15 best wireless earphones for workout in 2020

After a long day of work, you’re finally ready to hit the road for a nice evening run. But alas, you’ve got lousy earphones that won’t hold up against your perspiration and they make the run so much harder to bear with.

We know how tough maintaining discipline to keep to your workout plan can get. And the last thing you’d want is to fumble with a pair of earphones that won’t stay on.

AVENUE ONE has put together a list of best wireless earphones for workouts. Our curation includes options in every price range that’ll guarantee you seamless workout experience, come rain, sweat or shine.

Best part? These also double up as great earphones to use for both work and leisure.

1. Sudio Tolv R


Touted as the future of affordable true-wireless earphones, the Sudio Tolv R True Wireless Earbuds offers promising features such as a total playtime of 22 hours and automatic pairing (no more fumbling to get that Bluetooth connection!).


The earphones come in an aesthetically pleasing ultralight casing and are available in four colours. Black, white, pastel pink, and classic blue – there’s a colour for everyone!

Purchase these earphones retailing on Sudio’s official store on Shopee at S$92.82 (discounted at the time of writing) and enjoy free standard shipping at the same time

2. Creative Outlier Gold



Boasting a battery life of up to 39 hours, and a playtime of up to 14 hours per charge, you basically won’t have to worry about this pair of aesthetically pleasing earphones running low on battery. Beyond long-lasting battery life, these earphones are certified IPX5 water-resistant. Go ahead and indulge yourself in a good heart-pumping workout and these earphones are sure to be able to keep up!



Another feature about these earphones is that they’ve incorporated the award-winning Super X-Fi technology! Forget about unnatural and claustrophobic sounding tunes. This technology allows for a personalised and immersive audio experience, you’ll almost feel as though your favourite artists are playing their best music right by you!

You can find these earphones retailing at S$119 here.

3. Creative Outlier Air



As the predecessor of the Creative Outlier Gold, these earphones put up a strong fight with a total battery life of up to 30 hours and a total playtime of up to 10 hours per charge. It’s similar IPX5 certified, which means they’re great for a sweaty workout. Design-wise, these earphones come up with a sleek-looking charging case that weighs only 54g. Waterproof, convenient, and great music quality — that’s nearly everything one can ask for in a pair of wireless earphones for workout.

Furthermore, these earphones were touted as the Value Headphones of 2019 by the Sound Guys, a testimony to the value they bring with a price of S$99. You can find them here.

4. Audio Technica ATH-CK3TW


If you’re looking for a pair of moderately priced earphones with noise-isolation function, the Audio Technica ATH-CK3TW might be the one for you.

While they may look like any other earbuds, they have relatively longer stems, making them effective in sealing out ambient sounds. You’ll find a selection of ear tips in case the original ones don’t fit as snuggly. And you can expect a touch control on earbud instead of a physical button, so you won’t be jabbing these babies into your ears anytime soon.

In terms of its audio, these earbuds have a noteworthy call clarity and a good bass response – ideal if you enjoy running to the beat of your music.


They’re available in four colours (Black, Blue, Red, and White). Find them on Lazada at S$99 (discounted at the time of writing).

5. JBL Endurance PEAK


Competitively priced, the JBL Endurance PEAK is quite a catch. On first look, these earphones might not look like they’re the most comfortable pair around due to their PowerHook design and their sturdy charging case. But as they say – you can’t judge a pair of earphones by its hook. It’s precisely this design that’s instrumental to their exceptionally secure fit, which makes them perfect earphones for workout.

That being said, these earphones also have an IPX7 rating, which means they can be rinsed off, splashed, and submerged in up to a metre in water. Whether you’re running, cycling, or weightlifting, you’ll benefit from the versatility offered by these earphones.


Find them in three colours – Red, Black, and Blue, here for S$175.

6. Jaybird Tarah Pro



Great for everything from early morning trail runs in the mud to cross-island night runs in the rain, the Jaybird Tarah Pro has been designed to guarantee reliable performance even in the worst weather and workout conditions. And of course, with such a high level of durability, you can count on the Jaybird Tarah Pro to provide a seamless fit for your runs. With Switch Fit, you can choose how your earbuds fit – under or over your ears, all providing for a more fine-tuned experience.



Source: Amazon

And in case you forget to charge these babies before your run, you’ll be happy to know that they offer a quick charge function, with five minutes of charging, you get 2 hours’ worth of playtime.

Find these earphones in three colours (Black, Grey, and Mineral Blue) going for S$189 on Stereo Electronics and Headphones.SG.

7. Jabra Elite Active 65t



Priced at S$198, you’ll find these workout earphones quite a steal. As an improved version of the Jabra Elite 65t, they’re engineered for fitness. Not only do they fit securely in your ears, they also pass the shake test. (Yep, it’s exactly as it sounds. Wear them and try shaking your head vigorously. They’ll barely budge and all you’ll end up with is a headache and a new found love for these earphones.)


Noteworthy features include their IP56 rating (meaning they’re both sweat AND dust resistant) and the Jabra Sound+ app that allows you to personalise your music the way you want it. On top of that, you get choose your very own voice assistant and modify the amount of ambient noise you want to hear or block out, and more!

Find these earphones in classy colours such as Copper Blue, Copper Red, and Titanium Black on Lazada, Stereo Electronics, and Challenger for SGD 198!

8. Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL®



What first catches your eye about these earphones is likely the name Under Armour and that’s because this product is a collaboration between JBL and Under Armour. An unexpected perk for users is a year of MapMyRun Premium membership upon purchase of these earphones.

Designed with runners in mind, these earphones have a particular feature “Bionic Hearing” that allow users to hear their surroundings with “two sound Technologies – TalkThru & Ambient Aware.” An understandably important feature for safety especially if you enjoy running late at night.


Design-wise, the charging case is much larger than most and you might find it hard to slip it into your pocket while exercising. But on the other hand, for its bulkiness, it makes up with a much longer battery life of 25 hours and increased durability, thanks to its aluminium quality.

Purchase the Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL® at S$249 on JBL and Lazada. They’re often out of stock, so if you’re looking for alternatives you can check out this and this, which are also made by JBL and Under Armour. Both are available at S$129 (discounted at the time of writing).

9. Sudio ETT


You might have seen an increasing number of people promoting Sudio on Instagram and that’s not for no reason. From more affordable options such as the Sudio Tolv R to the Sudio ETT, the Swedish brand’s first Active Noise Cancelling earphones, Sudio is proving to have much to offer.


The Sudio ETT first reels you in with its minimalist design. And what’ll keep you going back is their well-balanced audio. Sudio seals the deal with multiple listening settings including their Active Noise Cancelling function, granting you an individualised audio experience.

Available in Black, Green, Pink, and White – purchase the Sudio ETT at S$09 (discounted at the time of writing) here.

10. Google Pixel Buds



Since its release in April 2020, the Google Pixel Buds has received an overwhelming amount of approvals from reviewers all over the world, with many loving them as workout earphones. And it’s not hard to see why.

Moderately priced at S$269, the Google Pixel Buds are one of the most stylish earbuds you’d see around. They’re also one of the smallest and lightest earbuds, making their existence feel non-existent in the best way possible.

Of course, with these earbuds, you can expect additional features that only Google can deliver.

Need help with something? All you have to say is “Hey Google,” before voicing your request, and voila! You have a Google assistant sitting right in your ear.

Purchase these earbuds on Google at S$269, with free delivery!

11. Sony WF-SP800N


The Sony WF-SP800N comes compatible with the Sony 360 Reality Audio, giving users an immersive experience even during the most mundane of runs. These true wireless earbuds are an upgrade from its predecessor, the Sony WF-SP700N, and now feature a rating of IP55, meaning they’re sweat and dust resistant.

These earbuds also have a longer than average battery life of nine hours (13 hours if you turn the noise-cancelling mode off) and offer a quick charge function where 10 minutes of charging will give you 60 minutes of playback.

Shop for these earphones on Sony for SGD 279. Available in four colours (Black, Coral, White, and Steel Blue).

12. Jabra Elite Active 75t


Similar to its predecessor, the Jabra Elite Active 65t, these earphones are small and lightweight. With the three pairs of ear-gels provided, sized S, M, and L, you can worry no more about excessive bumps against your ears while running.

Fit aside, these earphones have an IP57 rating, which means they’re fully waterproof, sweat-proof, AND dust-proof. Jabra is so confident in these earphones that a two-year warranty comes with these earphones.


They come in five colours (Navy, Copper Black, Mint, Sienna, and Grey) and can be found on Zalora, Lazada, and Jabra for S$318.

13. Powerbeats Pro



With a collaboration this flashy, you can expect no less from these earphones. Said to revolutionise the way you work out, the Powerbeats Pro has a tasteful design, blending practicality, comfort, and aesthetics.



The Powerbeats Pro also stands out with its hardy charging case and a battery life of more than double the playback time of the earphones.

Thanks to the Apple H1 headphone chip, go “Hey Siri” to schedule a meeting or make a call, all while running.

Enjoy the powerful and balanced audio of these workout earphones by purchasing them here for S$328.

14. Master & Dynamic MW07 Go



Looking to stay stylish during your workouts? Well, search no more. We’ve got the fashionable looking Master & Dynamic MW07 Go right here on this list. One of Master & Dynamic’s most lightweight and durable earphones yet, these earphones are a workout variation of their original MW07 earphones.

With an IPX6 water resistance rating, you can be sure that these earphones are able to withstand excessive perspiration and tough workouts.

The earbuds come in at a weight of 7.4g each, offering comfort without compromising style.

Audio-wise, users have commended these earphones on its solid audio quality, making it an all-rounded earphone, perfect for your runs and workouts.

Find the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go available in five colours (Lime Green, Electric Blue, Stone Grey, Jet Black, Flame Red) here for S$279.

15. Sennheiser Momentum 2



Retailing at S$449, these earphones are nearly all that you can ask from a pair of earphones for working out and beyond. Touted as nearly perfect, these earphones live up to its claim of “unrivalled stereo sound,” with users commenting on its amazing yet controlled bass, and clean mids and highs audio.

In addition to the Active Noise Cancellation feature where ambient sounds are completely blocked out, the Sennheiser Moment 2 also offers passive noise isolation. A feature that balances out surrounding sounds and the earphones’ audio – ideal if you want to remain aware of your surroundings.


The earphones have a slightly longer playtime of 28 hours compared to other brands so runners enjoy running to the beats can rest assured their music won’t get cut off.

However, with a rating of IPX4, these earphones are only splash resistant so you might want to avoid taking them out for a run in a thunderstorm or torrential downpour.

Find them in two colours (Black and White) on Sennheiser at S$449.