3 ways to naturally prevent hair loss with the TCM approach

It’s no secret that stress combined with pollution and our humid climate can throw our hair and scalp health out of whack. Now add poor sleeping habits, unhealthy diet, and frequent exposure to chemical hair services to the mix, and it’s only a matter of time before your crown of hair starts losing its glory.

If you’re one who prefers to do things the natural way, chances are you would’ve considered following the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to keep hair loss at bay. To take the guesswork out of the equation, here are some ways TCM can help with hair loss prevention and treatment.

3 natural TCM hair loss tips that everybody can try

Introduce TCM herbs that help hair growth or prevent hair loss into your diet

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Among the wide assortment of holistic Chinese herbs, three are especially known for their ability to take care of your scalp while helping to fortify hair strands – he shou wu, ginseng, and lingzhi.

Ginseng and he shou wu (known as polygonum multiflorum scientifically) are highly nutritious roots that nourish the scalp, stimulate hair follicles, and prevent premature greying while lingzhi is a type of fungus that improves blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth.

Essentially, these herbs not only address the symptoms of hair and scalp issues but also get down to the root of your mane problems to fix the issue efficiently.

However, most people tend to shy away from this edible method because they’re unsure of how to prepare these herbs for consumption while some are just too lazy to do the prep work. It can also be quite a challenge to pick out the good ones from the herbs, which comes with education, gut feeling as well as trust in your seller.

Another common issue that most people have with TCM herbs is the strong herbal taste that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Plus, these ingredients can also be rather costly to consume on a regular basis.

Give yourself a scalp massage that focuses on key meridian points

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Apart from relieving stress, a meridian scalp massage can also help keep hair loss under control and stimulate hair growth. Incorporating this massage into your routine is cost-effective too as you don’t need any special massage tools for this massage type at all – just your fingers will do.

However, there are at least 40 meridian acupoints found in the scalp alone so for most of us who are untrained in reflexology, it can be tough for us to get the right points to massage on or know the right amount of strength to use even if we follow online tutorials closely.

Plus, meridian scalp massages should be performed every day in order to reap results which means you need to have the discipline to keep up with this on a daily basis – something that not many of us have when we are so bogged down with everything that’s happening in our lives.

Many people may also be discouraged by the fact that it can be difficult to self-massage since we’re unable to “see” our scalps.

Practise light exercise or stress-relieving routines daily

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Juggling work and family is a challenge for many of us, which makes it all the more crucial for us to make time to have a moderately healthy lifestyle so that our health doesn’t decline prematurely due to stress.

Sweating it out with light exercises such as walking around your neighbourhood park or yoga as well as daily meditation can help enhance your qi and keep your blood circulation in check.

Getting sufficient sleep is also important as it allows your internal system to reset and regenerate. Another lifestyle habit to follow? Try to avoid having the air-conditioner blown directly at your scalp – doing so can cause your scalp to feel dry, tight, itchy, and eventually flaky in the long run, just like how it affects the skin on your face.

Besides that, other side effects of scalp imbalance due to air-conditioning include unwanted skin disorders, premature ageing as well as hair dullness.

Find the above TCM tips too troublesome to pull off? There’s an easier way…

If the aforementioned tips are too difficult to implement into your daily routine, you should then consider this fuss-free yet effective solution: the Hair & Scalp Revitalising Treatment by Beijing 101.

With this award-winning TCM hair treatment, you can safely leave the health of your hair and scalp to the certified professionals at Beijing 101 to effectively restore your crowning glory with the renowned Chinese herbal trio of ginseng, lingzhi, and he shou wu.

How effective? Just as Mediacorp actor Xu Bin, who has seen significant improvement in his crowning glory, so much so that he’s now a Beijing 101 ambassador who actively promotes the highly effective treatment to his followers on Instagram.

In addition to the premium-grade Chinese herbs, the treatment also comes with a customised deep-cleansing scalp mask and a meridian scalp massage, which means you can just sit back, relax, and let the trained hair consultants at Beijing 101 get the job done while you enjoy some much-needed ‘me’ time.

What’s more, the Hair & Scalp Revitalising Treatment costs less than S$50 which means you can reap the benefits of TCM on your hair and scalp without breaking the bank!

You’ll also be happy to know that many other local celebrities and influencers have tried and loved Beijing 101’s Hair & Scalp Revitalising Treatment for its ability to turn around hair health in just one session.

Apart from Xu Bin, Mediacorp radio DJ Chua Leelian as well as influencers such as Aiken Chia, Huda Ali, Nicole Chang Min, and Val Lim have all entrusted their glorious mane in the hands of Beijing 101’s experienced consultants.

In addition to earning a stamp of approval from local celebrities and influencers, the Hair & Scalp Revitalising Treatment is also highly popular amongst Beijing 101’s customers too – almost 90%* of them said that the clinically proven treatment has resolved their hair loss woes effectively!

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*Based on a 2016 survey conducted on 219 Beijing 101 customers, of which 169 experienced some level of hair thinning or hair loss. Results may vary according to the individual. 

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