These are the best body pillows for a good night’s sleep – for both expectant mums and everyone else

As most of us are staying at home most of the time now, some might think that it is simple to get proper rest. However, with the number of distractions around us, quality sleep is likely the last thing we are getting.

To help us get a good night’s sleep, there are several solutions such as meditating before sleeping, listening to soothing music or even investing in a body pillow. Body pillows allow us to rest more comfortably, especially for those who are suffering from neck or back problems, recovering from surgery or even supporting a baby bump.

AVENUE ONE has done the heavy lifting to suss out 15 of the best body pillows you can get in Singapore. Keep reading to find out what the top picks are – knee and neck pillows included!

1. XZQ U-shape total body pillow

All snuggle lovers out there, pay attention as we are introducing to you a full body pillow that will surely give you a good night’s sleep. It is able to give your back, hips, and belly the proper support that it needs.

XZQ U-shape total body pillow is available on Shopee at S$54.6Ω.

2. PharMeDoc C-shape body pillow

Who knew that this C-shape body pillow can be soft and supportive at the same time? While it is designed to support expecting mums on the back and belly, you can also use it as a support while reading a book or even using your laptop!

PharMeDoc C-shape body pillow is available on Amazon at S$63.71.

3. AS AWESLING U-Shape pillow

U-shape pillows are highly recommended for expecting mums as it gives the extra support on your neck, arms, belly, and even your knees. One other amazing feature about this U-shape pillow is how it can be easily detached.

AS AWESLING U-Shape pillow is available on Amazon for S$229.87.

4. Utopia body pillow

Just like its name suggests, this pillow promises you a night’s sleep in utopia. It is filled with ball fibre filling that gives you the support you need for your shoulders, neck, and back.

Utopia body pillow is available on Amazon for S$34.66.

5. YXUN side body pillow

Expecting mums would definitely understand the hardship when it comes to finding a comfortable sleeping position. With an adjustable side sleeping pillow, it will give your baby bump the support you need and allow you to have a good night’s sleep.

YXUN side body pillow is available on Amazon for S$59.99.

6. Olidik knee pillow

It is time to relieve those joint pain with a knee pillow! Knee pillows help to improve your sleep quality over time as it supports and provides you with a proper sleeping posture.

Olidik knee pillow is available on Amazon for S$32.60.

7. Milliard wedge pillow

Many of us suffer from neck and shoulder pain because of reasons such as poor sitting posture when reading or working. Using a wedge pillow will make a huge difference when it comes to sleeping and helps to prevent future orthopaedic health issues.

Milliard wedge pillow is available on Amazon for S$44.55.

8. AngQi L-shape pillow

Excellent in providing comfort and support, this L-shaped pillow is a must-have when it comes to alleviating soreness and body aches. You can use it to prop your body up when reading a book or watching TV.

Mothers-to-be should also consider this to help you get a good rest at night.

AngQi L-shape pillow is available on Amazon for S$70.04.

9. Krafter neck pillow

Killing two birds with one stone is probably the best way to describe this neck pillow. This neck pillow from Krafter has two different ends that cater to the different needs and sleep habits of people. It is designed with a 6D curve memory foam that provides you with a night of good sleep.

Krafter neck pillow is available on Shopee at S$31.90.

10. TENCEL leg support memory pillow

Recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors, this memory pillow provides amazing support and comfort that help to relieve pain and aches.

It comes in two layers where you can fold and unfold it accordingly based on your needs.

TENCEL leg support memory pillow is available on Shopee at S$16.90.

11. Dot&Dot twist memory foam pillow

One thing we love about pillows made from memory foam is the custom support that we can get. This twist pillow has flexible joints that can be shaped accordingly to your back, neck, and even shoulders. Many who had purchased it also love how handy and comfortable it is.

Dot&Dot twist memory foam pillow is available on Amazon at S$48.

12. WHC Hotel bolster

A fan of firm bolsters? Here’s one that we found for you!

Based on the reviews left by customers, many love the firm support it gives and also the fact that it has three other benefits (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-dust mite).

WHC Hotel bolster is available on Shopee from S$54.

13. Prielle round body pillow

One of the ways to take care of those tense leg muscles after standing or working for a whole day is to invest in a tube-like body pillow. It relieves your feet with a moderate height and comes with a satisfactory cushioning that allows you to loosen up.

Bonus: this can also be used as a bolster too.

Prielle round body pillow is available on Shopee at S$88.

14. Ingenuity pillow esse pregnancy support pillow

Some people prefer to get an S-shape body pillow because it does not take up the entire space on the bed. While expecting mums can find themselves receiving the support they need sleeping on their side, they can also use it for normal support and for relief of shoulder and backaches.

Ingenuity pillow esse pregnancy support pillow is available on Picket And Rail at S$139.

15. Doomoo Sleepy large pregnancy cushion

Designed in Belgium, Doomoo Sleepy had worked with experts to understand the problems pregnant mums face when it comes to sleeping. The result is this pregnancy cushion that provides maximum support in two different areas, knees and belly, to improve sleep quality.

Doomoo Sleepy large pregnancy cushion is available on Lazada at S$99.90.