10 crossfit gyms in Singapore to get leaner at, regardless of your fitness level

When we first thought of CrossFit, our mind immediately jumped to images of hardcore exercises with rope climbing, flipping heavy tires, and lifting bulky weights. Sure sounds intimidating, doesn’t it?

While this intense workout regime may sound alarming, it’s definitely a rewarding one, which is probably why CrossFit gyms are among some of the most popular workout spots in Singapore.

CrossFit training: What is it?


CrossFit combines functional movements from various sports and exercises, including cardiovascular endurance, weight training, and gymnastics all into one.

Think barbell deadlifts, cycling on an Airdyne, and a medley of high-intensity exercises of jump rope, burpees, and box jumps.

Focusing heavily on intensity, CrossFit burns those calories and builds your strength at a faster rate than most other workouts. Other benefits include increased metabolism, and better cardio health and mobility thanks to the fast-paced exercises.

But if you think these sound tough – don’t be daunted yet. Unlike other workouts, which require a certain level of fitness to be able to execute a movement, CrossFit is accessible to all as the exercises can be scaled up or down depending on your fitness level.

You can switch up the load and intensity to suit your personal needs, taking into account your age, experience, or other physical limitations.

CrossFit gyms in Singapore

Feeling inspired? We’re recommending 10 CrossFit gyms in Singapore so you can work up a sweat and crush your Workout of the Day and flex your #wod on Instagram!

1. CrossFit Urban Edge

With classes catered to all fitness levels, CrossFit Urban Edge offers the usual Workout of the Day sessions and also Urban Bootcamps, which are specially designed to maximise fat burn, increase your cardiovascular endurance and condition the body. The Urban Bootcamps incorporate medium-impact but high-intensity bodyweight and strength movements for the ultimate workout.

Alternatively, there’s also the 90-minute intensive Urban Warriors which is specially designed to improve strength, technical and positional skills and barbell cycling in a highly competitive yet fun environment. If you’re an aspiring CrossFit athlete, or a serious weightlifter who wants to take your workout to the next level, this one’s for you.

CrossFit Urban Edge is located at 12 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089826.
Visit their website for more details.

2. Actualize CrossFit

Actualize CrossFit’s intensive Workout of the Day (WOD) programmes combine exercises including weightlifting, gymnastics and high-intensity conditioning, so you can achieve your fitness goals.

However, if you’re new to the world of CrossFit, fret not. Actualize CrossFit offers a one-hour introductory session that gives newcomers an overview of Crossfit and dispel any myths and doubts you might have.

The box also offers BASE, a fundamentals course that breaks down the know-how and skills before you move onto more intense workouts. The trainers will then do a quick assessment of your aptitude and competency before enrolling you for a WOD suited for your fitness level.

Actualize Crossfit is located at 251 Jln Besar, Singapore 208924.
Visit their website for more details.

3. CrossFit Fire City

At CrossFit Fire City, it’s not just about the numbers and reps, and technique is just as important. Besides the gruelling Workout of the Day (WOD) programmes, CrossFit Fire City also offers the Olympic Lifting class which incorporates overhead lifts that work out every muscle in your body.

If strength training isn’t really your thing and you’re more geared towards exercises that boost your metabolism, there’s the Metcon class, which aims to increase your metabolism with a series of specialised movements including a turn at the rowing machine. If you want to sweat it out with a workout buddy, the Team Workout is an option too.

CrossFit Fire City is located at 111C King George’s Ave, Singapore 208559.
Visit their website for more details.

4. CrossFit Mobilus

Besides being known as one of the largest CrossFit boxes in Singapore, CrossFit Mobilus has some of the friendliest like-minded people who are passionate about the sport.

If you’re looking to squeeze in a quick session during lunch, you’ll enjoy the MobCon, a 30-minute metabolic condition class that’s specifically designed to increase your stamina. The WOD is set by the trainer for you to complete in the shortest time possible while going up against your previous record. These partner exercises range from cycling on an Airdyne to barbell deadlifts, and they’re always performed with a partner.

Besides the basic training programme Mobbasics and the WOD sessions, CrossFit Mobilus also offers specialised classes such as MobStrong, which focuses on strength training, MobEngine, which aim to build your cardiovascular capacity, MobRow, which builds power and endurance via improving your rowing techniques, and MobLift, which is dedicated to Olympic-style weightlifting.

