Looking to do a wellness retreat at a hotel? The new Oasia Resort Sentosa may just be where to go

For some of us, our last overseas vacation may have been ages ago and it’s kind of taken a toll on us.

To ease the feeling of a “cabin fever”, many are turning to wellness retreats as an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life and to achieve some much-needed self-care.

oasia resort sentosa

If you’re looking to go on one, consider a staycation at the new Oasia Resort Sentosa. This resort is gaining popularity as a wellness retreat destination for couples and close friends.

Relax from the moment you step into the resort

oasia resort sentosa lobby
The lobby

Step into the beautiful resort and the first thing you’d notice is the calming tones of the facade, lush plants along its corridors, and a grand preserved plan as a centrepiece at its lobby.

After you’ve soaked up the relaxing vibes, take a whiff of the resort’s curated scent and pay attention to the soothing sounds around you; this is playing from a curated playlist by Re:WellRebels that’s designed to calm your senses.

This marks the start of your wellness journey; take a seat as you enjoy the resort’s welcome tea created by Pryce Tea exclusively for the resort, and get ready for the rest of your retreat.

Your room is designed for wellness

oasia junior suite bedroom
Bedroom of Junior Suite
oasia resort sentosa bathroom
Bathroom of Junior Suite

Check into one of the Wellness Rooms, and you’d notice how it’s different from other hotels you’ve been to.

First, it provides you with Oasia’s digitalised Wellness Journal, which comes with a self-care checklist, designed for you to exercise mindfulness during your stay.

Oasia resort sentowsa Wellness Minibar

While conventional hotel minibars are stocked with junk food such as chips, chocolates, and alcohol, Oasia Resort Sentosa offers a healthy minibar that includes wellness drinks by Asmara and dehydrated fruits made in house, repurposed using excess or “ugly” fruits that are usually discarded.

At dusk, look forward to a good night’s sleep with the resort’s Refresh Tea and homemade Oasia Balm.

Your fitness plans are enhanced

oasia resort sentosa qigong class
Qi gong

If you prefer to stay in your room, loan a Lululemon yoga mat anytime for an in-room workout.

Otherwise, there are many fitness options for you beyond the room, including Morning Qi Gong and Sunset Yoga.

The in-house gym is open 24 hours. Use any of the equipment there or loan a pre-loaded iPad and choose a class to follow: body pump, spin, or high intensity interval training – take your pick!

For those who prefer to swim, the resort has a gorgeous 22.5-metre pool that you can book a slot for.

Attend complimentary wellness activities

oasia resort sentosa workshops

Oasia Resort Sentosa has worked with professionals from different fields to offer a series of complimentary wellness workshops hosted by experts. Topics include sustainability, healthy-living, urban farming, self-care tips, and making your own self-care products such as bath salt and bath bombs to recreate a relaxing environment at home.

In other words, you never have to worry about not having “anything to do” at the resort. There’s a full schedule for you to explore and you can check it out here.

Complete your retreat with a spa treatment

Your wellness retreat won’t be complete without an appointment at the Oasia Spa. The spa is the first in Southeast Asia and Oceania to carry Kotoshina, an organic skincare brand from Kyoto that uses ingredients from an organic green tea plantation.

Besides offering body treatments that combine the essence of traditional Thai massage, Japanese bodywork of shiatsu pressure points, and Indian massage techniques, Oasia Spa also provides specialised facial and grooming treatments, and guided breathing exercises to rejuvenate the body from head to toe.

oasia spa corridor

We visited the Oasia Spa and enjoyed a 60-minute Oasia Signature Massage.

We really liked how the spa was designed for absolute privacy and relaxation. Its serene environment makes it easy for you to calm your mind.

The therapist was attentive and thoughtful – you can be sure that you’re taken care of every step of the way, from making sure you feel comfortable on the massage bed to adjusting the strength of the pressure used.

After the massage, we felt that every tension and knot was alleviated. The body felt loosened and the senses were relieved.

Oasia Spa - Meditation Lounge
Meditation lounge

To complete the experience, we visited the Meditation Lounge after the treatment. This lounge uses Medklinn Cerafusion Technology to recreate forest bathing therapy inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, so you can enjoy the benefits of it without needing to head outdoors.

Oasia Resort Sentosa is located at 23 Beach View, Palawan Ridge Sentosa Island, Singapore 098679. Check out its website for more information.