30 creative ways to display your books at home

Have tons of books at home and you’re tired of putting them in a boring bookshelf?

Why not show them off and let your book display be a conversation-starter the next time you have guests over at your place. Read on for a list of 30 creative ways to display your books at home.

1. Place them above your TV


Forget about a feature wall at your TV console. Your books make the best decoration! All you need is to get your contractor to create shelves right above where your TV sits.

2. As a bedside table


Enjoy reading in bed? Keep your books near you by stacking them up into a makeshift bedside table so you can reach for them easily.

3. Tall vertical stacks


Not all stacks have to be messy. If you like a vertical look, arrange your books according to their size and stack them accordingly.

4. Books as coffee table legs


Want a coffeetable that’s unique? Make your own by using your books as its legs and layer on a table top of your choice. Note: this is probably best only using books that you’ve read so many times you know you won’t be needing them anytime soon.

5. Keep them in a basket


Baskets aren’t only used for laundry. They make for neat little containers for books and can be placed around the house.

6. Get yourself a library chair


This is a pricier alternative to display your books but for book lovers, this is a dream come true. A comfortable chair with all your books surrounding you? It’s bound to get compliments.

You can buy it for £2,337.56 here.

7. Use a ladder


Not sure what to do with that old ladder you have lying around the house? Prop it against the wall and use it as a book shelf.

8. Showcase your books on a gallery wall


If you’ve gorgeous books that deserve attention, display them proudly on a gallery wall.

9. Colour code them


Keen to have an aesthetically pleasing book display but you don’t want to spend money buying new bookshelves? Why not just colour-code your books and get a rainbow assorted display instead.

10. Floating bookshelves


Harry potter fans will adore these magical floating shelves but we’ll let you in on a secret – they’re actually just concealed shelves. Best part? They take up little space.

11. Use under cabinet wire shelves


Cheap yet good, these are practical and great for saving space. These under cabinet wire shelves can be installed practically anywhere and are great for placing your books – and anything else, really!

You can get them for SGD4.90 here.

12. Opt for a tree of wisdom


Get your very own tree of wisdom bookshelf which that major house decor points to your reputation.

Get it for SGD29.90 here.

13. Place them on a wire rack


For a no-nonsense sleek look, place thinner books in these racks. It also helps that it’s affordable and easy for you to reach for your books any time.

Get it for SGD12.90 here.

14. Display your books in a hexagon bookshelf


Go for uncommon shapes like hexagons to spice up your book display.

15. Balance your books


One of the most unique ideas on this list, the balancing bookshelf is a cool concept that allows stacking of books on either side. Our only gripe? You won’t be able to display too many books at once.

It’s currently sold out here.

16. Hang your books out


Make use of your vertical space on your walls by installing a wooden book rack that allows you to hang up your latest reads.

Get it for £198.10 pounds here.

17. Go industrial


Industrial-looking shelves are perfect as bookshelves. Sturdy and reliable, they’re able to support heavy weights.

Get it for £191.90 pounds here.

18. Inside your coffee table


Coffee tables often come with storage space these days. If you’re an avid reader, store your books inside your coffee table where you can access them easily.

19. Get onto the book wagon


For an inexpensive yet fun way to display your books, go for an old toy wagon or any toy vehicle that has a large enough space, really.

20. Under a glass coffee table


Some books deserve the spotlight. Place them on glass coffeetables so that everyone sitting around is able to see them clearly. We recommend displaying the ones that stand out from the rest of your decor.

21. Vintage suitcase


Suitcases are not just for travelling. They can be used for other purposes too – such as storing books. One of our top recommendations would be a vintage suitcase for that quintessential timeless charm.

22. Creative bookends


If you just want to place them on your study table or on the top of a cabinet, that works too. Jazz it up by opting for creative bookends.

Get it for SGD24.11 here.

23. Book bar carts


These multi-purpose carts are great because you can push them to whichever part of the house that you want to read at.

Check more options out here.

24. Divide the room using books


Short on space and looking for a practical way to store your books? Build a room divider with shelves that you can place your books on.

Check out some options here.

25. Book display boxes


Or go simple and place your books in display boxes that can be hung anywhere in your house.

Get them at SGD29.90 here.

26. Vertical bookcase


Similar to tip #3, you can use these shelves to help you ensure that your books are neatly stacked vertically up.

Get them for SGD275.90 here.

27. Books in crates


Don’t throw out your old crates just yet, they make for great book display cases.

28. Use an old leather harness belt


Use your old leather belt to make a harness hanging bookshelf. That’s an affordable storage solution that’s eye-catching.

29. Spool bookcases


Circular and cute, these spool bookcases don’t take up much space and look fine wherever you place it.

30. Hanging fabric bookshelves


Prefer something minimalist and fuss-free? Fabric bookshelves are a fun yet fuss-free method to display your books.