11 practical gifts for the fitness junkies in your life

The holiday season is the time for celebration and indulgence, but many fitness junkies among us are already gearing up to conquer their next fitness goals. You could play a part in their journey to greater health by gifting them these practical and thoughtful gifts, so they can up their fitness game in the new year!

And we know that it can get a little crazy in the fitness world when it comes to prices of workout equipment, so we have divided the gift ideas into more expensive items (SGD50 and above) and affordable stocking stuffers (below SGD50), so you can choose the perfect gifts no matter who you are buying for.

SGD50 and above

Nike Joyride Dual Run

Make running fun for the reluctant runner in your life with the newly released Nike Joyride Dual Run, with the fun, spring-inpired design that makes putting them on to go for a run something to look forward to.

Besides the traditional cushion, these colourful kicks have small foam beads under the heel and mid-foot to contour to the shape of your foot for optimal stability and impact absorption.

To make the gift extra special, you can even customise the design to your recipient’s liking here.

The Nike Joyride Dual Run are available in both men’s and women’s sizes on Nike’s website, prices starting from SGD209.

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker

Is your friend really a fitness junkie if they aren’t sporting a fitness tracker on their wrist? The Charge 3 is one of the most advanced models from Fitbit, featuring automatic exercise recognition, 24/7 heart rate monitoring with advanced accuracy, as well as period and fertility window tracking.

It is also swim-proof for up to 50 metres so your swimmer friend can track their time in the pool without worrying about water damage.

The Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker is currently on promotion on Lazada at SGD188 (retail price SGD238).

G-SHOCK’s G-SQUAD Sport Watch

Know someone who would like to monitor their activities and fitness level but doesn’t like to wear an actual fitness tracker? The stylish G-SQUAD sports watches from G-SHOCK are just the perfect gift for them!

These latest additions to the existing G-SQUAD lineup come with a reflective band and an Auto LED Light for great visibility in low-light conditions. The watch is linked with the G-SHOCK Connected app to give user access to functions such as step counts, calorie calculation, stopwatch for up to 200 lap time records, and more.

The G-SQUAD series are available at all G-SHOCK Casio outlets (except at IMM), prices starting from SGD149.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Earphones

Music is every fitness junkie’s indispensable companion, be it for running or working out at the gym. But a lousy pair of earphones can be a major source of annoyance and distraction.

If you have ever heard a fitness-obsessed friend complaining about their workout earphones, be a pal and get them the Bose SoundSport Wireless Earphones, consistently one of the most highly rated sports earphones on the market. Besides powerful audio that is expected from a Bose product, these earphones are also sweat-proof, water-proof, and designed to sit securely and comfortably in the ears.

You can get the Bose SoundSport Wireless Earphones from Lazada or these retailers at SGD239.

Lululemon Double Roller

It seems like everyone and their fitness-loving mom own a foam roller these days, but this two-in-one Double Roller from Lululemon will definitely be a game changer. The outer roller has softer waves to gently massage the arms and legs, while the deep grooves on the inner roller will really work deep on the back muscles to release any tension accumulated from the 1workout. And the stylist marble design doesn’t hurt, either.

The Lululemon Double Roller retails for HKD480, approximately SGD84, on Lululemon’s website.

ClassPass Gift Card

If you friend is keen on joining fitness classes, get them a ClassPass gift card for them to trial the classes and find which ones to commit to. All you have to do is choose the amount, fill in their name and email, leave a message if you want, and the gift card will be sent to your recipient on your scheduled date. The amount that you gift will be applied to any membership plan that your recipient chooses.

There is no minimum amount you can gift, but you can use ClassPass’s estimates as a guideline. For example, an SGD59 plan would give the member 25 credits to book up to seven classes.

Under SGD50

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Skipping rope isn’t just a game for children, but also one of the most effective cardio exercises one can do. Get your friend this Speed Jump Rope from WOD Nation to get them started on this simple but quickly addicting exercise.

This speed jump rope is specially designed to spin fast while creating stable swings, perfect for those practicing the double unders.

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope retails for USD17.97 on Amazon.

Nike Metallic Headbands

Those with long hair are no stranger to the struggle of annoying stray hairs falling into your face during workouts. Help your friend keep their hair in place with these cute headbands from Nike, which are made of stretchy elastic material with a silicon grip for a snug fit. The metallic details give the bands a festive look that’s totally appropriate for this time of the year!

The Nike Metallic Headbands come in a set of three, available on Nike’s website at SGD23.

Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks

Many experienced yogis choose to go barefoot during practice, but beginners may find it easier to hold certain poses with the help of yoga socks specially designed to improve grip. This is particularly useful when they are not using high quality mat that provides the necessary grip between the feet and the ground.

These open-toe yoga socks from Gaiam come in a wide range of colours, available on Amazon at SGD13.71 per pair.

Harbinger Women’s Power Weightlifting Gloves

Weightlifting gloves may sound like one of those things people wear to look cool at the gym, but there is a reason frequent weightlifters swear by them. A good pair of gloves provides wrist support, palm protection, as well as improved grip to help one maximise the effectiveness of their lifting session. If you have a friend who just started getting into weightlifting, get them this pair from Harbinger to save their palms from blisters and calluses.

The Harbinger Women’s Power Weightlifting Gloves retails for SGD16.46 on Amazon.

FIT TEK Running Belt

Know someone who likes to go for a run by themselves? There’s no better gift than this running belt from FIT TEK that keeps phone and other personal items like keys, cards and cash during running or workout. The belt is adjustable to fit any waist size, and made of waterproof material.

You can even use your smartphone without having to remove it from the belt thanks to The Screen Touch Control feature on the phone pocket.

The FIT TEK Running Belt is available on Amazon at USD 9.99.