CrossFit Mobilus is located at 20 Upper Circular Rd, #B1-10/16 The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
Visit their website for more details.

5. CrossFit Hub

CrossFit Hub opened its doors to CrossFit enthusiasts 10 years ago and since then, it’s become one of the largest, most well-equipped, CrossFit gyms in Singapore. They follow Ben Bergeron’s Programme – known for training competitive athletes with exercises that build your strength and condition your body.

Don’t be too intimidated just yet, you can try their CrossFit Intro Class first to get a feel on how CrossFit works. Crossfit Hub’s Fitness Training programmes and workout classes are also customisable to suit your needs, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a CrossFit pro!

CrossFit Hub is located at 50 Playfair Rd, #01-01/02 Digital Lyfe Production, Singapore 367995.
Visit their website for more details.

6. UFit Tanjong Pagar

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Perfect for those working in the CBD area, UFit Tanjong Pagar offers a wide array of facilities and equipment, including assault bikes, rowers so you can get sweat it out!

If you’re completely new to CrossFit, the Fundamentals class has got you covered. UFit’s trainers will teach you the proper form and techniques before you go on to try the more intense workouts.

The Metcon classes are usually popular for incorporating a medley of exercises that are familiar to many (think burpees and box jumps), while still being challenging. The box also encourages you to unleash your primal instincts while working out, so feel free to shout, scream, and swear your way through the gruelling sequence.

UFit Tanjong Pagar is located at 10 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore 089315.
Visit their website for more details.

7. Innervate CrossFit

Innervate CrossFit believes that fitness is for everyone, young and old and they really welcome everyone through their doors! In addition to their daily 45-minute WOD sessions, they also have specialised programmes targeting certain age groups.

They’re the first CrossFit gym in Singapore to offer specialised CrossFit Kids and Teens classes for kids and youth as well a Self-Defense program, CrossFit Defense. Innervate CrossFit also offers The Silver Programme , which are classes catered towards the elderly to empower them to gain physical functional fitness!

Innervate CrossFit is located at 994 Bendemeer Rd, #01-04 B Central, Singapore 339943.
Visit their website for more details.

8. TFX Funan

TFX offers a comprehensive range of workouts that lets you change up your workout every day – whether you want to add variety to your regimen or to level up your fitness.

Their MetconX program aims to build total body functional strength, muscular endurance, promote lean muscle. All about the “load effect” – performance under pressure (moderate to heavy loads) and executing low to medium repetitions, this high intensity workout will definitely get your blood pumping!

TFX is located at 107 North Bridge Rd, Funan Mall #04-18, Singapore 179105.
View their website for more details.

9. Set Free CrossFit

Set Free CrossFit is the first, and currently only fully Eleiko certified training facility in the whole of Asia. Eleiko equipment is well known by fitness buffs as the equipment that has set more than 1,000 world records in Olympic Weightlifting! Set Free CrossFit carries a wide range of Eleiko products, among which highlighted are the world-famous Eleiko barbells and two customised rigs.

Offering CrossFit sessions from Monday to Saturday, Set Free CrossFit promises the best coaching to cater to your personal needs and targets.

Set Free CrossFit is located at 100G Pasir Panjang Road #01-14, Singapore 118523
View their website for more details.

10. Iron Fitness

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Posted by Iron Fitness Singapore, Home of Athletic Performance for Sports & Fitness on Monday, 1 June 2020

Iron Fitness conducts conditioning exercises using high intensity activities within a short period of time, incorporating objective-specific programmes such as the IFSG Barbell Club and Personal Fitness Training classes that will help you build strength and condition your body before moving on to more complicated routines.

The box’s love for Olympic lifting and strength-related exercises are very evident in their dedicated strength sports section and programming, with equipment such as assault bikes, rowers, and glutham developers readily available.

If you’re a beginner, you could start with the 2.5-hour Basic Strength and CrossFit Fundamentals programme so you can learn all the skills and techniques before diving right in.

Iron Fitness is located at 6, Lorong 1 Geylang, Singapore 389117
View their website for more details.