These cute Kakao Friends massage guns are the timely stress-relievers and mood-boosters we need right now

With rather sudden recent news of tightened restrictions, we’re sure many of us are feeling a little stressed. For some of us, we may also be postponing our massage appointments in order to reduce contact so we can help do our part to flatten the curve.


If you’ve been are suffering from aching backs and have been thinking of investing in home massagers, these ones we spotted from Kakao Friends may just be that final push to get you to buy one.


The cute characters from chat app KakaoTalk that you love are featured in their new line of massage guns. There are two variants you can choose from and they feature the most popular characters: Ryan and Apeach.



The Ryan variant is probably our favourite between the two – how can you resist a design where Ryan’s cute paw is on the gun head that kneads your muscles?

Apeach’s fans will, of course, love the Apeach version, which comes with a peach as the gun head.

The massage gun may look adorable and is rather small, but it’s more than just an eye candy.



It comes with four interchangeable heads designed to massage different parts of your body i.e. the head for your neck is different from the one used on your back. It also offers four massage speeds so you can pick the intensity you prefer.

It is also lighter and smaller than regular massage guns you find in the market, at just 550g.


Each massage gun is equipped with a USB-C port for easy charging and comes with a carry case for you to bring it around conveniently.

These Kakao Friends massage guns retail for ₩99,000 (~S$117) and available at the Widshop store. We have managed to find a merchant on Shopee that offers it for S$131.51. Shop here.

Photos taken from Widshop.