10 stylish fitness trackers with prices ranging from less than S$50 to more than S$500 (2019 edition)

Fitness trackers aren’t just a gadget to help manage the health and fitness aspect of your lifestyle. It is also can be a stylish accessory that complete the look that you wish to achieve.

If you’re looking for one that goes with your getup, consider one of these 10 sleek fitness trackers that can take both your fitness and style factor to the next level, starting with one that retails at less than SGD50.

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1. Mi Band 3

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Want something more affordable? The Mi Band 3 is probably what you’re looking for. Offering basic functions such as monitoring your heart rate, step count, and sleep quality, the Mi Band 3 also sends you alerts to move when it detects long physical inactivity. For its attractive price, this is certainly something that general users who are just getting acquainted with fitness trackers will enjoy.

This retails at SGD33.90 and you can get it here.

2. Actxa Spur +

Besides monitoring your heart rate 24/7, the Actxa Spur + also tracks how efficiently your body is using the oxygen you inhale – talk about fitness technology! The Spur + is also equipped with plenty of fitness features that will help you keep tabs on fitness progress and goals, as well as a sleep monitor that allows you to understand your sleep patterns better. Aside from that, you can receive real-time app notifications and receive incoming calls. Let’s not forget about how it is resistant to water so you can use it while doing water sports!

This retails at SGD109 and you can get it here.

3. FitBit Inspire

Fitbit is a name that’s probably synonymous with fitness wearables, and the Fitbit Inspire is the most affordable model under the brand that gives you all the features you need, and look super stylish too.

It can resist water up to 50 metres and with a single charge, its battery can last up to five days depending on usage. Having trouble sleeping? It’s probably time to track your sleep. Get an insight on your night’s rest, receive bedtime reminders, and sleep tips. In no time, you will notice an improvement in your sleep pattern. The SmartTrack™ feature in this device automatically recognises workouts and records them into the Fitbit app, which you can use to easily review your health and fitness progress.

This retails at SGD118 and you can get it here.

4. Huawei Band 3 Pro

Huawei Band 3 Pro is a lightweight wearable that is available in three colours, so you can pick one that expresses your style best. Waterproof up to 50 metres, this is a fitness tracker that lets you do any water sports without any worry. The Band 3 Pro boasts a precise holistic tracker that monitors your health. Besides the heart tracker, there’s also a sleep tracking feature, which identifies any sleep-related issues and provide potential solutions for a better rest. In addition, the built-in GPS allows you to view real-time evaluation of your training.

This retails at SGD128 and you can get it here.

5. Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin Vivosmart 4 is a slim and swim-friendly wristband tracker that is available in multiple colours to complement a variety of styles. It comes packed with fitness and wellness features that help you make the most out of your lifestyle. All stats can be reviewed using the Garmin mobile app. Keeping up with your fitness progress only gets easier with Vivosmart 4. This device automatically tracks activities, provides pre-loaded activity timers, and send vibration alerts when it’s time to get up and move. The All-Day stress tracker is also included to help users maintain a calm mind and body.

This retails at SGD168 (Exclude shipping) and you can get it here.

6. Misfit ray

Known for its versatility, the Misfit Ray can be worn as a band, bracelet, or necklace. Although it is built minimally, you are about to be blown away by how much this tracker can do! Firstly, this operates on batteries  that can last you up to four months. The swim-proof device also automatically tags and track your fitness progress, allowing you to check in with yourself anytime. Wondering if you’ve had a fulfilling rest? Easily check that with Misfit’s built-in sleep tracker. If you haven’t been active for a while, the Misfit Ray will also provide movement reminders.

This retails at SGD219 (Exclude shipping) and you can get it here at a discount.

7. Galaxy Watch Active

Source: Samsung

Discreet, effortlessly stylish, and lightweight. This is what comes to mind when you think of the Galaxy Watch Active. This wearable comes with an integrated heart monitor that sends instant alerts when an abnormal heart rate is detected. You can now manage your stress levels better, with the help of Galaxy’s own breathing and meditation techniques. As it is connected to the Samsung Health App, the Galaxy Watch Active allows you to access dozens of fitness and wellness tools with the ease of viewing your progress instantly on its screen. Many users also like how it doesn’t look like a fitness tracker and can go well with your work outfits.

This retails at SGD368 and you can get it here.

8. Apple Watch Nike +


It probably isn’t surprising that the Apple Watch Nike + makes it into this list. Sweat-, swim-, and surf-proof, this smart watch doubles up as a fitness tracker that comes automatically equipped with the Nike Run Club App. You can use it to set goals, track progress, and view detailed in-run stats and metrics, enjoy audio guided runs, curated soundtrack, and free workouts featuring world-class Nike master trainers.

But these are just its primary functions. With this fitness tracker, you can also generate an ECG by connecting to the ECG app and tapping the digital crown, found on the upper right-hand side of display. The optical heart sensors in this watch allow you to quickly check in and monitor your heart rate. You will receive a notification if any irregularities are detected.

You’ll also be happy to know that the band is highly customisable and comes in many designs.

This retails from SGD399 and you can get it here.



9. Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch

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The Fossil Gen 4 is a stylish digital smartwatch that works as a fitness tracker that is best suited for those who are not into vigorous exercises but still want to keep fit. This has a built-in tracker that automatically measures your heart rate during a workout. As it is also swim-proof, you know it’s in safe hands even if it gets in contact with water. Besides that, you can customise the way it looks by changing its dial or strap based on the look you want to achieve.

This retails at SGD489 and you can get it here.







10. Skagen Falster 2

This sleek smartwatch has all your lifestyle needs covered. Get smartphone notifications, control music, and make wireless payment at ease with this smartwatch. As if these aren’t enough, the Skagen Falster 2 is also equipped with a smart digital feature and sensors that keep track of real-time movement and heart rate. You can also bring it along during your swim as it is certified swim-proof!

We also love that it comes with magnetic mesh straps for quick fastening and adjustable wear.

This retails at SGD509 and you can get it here.