Adidas Singapore has rolled out a wider range of Pokemon apparel including backpacks and tracksuits

If you grew up watching Pokémon, then you probably dreamed of becoming an epic Pokémon trainer at one point in your childhood. Although most of us have probably ended up working nine-to-five jobs in the CBD, that doesn’t mean we can’t still style ourselves or our children like one.

Here’s a look at earlier merch:

You might’ve heard of the exciting Adidas x Pokémon collection which gradually dropped over the past few months, such as the Pokémon Pixeled Tee and ‘POKEMON TRAINER’ embellished Track Suit, both of which have since sold out.

Source: Adidas Singapore
Source: Adidas Singapore
Source: Adidas Singapore

What’s available now:

Now the full range has finally dropped in Japan (the land where it all began), and while it seems many of the items have run out of stock, below are some interesting new designs you can currently still find on the Adidas Singapore site for both kids and adults.

Source: Adidas Singapore
Source: Adidas Singapore

If you’re looking for comfy new sports attire for your child, click here to shop the latest Pokémon Track Suit (boys sport inspired) in black, with Pikachu’s lightning emblem at the back for SGD90. It’s made of recycled fabric too, so you can purchase this with the assurance that you’re supporting sustainable fashion.

Source: Adidas Singapore
Source: Adidas Singapore

This Pokémon Crewneck Sweatshirt (SGD75) (men sport inspired) in black is dripping with effortless swagger. Whether it’s for a casual day out at the mall or for a social event, this top is bound to make you look good with minimal effort. It also comes in white! Decide which colour you prefer here.

Source: Adidas Singapore

Another sporty outfit your child might just love would be this Pokémon Short Sleeve Set (SGD50) (boys sport inspired) in white, made out of 100% cotton. If you have an active kid at home who loves watching Pokémon, this would be the perfect attire to dress them in. Make their day by making your purchase here.

Source: Adidas Singapore

If you’re a Pokémon fan and you’re not afraid to show it, you can loudly proclaim your love for the popular anime with this Pokémon Backpack (SGD40). It’s not only fun and flashy, but functional and spacious on the inside. Whether it’s to carry along on a trip or a study date with friends, this bag is sure to make you stand out in a crowd, or serve as a unique conversation starter. Find out more about this item here.

That’s not everything, of course! Visit the Adidas Singapore website to check out more Pokémon-inspired apparel before any stuff you like gets sold out. The clock’s ticking, and you gotta catch ’em all!

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