11 yoga mat stores in Singapore that offer quality so your mat will last for a long time

Since Circuit Breaker, many of us have chosen to exercise safely within the confines of our home with the help of home workouts rather than heading to the gym. If you fully intend to stick to at-home exercises for a while longer, you should definitely consider investing in a yoga mat simply for its extreme versatility.

Why? That’s because you can use a yoga mat for practically any kind of exercise besides yoga – Pilates, HIIT, you name it. Plus, it’s often made with durable material which means it can even double up as a picnic mat at the beach or park!

But with so many choices in the market, where and how do you even begin to shop for a quality yoga mat in Singapore that suits your lifestyle and budget? Luckily for you, AVENUE ONE is here to help with tips to shop for a good one plus all the top stores where you can get the best yoga mat from. Let’s get started!

How to shop for a suitable yoga mat

woman yoga crossed leg photo source dane wetton unsplash
Photo source: Dane Wetton/Unsplash

As just something that you’ll only step and sit on, you may not feel much of a need to invest in a quality yoga mat. But in reality, using a quality, durable yoga mat is just as important as wearing proper workout shoes – a good one can help minimise the risk of injury when you’re working up a sweat at home.

And if you ever go back to the gym, it’s also more hygienic when you bring your own travel yoga mat to a group workout session especially during this time when sharing is not encouraged.

To choose a yoga mat that’s best for you, it’s important that you keep these three factors in mind:


rolls of yoga mats photo source jordan nix unsplash
Photo source: Jordan Nix/Unsplash

The thickness of yoga mats varies greatly, which means you can find anything from as thin as 0.5mm to as thick as 8mm.

If you tend to do more active yoga poses such as handstands, you’ll do well with thinner yoga mats that are no thicker than 3.5mm as they’ll provide you with more stability and grip.

Mats that are thicker than 3.5mm are better options if you do more floorwork and need more cushioning for your arms and knees.


Photo source: Burst/Pexels

Apart from the thickness of your yoga mat, you should also consider the length and weight of your mat when shopping for one.

Try to look for one that gives you a leeway of about 15cm on top of your height so your feet will stay within your yoga mat and not dangle out each time you do the Shavasana (a.k.a. corpse pose).

As for the ideal weight of a yoga mat, it’s better to get a lighter mat whether you work out at home or are always on the go – it’s easier to store and you won’t have to worry about lugging them around after your class either.


folding yoga mat photo source karolina grabowska pexels
Photo source: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

There are three main types of yoga mat materials to consider: PVC, TPE, and natural rubber. PVC is the most budget-friendly out of all the options and is highly durable too, but it is relatively less sweat-absorbent and has a more slippery surface.

On the other hand, TPE yoga mats are made with a blend of plastic and rubber which offers more grip but is, unfortunately, less durable. Natural rubber yoga mats provide good grip and are more eco-friendly as they are made of biodegradable material, but they can be quite pricey.

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11 places in Singapore that offer yoga mats with the best quality

Alo Yoga

yoga mat singapore alo yoga
Photo source: @aloyoga/Instagram

Aside from yogis, the LA-born brand is also wildly popular among Hollywood A-listers, including Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid. Besides yoga-friendly activewear, Alo Yoga is also known for its fuss-free non-slip yoga mats that are super easy to maintain.

Prices range between S$108 and S$175. Alo Yoga offers free worldwide shipping, shop online here.

Chalk and Chakras

yoga mat singapore chalk and chakras
Photo source: @chalkandchakras/Instagram

A local brand worth checking out on our list is Chalk and Chakras, which started out making kids’ yoga mats that are seriously adorable. Apart from the cute, original designs, the yoga mats produced by Chalks and Chakras are made sustainably with non-toxic materials and 4mm-thick cushioning so they’re really safe for children.

Prices range between S$69 for the kid size and S$89 for the adult size. Shop online here.


yoga mat singapore decathlon
Photo source: @decathlonsg/Instagram

Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a workout junkie, you’d have heard of or seen Decathlon – it’s essentially an affordable one-stop destination for all things fitness, yoga equipment included. Decathlon has an array of yoga mats with various colour schemes for you to choose from.

You’ll also be happy to know that you can find one that suits you without breaking the bank as prices for Decathlon’s yoga mats start from as low as S$10!

Prices range between S$10 and S$60. Click here for store location details or shop online here.

