who says that mementos and statement knick-knacks must always be placed in the living room? You can always do with a little reminder of people and things that make you happy in the least likely of places.