I tried the training shoes that Adriana Lima wears to see if I felt as amazing as she looked

Sports brand PUMA has released a brand new women’s training shoe called the Zone XT and Brazilian supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima is the face of this campaign. If you haven’t seen the campaign video, you should – because she looked so good in it.

The new PUMA Zone XT is designed for high-intensity workouts and endurance-based running and training. In other words, this is not the shoes to sport for your marathon training, but definitely what you’d want to consider if you’re into HIIT workouts, circuit training, and spin classes.


The type of workouts it’s created for is also the inspiration behind its eye-catching design. See those chic-looking lines at the base of the shoes? It is inspired by heart rhythm line, a nod to the zone where progress happens during workout; the moment when the heart-rate speeds up, and when the body is able to burn fat most efficiently, while boosting endurance and increasing your metabolism.

The PUMA Zone XT trainers are designed with these features: maximum cushioning (thanks to the hybrid foam that combines two of PUMA’s most innovative technologies to provide instant cushioning and energy return), support, and grip (rubber outsole offers maximum traction and durability for any training you may be undertaking).

PUMA Zone XT review

I have to say that I have just started working out more intensively since I had a baby a year ago, but I used to do endurance training with a personal trainer. And even when I used to work out more, I’ve always only had one pair of trainers for all my fitness routines – I wear the same pair for my run, for my aerobic classes, for PT with my trainer, and I never thought there was difference.


I got to try on the PUMA Zone XT at the media launch event, held at F45 (a functional training studio), while going through HIIT circuit training. For an hour, I wore these new trainers and did burpees, push-ups, and lifted weights… and just about every other type of functional training I can think of.

What I could very quickly appreciate about the trainers, compared to my regular ones, was the amount of grip it was able to offer. I remember slipping off the floor in the past in my regular shoes when I do workouts like burpees, but the PUMA Zone XT I wore that day was able to hold my feet on the ground.

The cushioning was the second feature that was very evident at the end of the session. While I sometimes feel some aching (from impact) on my soles after endurance workouts, my feet felt totally comfortable that day when I wore the Zone XT. After the session at F45, the only parts of my body that ached (very much) were my thighs and arms (and they’re just a side effect of a very intensive workout!)

And of course, the trainers’ striking good looks don’t hurt. The colour and design make it easy to pair them with just about any workout gear I have in my wardrobe, and I like that the heartbeat line design is outstanding without being too in-your-face. (I personally don’t like trainers designs that are too attention-grabbing, like a pair of shoes that are in full neon orange, for instance.)


My conclusion? If you’re into endurance workouts, this is definitely a pair of trainers you should invest in. What’s more there’s some incentive to get it now: with each pair of PUMA Zone XT purchased, you’ll receive a one-month pass (worth over SGD350) to F45, a very popular team-based, functional training facility. The promotion will run till 10 February, or until all allocated passes are redeemed.

Particpating stores include: PUMA (Bugis+. Century Square, ION Orchard, JEM, JEWEL Changi Airport, Paragon, Suntec City, VivoCity), MissFit, Royal Sporting House, and DOT Singapore.

The PUMA Zone XT is available at all PUMA outlets, PUMA.com, MissFit, Royal Sporting House, and DOT Singapore, and retails at SGD149.