Useful, stylish and affordable home workout equipment both beginners and fitness junkies will want to own

While gyms and fitness studios continue to remain closed in Phase 1 (Safe Re-opening) post-circuit breaker, that doesn’t mean you can’t still up your fitness game at home.

We know there are many workout equipment in the market, to help you cut through the clutter, here are some of the most versatile and easy-to-use ones that you can invest in for a start to kick off that #fitspo life at home. The best part? We’ve also picked out stylish and affordable options that you’d love to own.

1. Skipping Ropes

If you like to begin your workout with light cardio to get your heart rate up, we recommend going for a 15-minute jog or do high-intensity sets such as jumping jacks, butt kicks or high knees. These can be done without using any equipment.

But here’s a fun and effective cardio option to try: jumping rope. Some say that skipping rope for 10 minutes is as good as going on a 30-minute jog, so be sure to give this dynamic cardio alternative a go if you haven’t!

Durable skipping ropes that look stylish

If you’re looking for a handy and aesthetically pleasing jump rope, these ones (pictured above) are a great option. They feature foam handles for a more comfortable hold and steel wire for sturdiness. Its length can be adjusted and it comes in multiple gorgeous colours. Retails for SGD6.60 on Lazada

2. Yoga Mats

For targeted exercises, simple workout routines or Pilates is recommended for those who prefer a leaner, toned body to a more muscular built.

Such exercises can be done on just a yoga mat to reduce pressure on your body, so this is certainly a good workout item to keep around in the house.

When picking out a yoga mat, consider its texture and thickness. These attributes affect your grip and comfort when commencing your workout routines, so you definitely want to pick out one that suits your preference.

Affordable standard yoga mat

For an affordable and fuss-free option, consider this one from Camelsports (pictured above). This comes in several colours you can choose from. Retails for SGD19 on Lazada.

Stylish yoga mat

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But if you’re looking to work out in style with pretty yoga mats that make you look forward to your fitness routine everyday, consider this gorgeous one made by local retailer, welovefunfit! Retails for SGD49.90

3. Dumbbells

As your body gets stronger, try adding weights to spice up your routines!

Smaller, portable dumbbells for home use are recommended as they not only effectively do the job, but also take up less space and can be delivered easily to your doorstep.

Neoprene Dumbbells

Neoprene dumbbells are famous for being anti-slip and sturdier. They also come in a variety of masses, allowing you to switch up your routines whenever you feel like it.

Retails from SGD19.90 on Lazada.

Water-filled Dumbbells

Plastic water-filled dumbbells can usually only be filled up to 2kg, making them suitable for lighter trainings or those who are just starting out.

They are also convenient to carry around when empty and can even double up as water bottles!

Retails on Lazada for SGD9.17 each.

home workout equipment pink dumbbell water bottle

For an aesthetic, millennial pink option, try these pastel-coloured ones for size. If you want to up your game, you can also fill these dumbbells with sand for added weight.

Retails on SHEIN for SGD9 each.

4. Kettlebells

If you love a challenge, test out your endurance and strength with this versatile weight alternative.

The uneven distribution of weight in kettlebells not only challenges your grip and core strength, but also introduces energising sensations as you lift, swing or pull it.

While most, if not all, exercises are weight-friendly, here are two full-body routine tutorials that incorporate the use of weights that you can try:

Kettlebell Sets

Similar to dumbbells, kettlebells come in a range of weights, suitable for beginners to seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

For a more secured grip, choose kettlebells with rubber coating or anti-slip material on their handles.

Retails on Lazada from SGD32 for 2.3kg.

Adjustable Kettlebells

Not fond of having multiple kettlebells around? Then, an adjustable kettlebell should be right up your alley.

This variation of kettlebells allows you to increase or decrease the weight you are lifting by simply adding or removing circular weights to a single base.

Retails at SGD129.90 on Jiji

Note: Whatever your personal preference is, remember to consider your current fitness level when choosing weights so as to not over-strain your body.

