15 fun fitness routines to try if you’re bored of jogging. One of them lets you look like a cool drummer!

Is jogging the first thing that comes to mind when you think of exercising? We can see why – it’s an easy workout and you can do it almost anywhere at your own time. However, if you want to up the fun level in your fitness routine, here are 20 fun fitness studios you should check out!

1. Hybrid rebounding


Where: BBounce Studio, #06-09 The Centrepoint (176 Orchard Road, Singapore 238843) | Website

BBounce offers a fun alternative to your traditional mundane cardio workout – hybrid rebounding – which incorporates a small trampoline into your workout routine. It’s said to be two times more effective in terms of calorie burning than running, and this routine combines systemic cardio, strength training, muscle sculpting and aerobic and anaerobic training to give you a complete workout. On top of this, BBounce says that the workout is great for your lymphatic system, and is beneficial for your joints since the trampoline is able to minimise impact during workout.

The best part? You can actually have fun while staying fit, without being judged for playing on a trampoline like a kid. This workout definitely isn’t child’s play.

2. Barre


Where: Barre2Barre, 42 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059681 | Website

Always envied the physique of dancers but achieving that seems almost impossible? The BarreAmped method offered at Barre2Barre can help you achieve that without actually dancing. Combining popular methods such as pilates, yoga and dance, BarreAmped is a great way to tone up, de-stress and lose some calories. Though inspired by classical and modern dance, this isn’t a dance class and rest assured you won’t require any dance background. This workout will have you walking out of each class with grace and strength of a dancer.

3. Aerial fitness



Where: Aerial Fitness studio, #01-42, CT HUB 2 (114 Lavender Street, Singapore 338729) | Website

Offering classes in aerial silks, lyra, static, trapeze, aerial yoga, stretch, inversions, dance and fitness, the studio helps you find a class you love that caters to your fitness level. Build your flexibility and strength as you learn to master challenging poses in a hammock.

4. Martial arts


Where: FaMa, 3A River Valley Road, #02-03, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020 | Website

This fitness and martial arts studio is the perfect place for you to reach your fitness goals in a fun and interesting way. Whether you are looking to train at a competitive level, acquire a new sport, or just to keep fit and healthy, FaMA has something for you. FaMA offers FaMA fitness, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai classes for all fitness levels, so you can definitely find a suitable class that you’re comfortable in.

5. Yoga


Where: The Yoga School, #39-01/08 OCBC Centre (65 Chulia St, Singapore 049513) | Website

Most of us are familiar with yoga as a fitness routine and probably already know many yoga studios. If you’re still looking for one, you can consider The Yoga School, which is conveniently located at the OCBC Centre, and at 39th storey, it also offers a stunning view of Singapore’s skyline. This definitely helps give you a sense of serenity even after a hectic work day. The fitness studio offers a myriad of yoga classes, from the standard build yoga class to even prenatal and postnatal yoga classes.

6. Aqua aerobics


Where: Various public swimming complexes. Find them here.

If you’re looking forward to cardio exercises with a fun twist, consider aqua aerobics sessions. The challenge increases because water creates natural resistance, so that each move helps tone your muscles. At the same time, water provides cushion to the impact on your joints so that you can keep working out without injury. You’ll also be pleased to know that classes are available to all ActiveSG members (all Singaporeans are automatic members!) and held at several public swimming complexes located near your residence.

7. Indoor cycling

Where: Crucycle, 68 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089527 | Website

This 50-minute exercise sure packs a punch as it activates all muscle groups and at high intensity. Conducted in a dark room, this indoor cycling exercise promotes togetherness and is led by inspirational instructors to push you to your limits.

10. Clubbercise


Where: Virgin Active, several locations

If you love clubbing and nightlife, this is definitely a workout you’ll enjoy. You’ll get the vibes of a club but with no alcohol and zero calorie consumption. Suitable for all fitness levels, this 45-minute class consists of high energy dance moves that allow you to burn up to 500 calories. Plus point? You’ll be jamming to your favourite club anthems in the dark (with some glow sticks, of course), so don’t be afraid to just let loose and get your dance moves on.

11. Pole-dancing



Where: Milan Pole Dance Studio, two locations

There could have been some stigma associated with pole dancing in the past, but it is becoming a more popular fitness routine. More than just looking sexy and glamorous, pole-dancing is a very challenging workout that is great for training strength and flexibility. It’s perfect if you want to pick up something fun while keeping fit at the same time.

12. Rock-climbing


Where: Climb Central, #B1-01, Kallang Wave Mall (1 Stadium Place, Singapore 397628) | Website

Rock-climbing is one of those exercises that make you work out every part of your body. On top of the fitness aspect of it, many rock-climbers also love the challenge that it comes with. If you’re looking to try it out, you can visit Climb Central, which offers one thousand square metres of climbing wall space and is air-conditioned. Programmes with instructors are available for beginners who need guidance, but you can also walk in and use the facility if you’re already familiar with rock-climbing.


13. Indoor surfing


Where: Surfset, 454B Joo Chiat Road, 3rd Storey, Singapore 427667 | Website

Perfect for those who always find it exciting to surf but don’t want to brave the sun, this is a 45-minute workout method that combines elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle building, and balance and core training in one session. Surfset offers three classes for different fitness levels.


14. Drumming

Where: PoundFit, various locations

Who would have thought – drumming can be made into a fitness routine! This full-body cardio jam session is inspired by playing the drums, and you’ll get to jam to catchy music and beats, making it a fun fitness session. And don’t for a moment think it’s not going to be an intensive workout; you’ll be losing 900 calories per hour!




15. Light saber workout



Where: Saber Fit, Paya Lebar Square | Website

Star Wars fans are going to love this high-energy fitness workout. Each session incorporates the use of light sabers to allow you to achieve an intensive cardio, calisthenic, and conditioning training. Don’t forget to bring along your game face.