I found an underrated brand that offers cute gym clothes that help you perform

While there are many options when it comes to gym clothes for women, what’s tough is finding cute workout clothes that also enhance your fitness performance. And for those who are looking for workout clothes for plus size women face an even more challenging task because there are fewer options available.

This was why I was so excited to find out about HYLETE.

HYLETE, who? You may ask. Sure, the brand is not a Nike or Adidas, and is relatively new; it has only been established in 2012, and was started with just one product – training shorts for individuals who are serious about fitness. HYLETE now has an extensive line of men’s and women’s fitness apparel.

Functional gym clothes for women: What to get

HYLETE Era Sports Bra

Of all the offerings in HYLETE, the one that you should absolutely check out is its sports bra, if you’re looking for great, functional gym outfits that enhance your workout experience.

As a woman who is relatively well-endowed, I’ve struggled with finding a good sports bra that doesn’t just fit well, but also reduce bounce, look flattering under my workout clothes, all while not making feel like my chest is squashed.

I own several sports bra, all of them from top sporting brands, but the HYLETE Era Sports Bra instantly become my favourite the moment I tried it on. Here are a few things I love about it:


  • Comfort: The fabric is only slightly compressive so it retains the shape of my chest instead of making it feel squashed and suffocated. Despite its comfort, it’s able to offer high-impact support that will take you from a jog to a HIIT session.
  • Adjustable: First the under bust band comes with a three hook-eye back clasp (like a regular bra) that lets you fasten the band up to four notches. Also, the hook & loop shoulder straps that can be adjusted over eight notches to customise how high you’d like the neck to reach. All these features will also make it easier for plus size women to be able to find sports wear that can fit better.
  • Ease of wear and removal: I’m sure many of us have struggled with putting on or taking off our sports bra. (Especially taking it off after a workout session when your arms are aching!) The great design of this sports bra comes with a zip front closure that makes putting it on and removing it a breeze. The hook clasp hidden behind the zipper also has the added function of holding the zipper in place for easy closure – how thoughtful!
  • Removable bra pads: If you need added support, the pads are there. But if you prefer not to have them, they’re removable through a side slit.

Besides the Era Sports Bra, which comes in three colours (black, gray, navy), you can also check out the Altium Sports Bra (S$52) which offers great support for high-intensity workouts and the new Luna Sports Bra (S$48) for mid-level support, which is great for flexible workouts like yoga and barre.

HYLETE Iris Short

You can’t talk about HYLETE without talking about their training shorts. After all, this is the OG product that got the brand started.

Try the Iris Short, which comes with a cute scallop shape, which isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also reduce the need to adjust the fit while you’re training.

This comes with a breathable mesh liner and whenever I wear shorts with a liner, I’ve always worry about the discomfort when it rides up during training. But having worn this several times when I jog, I notice that the fit of the liner is comfortably snug and I had never experienced the problem of it riding up.


Another great thing about it: hidden zipper pockets at the side of the shorts! I usually run with my phone and perhaps my car keys, and these pockets fit my belongings nicely.

Besides looking good, these shorts also come with a high-stretch flex-knit waistband to avoid the muffin top look. This is something that everyone – plus size or not – can definitely appreciate. Cute workout outfits that are incredibly functional – yes!

Iris Short is available in five colours: Cool Gray and Blush, Navy, Olive and Oatmeal, Cool Gray, and Neomint and White. It retails for S$58 at HYLETE.

HYLETE Nimbus High Waist Tight

When I first held this apparel, I was a little concerned because it felt rather thick and I was worried that I was going to die wearing it in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Thankfully, I found that it’s actually very breathable, which makes it comfortable to wear. I later read that it is made with the Nimbus Fabric, which offers four-way stretch so you can enjoy absolute mobility, and also temperature regulation benefit.


These tights have a very high waistband to give you a more elongated silhouette. Besides being body-flattering, the material used is also stretchy and comfortable. I like that it has a high waistband and rise, which gives more coverage for the mid-section, reducing jiggling of the tummy as I work out.

This doesn’t just enhance the workout experience but also makes me feel more confident about my body as I am working out.

Just like the shorts, this also comes with zippered side pockets (yes!)

Nimbus High Waist Tight is available in three colours: Orchid, Black, and Navy. It retails for S$98 at HYLETE.

Cute workout clothes for women: What to get

HYLETE Motiv II Vent Tight


If you’re looking for cute workout clothes, then definitely check out the Motiv II Vent Tight.

I love the geometric prints and the mesh panel details that don’t just give the design an edge but also provide ventilation to the lower part of your legs.

Besides the attractive outward appearance, HYLETE has also paid a lot of attention in making sure it looks flattering on everyone.

For instance, it comes with a mid-rise waistband to make sure that it stay snug around the waist and tummy. This helps make everything stay in and prevent the tights from sliding down as you work out.

The apparel has a back yoke to make it more flexible so you can move around with ease. This feature also frames the bum for a more flattering silhouette.

It also comes with two pockets: one in the front and one in the back that are built inside of the waistband.

This pair of tights is so gorgeous, I wouldn’t mind wearing it on days I’m not working out for an athleisure look.

Motiv II Vent Tight is available in three colours: Plum, Black, and Olive. It retails for S$78 and is available at HYLETE. See more pretty tights and crops on HYLETE.

HYLETE Trace T Back Tank


This is a lightweight racerback style tank top that has a beautiful back design that traces the natural curve of your back and shoulders. If you’ve been working hard to tone up those areas, you can show them off with this tank top.

You may not be attracted by its understated design at first, but you’ll certainly fall in love with it eventually and I’ll you why. (You can see me wearing it in a photo earlier in this article where I talked about the Nimbus High Waist Tight.)

First, I love the deep racerback style that makes it extra ventilated when I work out. It also allows you to flaunt any pretty back designs of sports bra you’ve invested in.

Next, I appreciate that its neck line is high, which prevents my chest from being exposed when I do push-ups, burpees, or stretches.

In other words, its understated style makes it easy to be paired with any shorts or tights, while offering great functions that only an active individual could have designed.

Trace T Back Tank is available in three shades: Black, Lagoon, and Lavender. It retails for S$48 on HYLETE.

HYLETE review: conclusion

The designers at Hylete have definitely put in thought into every aspect of the apparel, making sure that every piece is tasteful and enhances performance.

I get the sense that the team at HYLETE is made up of regular people who enjoy working out and who noticed the many pain points that we face with our workout clothes.

I’m talking about problems such as the lack of functional pockets (which means going through the trouble of finding lockers, storing our belongings in an unsafe way, or holding them uncomfortably), clothes riding up or hugging the body in an uncomfortable, awkward or unflattering way, and wearing a ventilated top that also exposes your chest when you work out.

I’ve faced every single one of these problems and they’ve all been resolved with my HYLETE apparel.

The brand is certainly quite unknown especially in Singapore but I will highly recommend that you give them a shot and try the difference for yourself.

HYLETE’s range of fitness apparel are available on their website. They also carry a huge range of fitness apparel for men that you can check out.