Jade Yoga

yoga mat singapore jade yoga
Photo source: @jadeyoga.sg/Instagram

For those looking for an eco-friendly option, you can consider Jade Yoga’s lineup of sustainable yoga mats. Not only are they made of natural rubber, but a tree is also planted for each mat sold.

Jade Yoga has a total of four yoga mats to choose from: Voyager (1.6mm), Travel (3mm), Harmony (5mm), and Fusion (8mm).

Prices range between S$40 and S$228. Shop online here.


yoga mat singapore lululemon
Photo source: @lululemonsg/Instagram

A brand that needs no introduction, Lululemon is a crowd-favourite among fitness enthusiasts. Apart from highly coveted activewear (that also doubles really well as WFH attire), you can also get yoga mats at Lululemon.

Lululemon’s range of yoga mats includes reversible mats that come with different designs on either side so it feels like you’re getting two mats for the price of one – score!

Prices range between approx. S$72.80 (HK$420) and S$187.20 (HK$1,080). Click here for store location details or shop Lululemon’s range of yoga mats online via the Hong Kong site.


yoga mat singapore yoga design lab omgoing
Photo source: @yogadesignlab/Instagram

Founded by two sisters, Singapore-based Omgoing is the go-to e-commerce platform for durable workout gear and equipment that are both functional and stylish. To fulfil both the criteria, Omgoing stocks yoga mats from Bali-based brand, Yoga Design Lab, which are designed with scenic or nature-inspired prints that will make you feel like you’re on permanent vacation mode.

Choose from four different styles: Combo, Infinity, and Travel. The Combo Mat combines a yoga mat with a yoga towel in one, making it ideal for hot yoga, while the Infinity Mat is an anti-slip mat that provides ample cushioning. As its name suggests, the Travel Mat is designed to be carried on the go, so it’s more foldable and lightweight compared to the rest.

Prices range between S$98 and S$138. Shop online here.


yoga mat singapore manduka
Photo source: @mandukasg/Instagram

Avid yogis will definitely recognise Manduka and its famous frog logo. What’s special about Manduka is that it also offers round yoga mat designs under the eKO range, in addition to the traditional rectangular ones in an array of colours and patterns of varying thickness.

Prices range between S$89 and S$249. Click here for store location details or shop Manduka’s range of yoga mats online.


yoga mat singapore popflex active
Photo source: @popflex_active/Instagram

The brainchild of Cassey Ho, the fitness YouTuber who’s behind the Blogilates, POPFLEX Active is all about delivering cute activewear and workout equipment that are brimming with Cassey’s mantra of positivity.

Her line of yoga mats, for example, features designs with motivational quotes, alongside bright and cheery floral patterns.

Unlike the usual rubber or polyester mats, POPFLEX Active uses vegan suede. The best part about this material? The more you sweat, the grippier it gets.

Price is fixed at US$59 (approx. S$79.54) for a yoga mat. Shop online here.


yoga mat singapore society6
Photo source: @society6/Instagram

If the collection of yoga mats over at Society6 seem like art pieces, it’s because the prints are designed by a community of independent artists. There are literally hundreds of designs for you to choose from, so we’re certain there’s one that will tickle your fancy.

Each mat comes with a handy carrying strap, making it a breeze to tote the lightweight mat around. Because each artwork on Society6 is made into a whole array of different products, you can even opt to get a matching tote bag, towel, phone case, and more in the same design as a yoga starter pack.

Price is fixed at US$55 (approx. S$74.15) for a yoga mat. Shop online here.


yoga mat singapore sugarmat
Photo source: @mysugarmat/Instagram

From floral patterns and painterly marble prints to even a sunnies-wearing leopard, Canadian brand Sugarmat has arguably one of the loudest, most vibrant yoga mats you’ve ever seen – and its OTT designs have won the brand legions of fans around the world.

The brand offers four types of mats in total: Suede Travel Yoga Mat (1mm), PU Yoga Mat (3mm or 5mm), Suede Yoga Mat (3mm), and TPE Yoga Mat (5mm).

Prices range between approx. S$79.55 (US$59) and S$146.95 (US$109). Shop online here.

Vivre Activewear

yoga mat singapore vivre activewear
Photo source: @vivreactivewear/Instagram

Established in 2014, Vivre Activewear is another homegrown brand that you should be on your radar as it’s known for designing gym wear that offers a better fit for Asian body frames. In addition to apparel and accessories, you can also find a decent range of yoga mats in different materials and thicknesses to suit your preference and lifestyle.

Prices range between S$45 and S$108. Click here for store location details or shop Vivre Activewear’s range of yoga mats online.

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