I “escaped” to Club Med Bintan for a wellness retreat – here’s how it went

Premium all-inclusive holiday provider Club Med announces the return of its annual Body & Soul retreat to Club Med Bintan, Indonesia, from 7 to 25 May 2023.

Club Med Bintan Body & Soul

A holistic experience for both the young and young-at-heart, the Body & Soul retreat is built on the pillars of Eat Well, Move Well, and Feel Well, and guests will be immersed in a journey of self-discovery, health, and healing with specially curated fitness classes, wellness workshops, and mindful culinary indulgences, all provided by a carefully selected team of partners and experienced resort staff.

I took a 55-minute ferry to Bintan and arrived on the first day of this programme at Club Med Bintan to experience what it offers. Read on to learn more!

Club Med Bintan Body & Soul retreat

Want to truly make the most of the retreat and dive into all the exclusive Body & Soul activities? Here’s a 4D3N itinerary I will propose, based on my experience there.

Day 1

Club Med Bintan Island, Indonesia

Arrive in the afternoon, just in time to check into your room. After freshening up, jump right into the LUSH Compounding Workshop in the afternoon.

Club Med Bintan_LUSH 2

This hands-on session with LUSH compounders take you through the step-by-step process of designing and making a LUSH bath bomb of your own.

I have to say that the experience of getting your hands in to craft a bath bomb can be really therapeutic. And you’ll get to bring home your creation to enjoy it at your own leisure later.

Then, head down for the Printmaking with Nature workshop conducted by Art Wonderland. You’ll be taken on a short nature tour to pick up some natural materials such as leaves, and use them to create an artwork. This is an activity that truly bonds you with nature while allowing you to unleash your creativity.

club med bintan quiet area
There’s greenery and quiet areas around the resort for you to explore.

Take a stroll around the resort – along the beach or around its quiet and lush greenery before settling down at its restaurant for a sumptuous dinner.

A new plant-based dish is made available at the main restaurant six days a week so you can certainly find a delicious option if you’re trying to go vegan during this retreat.

Club Med Bintan Island_Healthy Corner

You can also have your fill of greens at the healthy corners in the restaurant, including make-your-own salads.

Day 2

Club Med Bintan Island_Healthy Juices

Wake up early and enjoy a delectable breakfast at the main restaurant. Remember to pick up a glass of fresh slow-pressed juice to start your day refreshed.

Club Med Bintan Island_Beach

Now that you’ve fed your tummy, it’s time to feed your soul. Sign up for the beach clean up, held once weekly, and join the resort team in its Happy to Care programme, designed as part of its commitment to create eco-friendly environments in all its resorts.

Sure, you’ll sweat it out a little but seeing how you’ve contributed to the environment will certainly perk you up. What’s more, you’ll get to enjoy a complimentary bath bomb at the end of the session!

Then, go for one of the sporting activities that Club Med Bintan offers all year round. These include golf, tennis, and wall climbing – just to name a few.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner at these sports. Complimentary classes are part of the all-inclusive package. Simply attend a session for beginners and you’ll pick it up from the coaches.

club med bintan archery

I’m a beginner at archery and decided to go for a class. The Club Med G.O. (that stands for Gentle Organizer, a term used for staff members of the resort) patiently gave instructions and corrected my posture and technique.

After the first three shots, I was able to get the arrows onto the target board and eventually even got very close to the bull’s eye! It was very rewarding and certainly added to my “eat, pray, love” mission at this retreat.

The great thing about these classes is that they’re conducted every day so if you develop an interest in any one of them, you can keep going until you get better at them.

Club Med Bintan Island_Kayak

Prefer water activities? You can also go for snorkelling, kayaking or sailing lessons – yes, all part of the all-inclusive package – instead.

Club Med Bintan Island_Spa 1

After a good workout, I highly recommend a spa session at the in-house spa. The spa is set in a tranquil and spacious spot, and the room looks out to the beautiful beach. Really, nothing can get you relaxed quicker than this.

Day 3

Club Med Bintan Island_Aerial Yoga

Start your day with the Aerial Stretch, an exclusive Body & Soul activity conducted by Fit-Losophy.

After a good stretch, calm down with the Fragrance Mist Workshop conducted by THANN. You’ll learn how to make your own fragrance mist scent using THANN essential oils. This can be used on the hair, body, as well as linens, pillows, and clothings. Of course, you’ll get to take home the personalised 30ml custom-scented THANN Fragrance Mist to remember the day by.

Club Med Bintan Island_Flying Trapeze

After lunch, hang out at the pool and at the late afternoon, pop over to the Flying Trapeze area. There, you’ll be trained by experts to enjoy the thrill of flying on a trapeze in a safe environment.

I went for it, in an attempt to conquer my fear of falling. While I didn’t dare to go up again after my first try, I was glad I took a first step to do something so daunting and I’d never have expected myself to try.

However, I’ve seen many other resort guests who really managed to pick it up and eventually even performed cool stunts on the trapeze – and these include children!

club med bintan beach night walk

In the evening, after dinner, enjoy the sea breeze as you take a stroll down the private beach that’s only accessible to Club Med Bintan guests.

Day 4

club med bintan quiet area2

Wake up early for a good breakfast and squeeze in one more activity that you enjoy most: whether it’s tennis, yoga, or a power walk. Otherwise, a stroll around the beautiful resort makes for a good way to end your retreat too!

My thoughts about the Club Med Bintan Body & Soul retreat

Club Med Bintan Island_Spa 2

The programme was certainly an easy way to focus on self-care and trying out new things that I haven’t tried before.

The G.Os were extremely friendly – always coming up to us for a chat or a warm smile, which made the whole experience even better.

While the Body & Soul programme will end after May, I still see Club Med Bintan as a great destination for a “eat, pray, love” kind of experience – but with all the convenience.

Club Med Bintan Island_Family

Even those who want to travel with kids will find their holiday at Club Med Bintan relaxing. After all, the resort has kids’ clubs catered for children aged between four months and 17 years old, which means the children can have their own kid-friendly programme facilitated by the G.Os while parents have their own plans.

Learn more about Club Med Bintan on its website.