BoOm Singapore review: Here’s a new, fun way to box

A boxing gym can seem extremely intimidating, especially so to women who are not exceptionally athletic – such as myself. If you, like me, have never boxed a day in your life but are keen to try out this sport, put boOm Singapore down as your next studio to try!

Unlike traditional martial art gyms that often involve actual sparring sessions, boOm Singapore is a fitness gym that offers cardio and resistance workouts through the integration of boxing moves into their high-energy circuits. The results? A toned physique with increased strength and cardio resistance without bruises or injuries.

Their signature Sweat Sesh features 10 rounds of Tabata style circuit training consisting of moves like squats, curls, as well as three types of boxing moves – jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. The Boom Room, where classes are conducted, is decorated with flashing neon lights that pulse in accordance to the thumping beats as you push yourself and box it out with water-filled bags.

After my first session, I was equal parts tired and energised. I definitely perspired a lot and my skin was flushed from the increased blood flow! Overall, the invigorating 50-minute Sweat Sesh was invigorating as well as sufficiently challenging – as is evident from the delayed-onset muscle soreness felt in my thighs and arms the day after.

boom singapore - review

BoOm Singapore offers a 24-person Sweat Sesh group class as well as smaller spaces for more intimate groups and one-on-one training sessions. Class bookings can be made online on boOm Singapore’s website.