11 adorable and stylish portable fans that will actually keep you cool all day

Of late, many of us are probably panting not only along the streets of Singapore but also in our own homes no thanks to the ultra-warm weather.

While the air conditioner may seem like a quick fix, switching it on for too long will burn a hole in our electricity bill. Standing fans, on the other hand, may do the job well but they aren’t compact enough to be carried around wherever we go.

The solution? Portable fans. Lightweight yet powerful, these petite apparatuses are perfect to keep you cool when you’re out and about or working at your desk. And since they’re such a staple in our lives, why not opt for cute ones that brighten up your day as well?

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some adorable and stylish portable fans on the market that will keep you feeling and looking cool all day.

1. Space capsule neck fan

Sling this around your neck to keep yourself from sweating through your clothes when you’re running errands.

Not only does it keep your hands free with its sweat-resistant silicone lanyard, but it also blows at 5,000 RPM at an almost undetectable 45 decibels (dB). It is long-lasting, fast-charging, and comes with a hidden air inlet so you don’t have to worry about getting your hair caught in the blades.

Plus, it features an adorable animal in a capsule (reminiscent of those cat backpacks) which can be lit up to use as a night light.

Buy it here for S$14.08 (U.P. S$28.75).

2. Ice cream fan

What better way to keep yourself cool in our humid weather than a literal ice cream fan? Hold it by its popsicle stick and let the ice cream do the magic.

Packed into this little guy are three different wind speeds with a built-in 2000 mAh battery. In one single charge, it can last for six to seven hours at low speed. And at just a mere 150g, you’ll find yourself reaching out for this lightweight gizmo whenever you head out.

Get it here for S$20.61.

3. Kakao Friends fan

Good news for all Kakao Friends fans! Now, you can show off to the world who your favourite character is while beating the summer heat.

Be it Ryan, Neo, or APeach, this fan is sure to turn heads for its cuteness overload. The air can be adjusted to three different speeds with the click of a button and lasts between four to six hours, depending on the setting. The only downside is that you have you hold it in order to have it propped up at all times.

Purchase it here for S$15.89.

4. Zero 9 fan

If you’ve been dreaming about getting the Dyson hairdryer, this Dyson-looking fan is a good alternative that doesn’t break your bank.

A full four-hour charge on its 2000 mAh battery will deliver four to eight hours of cool wind that can be adjusted on three different settings. Although it is already extremely portable to carry around due to its featherlight weight of 128g, it also comes with a base that attaches at the bottom so that it doubles as a desk fan.

With its sleek bladeless design, not only is it aesthetic to look at but is also safe for children to use.

Buy it here for S$8.15.

5. Mosum desk fan

Rated 4.6 stars, we can guarantee you that this is one of the most powerful fans on our list.

With a 4000 mAh battery and four different speed modes, this fan will have you blown away (literally). It has a continuous battery life of up to 12 hours with just a four to five-hour charge. And rather than just oscillating left and right, this one can rotate 120 degrees and be angled up or down 30 degrees to fit your needs.

On top of its almost silent operation, it also has a safe honeycomb net design that can be removed to clean out any gunk.

Get it here for S$30.

6. Clip-on fan

This 3-in-1 fan can be used handheld, on the troller, at the desk — literally anywhere that can be clipped on! With three wind speeds and 360-degree rotation, it will surely bring you relief on a hot day.

On top of the soft blades, the gaps on the cover are also made particularly small which means it’s safe even for use around babies or on strollers.

Buy it here for S$12.50.

7. Octopus fan

If you’re going for a short stroll, this adorable animal-inspired fan is great to carry along for a hands-free, sweat-free afternoon.

Its main feature is the flexible jointed, legs that bend into just about any position and once you place them, they stay put. Be it your desktop, the baby stroller, or your bedside, this fan will be standing tall to keep you cool. It also comes with an in-built night light to keep the little ones safe.

Purchase it here for S$8.49.

8. Ultra-mini fan

You know what they say, small things pack a bigger punch — and this mini fan is no exception.

In spite of its extremely small size (only 86g!), its battery capacity is 2000 mAh and lasts for up to 12 hours with one full charge. It has three wind settings and runs so quietly, no one would detect that it is even running.

Because of its tiny and intuitive structure, you can carry this in your pocket, around your neck, and even standing up on your desk. Plus, its minimalist design and cute colours will match just about any outfit you’re in.

Get it here for S$7.53.

9. Bear fan

Spotted in the hands of a C-pop boyband, R1SE, this bear fan is probably the most popular fan on Taobao — and for good reason too.

With a 4800 mAh battery, it can last for a whopping 46 hours and charges super fast within three hours. Even though there is no grill, the blades are made out of soft TPE plastic and stop automatically with a single touch.

It has three wind speeds that oscillate at an extraordinarily quiet level of 45dB. And best of all, it also works as a flashlight and power bank to charge your devices. With its extremely sleek and foldable design, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere without this.

Buy it here for S$12.33.

10. Mini watch fan

Forget about the apple watch, this mini watch fan is so much cooler. With an ultra-comfy silicone strap that can be adjusted for any wrist size, this watch has three different wind speeds that will get some great air circulation going.

On top of that, you can also prop the fan upwards to adjust the angle and direction of where you want the wind to blow. It is super lightweight and its built-in 800 mAh battery can be charged anywhere with a USB cable.

Get it here for S$4.74.

11. Mirror fan

Always touching up your makeup on the go? You’re going to want this mirror fan.

It has three wind speeds and two ring light settings to illuminate your face. Its clever design also allows for it to stand on your desk and cool you off while you’re working.

The best part? It comes with a super adorable matching lanyard to hang around your neck.

Purchase it here for S$5.62.