9 workouts that require little to no equipment and very little space you can start doing at home

Don’t let quarantine and working from home disrupt your fitness plan!

While gyms remain closed during this period of time, there are plenty of other fun exercises available that you can do even without any equipment and with very little space. We’ve rounded up nine effective and quick exercises to squeeze into your daily schedule below.

1. Weights

Did you know that the idea of weightlifting making you bulky is a myth? If you’re a beginner, start with lighter and appropriate weights, then progress to heavier ones. If you don’t have proper weights, don’t fret: simply fill up a large bottle with enough water as a substitute!

The great thing about weights is that you can add them to virtually any other type of exercise to make them more effective. Get ankle weights while doing cardio to boost effects of #legday, or hold it in both hands while doing core work like Russian twists.

Benefits of weightlifting

  • Increases muscle mass and burns fat
  • Fights depression
  • Lower diabetes risk
  • Great for targeting specific spots like the arms

2. Pilates

One of the trendiest exercises, pilates can be quite demanding at first, but gets easier as you practise. Pilates is great if you want a leaner, toned look like that of a model, and only requires a yoga mat and occasionally a foam roller to do!

Plenty of pilates videos are available for free online, but channels like POPSUGAR and Blogilates are some of the most popular ones.

Benefits of pilates

  • Improve flexibility and balance
  • Give you a leaner and toned appearance
  • Works out the entire body

3. Skipping rope

Here’s a low-budget, easy exercise to burn fat quickly. It can be difficult to muster the motivation to go for a run, and picking up a skipping rope seems so much easier. Plus, it works the entire body just like a regular jog without having to leave your home!

Tip: lay a mat underneath or wear soft-soled running shoes when skipping to reduce impact and noise.

Benefits of skipping rope

  • Improves stamina
  • Works out the entire body
  • Tones legs

4. Dancing

As a fun way for your family to bond, try dancing! If you don’t have a gaming console with programmes like Just Dance, challenge your family members to a dance challenge like the Ballinger Family.

Benefits of dancing

  • Generally more fun than other types of workouts
  • Burns fat all over the body

5. Cardio

Not to be confused with high intensity interval training, cardio is usually longer in duration and lower in intensity. While running remains a great option to both lose weight and get fresh air, other forms of cardio like squat jumps, high knees, and jumping jacks can help you shed calories fast.

Benefits of Cardio

  • All over fat loss
  • Reduces multiple heart risks like heart attacks, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure

6. High intensity interval training (HIIT)

Like cardio, HIIT burns fat fast, and is perfect if you want a quick, 20-minute workout. However, it can get quite intense, so remember to take frequent breaks in between sets.

Lucky for us, there are also many YouTube videos on HIIT workouts, like this one by Chloe Ting that’s just 10 minutes long, or a more thorough one by Pamela Reif.

Benefits of HIIT

  • All over fat loss
  • Faster than other types of workouts
  • Reduces multiple heart risks like heart attacks, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure

7. Yoga

A much slower and less intense workout, Yoga not only helps you burn calories, it also improves flexibility and stabilises emotions. Plus, it’s said to help you grow taller with constant practice!

Benefits of Yoga

  • Improved flexibility
  • Tones muscle
  • Relaxes the mind

8. Planks

While planks may sound and look like a simple exercise, it can be difficult for beginners, so start with 30 second intervals and work your way up to one minute sets. You can also start with resting on your elbows instead of your hands to make it easier.

However, planks really stimulate different parts of the body, and is great as a warm up or cool down exercise.

Benefits of planks

  • Strengthens core
  • Defines arm and core muscles
  • Is said to improve posture

9. Resistance training

To really train your muscles and increase endurance, try resistance training! The idea is to restrict movement of your limbs with resistance (which can be provided with gravity, or weights and resistance bands if you’re up for a challenge) to force your muscle groups to work multiple times harder.

Resistance training requires little to no equipment and you can even use your own weight through exercises like pull-ups, push ups, or sit ups.

Benefits of resistance training:

  • Improved muscle tone, growth, and definition
  • Increased muscle endurance
  • Gain muscle mass and lose fat