5. Resistance Bands

Similar to weights, resistance bands provide a light yet challenging twist to any exercise routine by letting you feel varied tensions as you work those upper or lower body muscles.

But whatever your routine may be, remember to practise good form by exerting slow and controlled movements. Here are a few resistance band workout routines you can try:

Resistance bands usually have their weights specified by colour, so picking out the right band or combination of bands to use is important in ensuring that you exercise safely yet productively. It is also good to note that bands have the most tension and provide the greatest challenge when fully stretched!

Resistance Bands without handle

Retails on Lazada from SGD31 per set.

Retails on SHEIN for SGD9 each.

Resistance Bands with handle

Handles and door anchors can be of great assistance in your workouts, especially for upper body exercises. This resistance band set comes with a door anchor and two foam handles to help you gain more stability.

Retails from SGD11.90 per set on Ezbuy.

6. Pull-up Bars

While pull-ups are usually considered a more advanced form of upper body exercise, they can always be altered to fit your fitness abilities.

For beginners, don’t worry if you can barely get your chin over the bar. Simply hanging on for 10-30 seconds can strengthen your back muscles just as effectively, and lead you towards completing a real pull-up eventually.

Door Frame Pull-up Bar

Those of us who prefer not to have bulkier workout equipment lying around the house can turn to door frame pull-up bars which are quick and easy to install.

Retails on Ezbuy from SGD32.49.

Free-standing Pull-up Bar

Give your arms, shoulders, and back an all-rounded drill session with portable pull-up bars which offer a mini gym experience for numerous strength exercises.

Retails on Qoo10 for SGD180

7. Foam Rollers

Stretching after any strenuous exercise is vital in preventing injuries, alleviating any soreness or muscular inflammations, and most importantly, boosting relaxation. So, don’t skip out on stretching after a good day’s work – your body will thank you for it.

Foam rollers are soft, post-workout buddies can reduce tightness and discomfort in any area of your body. Back, calves, neck – you name it!

Not familiar with foam roller stretches? Here’s a full body stretching routine to get you started!

Affordable foam rollers

Retails from SGD19 on Ezbuy.

8. Ab wheels

Ab wheels may look almost easy at first but don’t let its petite look fool you. This gym equipment is able to give you a challenging and intense workout so that you can hit the next level of your core strength.

While you’re using it, you’re actually doing planks which allow you to engage many core muscles at the same time. Watch this video to learn how to properly use ab wheels in your routine:

Affordable ab wheels


This is a functional and affordable option that you can go for. It comes with a free knee pad (so you don’t need to open up your gym mat for workout) and wrist band so you’re really all set to start with this purchase.

Retails on Lazada for SGD13.48 (discounted at the time of writing).

3-wheel ab roller


The three-wheel version of the ab roller offers more stability and allows you to stretch out more. This also means you’d be able to get a more intense workout from it.

Retails on Lazada for SGD21 (discounted at the time of writing).

9. Mini Gyms

Don’t mind investing in a whole fitness lab of your own? Enjoy the gym experience in the comforts of your home with mini gym equipment. Here are a few you can consider.

Flat Mini Treadmill

Get in your daily cardio fix with this ultra-silent treadmill, fitted with an LED-display for you to monitor your timing, speed, distance, and calorie consumption. Its flat design makes it space-saving and it even comes with rollers at the bottom to help you move it around easily. The treadmill also comes with a remote control for easy changing of modes and an English manual so you’ll have no trouble understanding how to use it.

Retails on Lazada for SG269 (discounted at the time of writing).

Foldable Supine Fitness Board


This multipurpose fitness board is great for training abdominal and back muscles. All you need to do is lay down and let your abs do the talking!

Retails on Lazada for SGD91.87 (discounted at the time of writing).

Foldable weight exercise bench


Bring your usual gym experience of pulling, pressing, raising, and the likes back home with this multifunctional integrated system. Its foldable design makes it space-saving and you can utilise it for 15 different exercise functions. It is definitely a worthy investment if you’re serious about your home workouts.

Retails on Lazada for SGD179 (discounted at the time of writing).