12 types of furniture to consider if you HATE cleaning

All home-owners know how their weekends are spent: cleaning. There’s no way you can get out of it other than hiring help, but here’s a tip to make things easier: invest in furniture that are easier to clean.

Here are the ones you should look out for when you go furniture-shopping.

1. Opt for synthetic fabrics when buying a couch or an armchair

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Why synthetic fabrics? Because they’re not only waterproof but also stain-resistant… or the most part, anyway!

Clumsy S/Os or guest spills some wine very unfortunately onto your plush looking couch? Simply wipe it off.

Hate the feeling of synthetic materials? Opt for a couch that is made of synthetic microfiber, which has the usual properties of a synthetic fabric, but mimics the soft, plush feelings of most fabrics well.

Alternatively, for a more bougee option, pick leather or vinyl. While it isn’t waterproof strictly, it is sturdier than your typical cotton and linen couches.

Avoid materials like suede at all costs. Especially if you have a pet – can you imagine the cat and dog fur constantly sticking to the couch? Not a good look, we’ll tell you that!

2. Get yourself a machine-washable slipcover if you’re a die-hard cotton or linen fan

Source: sunshine-industries.com

But if you’re a die-hard fan of plush cottons and linens, get yourself some machine-washable slipcovers for your favourite couch, plush armchairs, and bean bags instead. Spilled something? Just straight up dirty? Simply strip them off and toss them into the washing machine.

3. Invest in an easy-to-clean wall paint

For those who have pets or children – trust us, it is worth investing a pretty penny in a good quality, scrubbable wall paint because you WILL have all kinds of dirt, or heck, even crayon or pencil stains on your wall.

Even if you think your child is the most well-disciplined child ever. There will be scribbles – no exceptions.

4. Get yourself light, moveable furniture

Source: welovedandelion.com

Why is this important? So you can reach every single inch of your floor while cleaning. Simply move it out of the way – easily – and call it a day. Alternatively, you can also consider installing casters – these are wheels beneath your tables – so you can just roll it out of the way effortlessly.

5. Do not get a table with a ridges on the underside

Source: blog.woodworkingtooltips.com

Alternatively, get yourself a flat table top with no ridges or hollows on the underside – save yourself the headache of cleaning the nooks and crannies of each corner when you can simply wipe two sides and call it a day.

6. Choose the right flooring

Source: pokuhomes.com

Everyone in the family walks over it, which accumulates all sorts of dirt, scratches and other unflattering blemishes on your tiles. What to avoid? Avoid tiles with grout lines, which, while waterproof, makes it so easy for dirt to accumulate between the lines. Second, absolutely avoid carpet and furs, for obvious reasons.

What to get for a low-maintenance floor? Fflooring like laminated marble, vinyl, and stained concrete flooring are favourites because of how easily they clean (just wipe it once with a mop and you’re done – no frequent vacuuming needed!) and not to mention, how water and stain-resistant they tend to be.

Hardwood flooring may be easy to sweep and clean, but tend to stain if water is left on it for too long… not the best look, we think!

7. Leave as little room as possible

Source: wardrobedoorsdirect.co

Nobody likes dust, so leave as little room as possible for dust to accumulate, especially in hard to reach places like the tops of cabinets.

Instead, opt for one that reaches from the floor to the ceiling so you don’t get any ‘pleasant’ surprises when you dust the top of your cabinet to find something else living atop of it…

This also goes for other typically ‘tall’ furniture items like book shelves, wardrobes etc.

8. Hate the appearance of dust? Avoid dark colours!

Source: homedepot.com

Quite contrary to the usual rule of dark colours concealing nearly everything, lighter colours are your pals if you hate the appearance of dust on your couch, while darker colours your enemy as dust will look SO obvious against it.

You’ll also find yourself getting less frustrated about the constant dust accumulation on your couch which equates to less cleaning time. Oh yeah.

9. Avoid furniture with elaborate designs

Source: ballarddesigns.com

While pretty to look at and quick to impress guests, they are a huge pain in the ass to clean. Think: your ceiling fans, intricate window grills, and light fixtures such as the chandelier. Sure, they’re pretty, but can you imagine having to clean each and every glass globe every time it starts to collect dust?

Opt for minimalistic designs that are simultaneously easy to clean if you wish to minimise the amount of cleaning time. Or simply resign yourself to the fact that beauty – regardless of house or person – is pain.

10. Consider the material of counter-tops and flat surfaces

Source: countertopguides.com

Materials like granite, stainless steel, quartz, or laminate are your best bets. Cleaning up after cooking simply involves a simple wipe with a wet cloth. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

Great for people who love to bake, and really, anything else that involves a whole lot of mess!

11. Keep extra coasters and table mats at all time

Source: aliexpress.com

Not only do they make your dining table look spiffy, they’ll also keep the dreaded water rings and (most!) food stains off the table!

12. Maximise your space by buying furniture with storage functions

Like those beds in Courts with a storage compartment in the underside of the bed, or upholstery chairs that have storage underneath it. Why? This minimises the random mess you have, which means a much easier time cleaning up an uncluttered floor so your floor remains as dust-free as possible.

Now, this kind of furniture is typically heavier so if you need help in moving them into your house, it’s best to hire furniture movers in Singapore to do the job.