11 steps to reach your fitness goals in 2019 so you can stop tagging things with #fitspo and actually start living it

It can be easy to make grand plans with regard to your fitness goals without actually following through.

From signing up for a marathon to decreeing to take the stairs to work everyday, here are some tips (a majority of them are approved by trainers, we might add!) and steps that you can take to reach your fitness goals this 2019.

Giving up is not going to be in your dictionary this year, we promise!

1. Write down your workouts

You know how people take notes in class as a way for them to remember the content discussed? Well, the same theory applies for this: jotting down a detailed list of the workouts and classes you will be doing is a sure-fire way to ensure that you’ll actually turn up.

Another great way to make this happen? Going out to get a specific notebook and or planner for workout purposes. Spending money on this venture tells your brain that this is serious, and also encourages you to make more of an effort considering you’ve already, you know, dropped some cash on it.

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2. Invest in some great workout gear…


This theory also applies to workout-related apparel, of course, such as gym wear! Investing in some high-quality, gorgeous workout wear that you’d want to don (even outside of the gym!) is a great way to encourage you to get your sweat on.

At a loss as to where to go to buy yourself some awesome new gym threads? Luckily for you, we’ve done your homework for you and gathered a few options. Here are some of the best places to buy workout gear in SIngapore.

3. … and some great equipment

Of course, this applies to gym equipment, too! There’s nothing that screams, ‘I’m serious about my workout routine’ than by investing in some equipment to maintain your exercise regime.

Opt for anything from kettlebells to weights, depending on what your fitness goal is, exactly.

4. Pencil workout sessions into your calendar

You have to regard your workouts as something just as important as your work meetings, meetup with friends, and such. And the best way to convey that? By penciling it into your calendar or schedule book, of course.

Like this, you will feel encourage to schedule your other activities around your workout sessions because you’re placing them of equal importance as your other commitments. Besides, there’s nothing more motivating than having than following your planned calendar to a T, right?

Give this method a try to see how it works for you, especially if you’re more of a planner than a spontaneous go-getter.

5. Keep a food journal

Because fitness doesn’t just constitute running on a treadmill and calling it a day. Yup, what you eat matters too. Pounding back multiple milkshakes and burgers aren’t going to help you reach your fitness goal, after all, not even if your aim is to put on some muscle.

The best way to keep track of what you’re eating on the daily? Starting a food journal, of course. This way, you’re more conscious of what you’re using to fuel your body, allowing you to be more thoughtful (and restrained, in some cases) when it comes to your indulgences.

6. Bring a friend into it

There’s nothing more motivating than having someone else nag at you until you get your butt in gear. If possible, grab a friend to work out with you every time, especially if they’re at a more advanced level than you when it comes to working out.

This way, you’ll feel especially motivated to keep up, and might even be able to achieve your fitness goals way beyond your projected date.

Plus, working out with a friend also serves as another form of accountability. You’re not as likely to skip on your sweat session if it means bailing out on a friend, too.

7. Take some time out to meditate every morning

Uh, what does this have to do with working out?! Hear us out: apparently, meditating for even 10 minutes a day can help center your body and mind, which thus keeps stress levels down while boosting motivation. And there’s nothing you require more in spades than motivation, right?

Incorporate it into your daily morning routine to see optimum results. Get up a little earlier if you have to, just so you can calm your body and get your day started on the right foot.

8. Make sure your workouts are varied and interesting

Other than ensuring that you don’t get bored (and therefore, unmotivated) when it comes to working out, make sure to vary and mix up your current workouts.

Having an interesting mix of workouts also helps ensure that different muscles are put to the test each time, testing your body to the limit and helping you get just that much fitter. According to fitness junkies, a good place to start is by having a mixture of both cardio as well as strength training.

9. Go for new, interesting classes that catch your eye

Always wanted to see what barre is really about? Or perhaps you’ve felt curious about Muay Thai? Either way, if there’s been a fitness class you’ve been eyeing for a while now, there’s no better time to go try them out.

Commit to new, interesting classes that catch your eye every few weeks so as to give you something to look forward to. Besides, it is also a great way to make friends with like minded individuals (or, at least people who are as dedicated to hitting their fitness goals in 2019 as you are!).

10. Have been sticking to your regime? Make sure to reward yourself for it

Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve been sticking to your regime. Treat yourself to massages, pedicures, manicures, or whatever strikes your fancy if you realise that you’ve been sticking religiously to your exercise regime.

Considering there’s nothing more rewarding (and motivating!) than treating yourself, we recommend giving yourself a routine number of rewards every month or so. Toughed it out and went for your spin class even after a long day at work? You deserve some new lipstick. Opted for a salad instead of McDonald’s even when the Salted Egg Burger made a reappearance? Two lipsticks.

We have to say, it is a pretty foolproof system!

11. Get some ZZZs in

Your body is not going to get the rest or motivation it needs if you’re not catching some much-needed shut eye!

That’s right — did you know that sleep deprivation is one of the top reasons for low energy, poor food choices and even high cortisol levels? And by that, we mean the reason behind the dreaded muffin top that spills out whenever you put on a pair of too-tight jeans.

Aim to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night, or more if possible. Your body will thank you for it!