10 delicious low-calorie snacks to get you through the day so you can stay trim while staying home

You might have seen memes about getting fat while working from home floating around. You laugh and share it, but deep inside you know this could well be a reality for some of you… or specifically, you.

It’s not surprising why staying home during the circuit breaker period can sound like a bad idea for our waistline. After all, the gyms and fitness studios we’re members at are now closed – heck, even the fitness corners at our neighhourhood is out of bounds. It doesn’t help that we are tempted to have our favourite foods for lunch and dinner delivered to our homes. And with no friends around to share that side of truffle fries we really are craving for, it means we will have it all by ourselves – especially since nobody’s around to judge us.

Instead of making things worse by stocking up our pantry with tubs of ice-cream, potato chips, and cream-filled biscuits, at your next supermarket run, grab some of these delicious low-calorie snacks we are about to share with you. These healthier options will help you get through your work day easier, while reducing your chance to make that meme you saw a reality.

1. Dark chocolate

Unlike its cousin – the milk chocolate – dark chocolate contains a whole lot less of calories, while remaining delicious, making it the perfect pick-me-up snack whenever you’re feeling peckish. Plus, dark chocolate has anti-oxidants, which is beneficial for the skin, and is said to improve brain function too! What’s not to love?

Try the AlterEco Organic Dark Salted Almonds Chocolate (SGD7.60 per bar) or their Organic Dark Chocolate Original Coconut Clusters (SGD9.30 per bag) (160 calories in a 30g serving) if you want a more fun take on dark chocolate!

2. Fruits

Fresh fruits give you a refreshing taste that can help fight that food coma. Stock your pantry with fruits like kiwifruit, dragonfruits, and oranges, which are not only tasty, but also filled with vitamin C to boost your immune system. They also satisfy sweet tooth without any excess calories.

You can have fresh fruits like Zespri green kiwifruit (SGD3.95) delivered to your house. There are only around 90 calories in two medium kiwifruit.

3. Popcorn

Who said popcorn is for movies? Popcorn can be a great “anytime” low calorie snack that is filling and great-tasting at the same time, plus it’s mess-free, making it the perfect addition to your office drawer! You can either pop some corn kernels yourself at home (with a light sprinkling of sea salt, if you can’t stand unflavoured popcorn) for a healthy snack, or purchase some from a supermarket. Don’t worry, we’ve already done the leg work for you, here are some low-calorie options that have no artificial flavouring and colours for you to pick from.

Cobs Natural Butter Popcorn (SGD4.98), at about 100 calories per 20g serving, or try the Sea Salted Caramel version (SGD4.98)!

4. Plain crackers

Granola may be the first thing you think of when you’re thinking of a satiating, yet delicious snack, but they contain a surprising amount of calories at about 400 calories per tiny 100g serving! Instead, opt for the no-frills Meiji Plain Crackers (or similar alternatives) that are only about 116 calories per pack of seven for a mid-day snack that fills you without having to feeling guilty.

Get a box of 32 on RedMart for SGD7.95.

5. Cherry tomatoes

Eww, you say – but hear us out. If eating cherry tomatoes on its own doesn’t sound like a treat to you, consider having it with a touch of mozzarella – mamma mia. Simply sprinkle some cheese on the tomatoes, bake it in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese down, for a warm, delicious snack. One cup of cherry tomatoes with 60 grams of mozzarella cheese have under 200 calories!

Find fresh cherry tomatoes on Lazada, prices start at SGD1.50. The popular Perfect Italiano Mozzarella is also available at Redmart at SGD6.45.

6. Carrots

Baby carrots or carrot sticks are one of the healthiest snacks any health junkie would recommend. They give a nice crunch and a natural sweetness to perk you up instantly.

If eating raw carrots don’t sound like a lot of fun to you, there are a few ways to jazz it up.

First idea: shred or slice carrots into thin strips, and put them into ice-pop moulds. Add some carrot juice and lemonade, then freeze it. You’ll get to enjoy a healthy and refreshing carrot popsicle the next day!

Another idea: Boil the carrots to the softness that you prefer. Then, add some butter, honey, and salt to it for better taste. Note that this option deliver a lot more calories if you’re too generous with the seasoning, so try to keep each butter and honey to less than one teaspoon for a cup of carrots, and skip salt if you can help it.

Carrots are available at Redmart from two for SGD3. On their own, carrots contain 41 calories per 100 grams.

7. Nuts

If you prefer fuss-free, no-nonsense snacks, almonds are perfect for you. One of the lowest in calories at 115 calories per 20g serving, these usually come in a convenient bag with a zip-lock that you can store in your drawer for a long time. If you’re not a fan of almonds, try other types, like cashews, or pistachios that are low in calories too.

Available in major supermarkets, or on online retailers like RedMart.

8. Vegetable chips

If you’re a potato chip fanatic, try the vegetable variation! There are so many healthier versions out there to try out that taste very similar- if not the same as- your favourite brand of chips that are way higher in calories, as well as trans fat and cholesterol. Or, you can also make your own using the recipe above.

This trans-fat, kale-and-potato hybrid from Simply 7 (SGD5.40) will ease your transition into the healthier and lower in calorie world of vegetable chips, at just 120 calories for a 20g serving. Or, try these kale vegan ones by Take Root (SGD4.95) that are dried, not fried, instead, and clock in at 160 calories for the entire 30g bag.


9. Avocado

Nutritious and filling, avocados are high in potassium, magnesium, and monounsaturated fat. Besides perking you up and helping you stave off mid-day hunger, it is also said to be good for your skin.

Avocados taste good on its own, but if you want to take it a notch further, consider seasoning it with a dash of salt and ceyenne pepper, or blend it with low-fat milk for a delicious avocado shake.

Avocados are available at Redmart. Prices begin from SGD4.95. Each avocado contains around 130 calories.

10. Hard-boiled eggs

Instead of a protein bar, go for a good natural food source for protein: eggs. Now that you’re working from home, cooking them is so much easier. Simply pop them into a boiling pot of water, and they’d be ready in no time.

If you want to be fancier, add some seeded mustard, a dash of black pepper, and a dash of paprika, for an extra kick in the taste department.

Eggs are available at Redmart. Prices begin at SGD2.85. Two large, hard-boiled eggs contain approximately 140 calories.