20 best water bottles to hit the gym with

There is no excuse not to be drinking up after your workout when you have these water bottles on hand.

Drinking water and staying hydrated is important, especially when you’re working out.

Gym water bottles need to be a bit sturdier because they are more likely to be kicked around or knocked over in the gym. It is also beneficial for your gym water bottle to be larger in volume – if you spend at least 30 minutes in the gym, you should be drinking at least 500ml of water to keep you hydrated during and after your workout.

Read on to see some of the best water bottles you can bring to the gym – some are really quirky ones that will inspire you to hit the gym more often!

1. Nike TR Hypercharge Straw Bottle 16oz

The BPA-free bottle from Nike is a solid favourite among sportspeople, and it will also become your trusty companion in the gym.

Designed with an ergonomic handle for comfort and a slider button for one-handed opening, the Nike TR Hypercharge Straw Bottle is so durable and impact-resistant that it will survive most hard knocks.

Get this gym water bottle at S$22.90 on Zalora.

2. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 12oz

Want to keep your water cold for a long time so that you get to chill after an intense workout with icy-cold water? This pro-grade stainless steel bottle from Hydroflask comes with TempShieldTM insulation that eliminates condensation and keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours.

If you are heading to the office after a morning workout, you can also pour coffee in here and keep your hot coffee – well, hot – for up to 12 hours.

Get this gym water bottle at S$46.90 (355ml) at TANGS.

3. PUMA Stainless Steel Training Water Bottle

For a sturdy hydration partner, you can’t go wrong with a sleek and chic BPA-free bottle that keeps up to 600ml of water so that you are always hydrated.

That’s not the best part – the environmentally-conscious crowd will be happy to know that PUMA’s gym water bottle is made with all-natural, easily recyclable materials, so you can feel good and do good at the same time!

Get this gym water bottle at S$29 on Zalora.

4. Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide 12oz Water Bottle (with Cafe Cap)


If your gym bottle also doubles up as your office bottle and on-the-go bottle, you’ll love this vacuum-insulated option that is a water bottle, coffee mug, sports bottle, and insulated cup in one package.

The stainless steel used by Klean Kanteen is backed by a lifetime Strong as Steel guarantee, and won’t retain or impart flavours from your previous cup of coffee, so this is a great investment that will last you for a long time.

Get this gym water bottle at S$53 on Lazada.

5. Nalgene 16oz Narrow Mouth Bottle

Although Nalgene has an extensive lineup of plastic water bottles, the Narrow Mouth remains a classic among many, be it students, athletes, or gym rats.

Thanks to the smaller opening of the no-leak bottle, less water rushes out at one time, which also means less mess in the gym – just take note that no ice cubes or lemon wedges are getting in here, so this works better if you just like chugging plain water during your workout.

Get this gym water bottle at S$21.90 on Lazada.

6. Nalgene 24oz On The Fly Bottle

Designed for those who are always on the go, On The Fly comes with a convenient, one-handed cap design so that you can carry a dumbbell with one hand while drinking up with the other.

Its slim shape and leak-proof cap mean you can simply chuck it into your workbags, gym bags, and backpacks when you’re in a rush – without worrying that the water will spill out and soak everything in your bag.

Get this gym water bottle at S$25.90 on Lazada.

7. Nalgene 32oz Oasis Water Bottle

Inspired by traditional camping canteens, this rugged bottle from Nalgene is for the ones who take their training very seriously – sometimes out of the gym.

Although it holds an impressive 32 ounces of water, the Oasis Bottle is slim enough to be portable, and semi-translucent so you can see if the inside is clean and know how much water you have before you need to refill again.

Get this gym water bottle at S$17.90 on Lazada.

8. Blender Bottle Classic with Loop (Best for protein shakes)

Gym rats who want to get their share of protein while building their muscles should definitely consider the Blender Bottle, which comes with a stainless steel wire whisk blender ball to make sure your shake is delicious as it is nutritious.

P.S. We also heard that you can use this for mixing pancake batter, scrambling eggs, making salad dressings and marinades – perfect if you need a tool for meal prepping!

Get this gym water bottle at S$14.90 on Shopee.

9. Oasis Stainless Steel Insulated Drink Bottle 500ml

We love this not only because it looks so beautiful, but also due to the fact that it is simply made to last.

Made from quality 18/8 stainless grade steel inside and out, this Insulated Drink Bottle is highly resistant to rust, odourless, and built to last a lifetime. It also features a tight-fitting stainless steel twist cap with a silicone seal to ensure that no leaks will ever occur.

Get this gym water bottle at S$18.90 on Lazada.

10. 24 Bottles Urban 500ml Water Bottle


For those who hate struggling with hard-to-open gym bottles, the 100% BPA-free, phthalates-free, and toxins-free, 24 Bottles Urban 500Ml is the answer to your woes.

Despite having a leak-proof lid, you can simply open it with one easy twist. It also has a wide mouth that makes it easy to fill it up with ice cubes for the ultimate refreshment after a good job, and easy to clean after every gym session.

Get this gym water bottle at S$29.90 on Lazada.

11. Protein Blender Shaker Cup (Most affordable)

This shaker cup is an affordable (and colourful!) option for those who are on a budget but still want a good-quality bottle that can keep their water and protein shakes.

Said to be wear-resistant, anti-odour, and tough enough to withstand knocks and bumps, we highly recommend that you get this as a gift for your fellow gym buddies as well.

Get this gym water bottle at S$3.24 on Shopee.

12. 2.2L Water Bottle

For those who are really serious about their hydration or constantly going from one workout to the next, this 2.2L water bottle will definitely ensure that you are always well-hydrated.

Although it may sound heavy and bulky, the bottle itself is actually very light and comes with an easy-to-carry handle.

Do take note that while the bottle is made of food-grade PETG material, it is not suitable for keeping hot liquids.

Get this gym water bottle at S$9.30 on Shopee.

13. 2.2L Dumbbell-shaped Bottle (For extra exercise!)

Dumbbells are one of the most popular equipment to use in the gym, and if the wait gets too long for you, all you have to do is pick up your water bottle and you’re all ready to work on your biceps.

This also makes for a good way to keep fit even if you’re not in the gym – sweet!

Get this gym water bottle at S$7.10 on Shopee.

14. Mist Spray Water Bottle

Perk yourself up after a tiring workout by spraying your face and neck with cool water from your gym bottle.

Get this gym water bottle at S$8.52 (400ml) or S$8.74 (600ml) on Shopee.

15. Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle

Want to make sure that you’re drinking up as much water as you need?

The Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle will help you to track exactly how much water you’ve drunk – each time the water bottle is refilled, the display window will register a dot and allow you to know just how much water you’ve had.

Get this gym water bottle at S$32.90 from Marks & Spencer.

16. A5 Flat Water Bottle (Most space-saving!)

Although this bottle has a smaller capacity of 380ml, it is a handy option if you really don’t have space in your gym bag to fit a 2.2L bottle.

Complete with an anti-leak lid and silicone holding strap, you can easily carry this from the gym to the office and back to the gym again without worrying about leaks or getting dehydrated at any time.

Get this gym water bottle at S$24.59 on Shopee.

17. Gatorade Squeeze Bottle

The Gatorade Squeeze Bottle remains a classic favourite among athletes, and you’ll realise that it is just as well-suited for the gym.

It is well-designed to give you ease of mind whether you are running on the treadmill or lifting weights: the durable plastic makes it light and relatively strong, it comes with a High-Flow valve that prevents liquid from leaking or spilling, and also has a clear Hydro-View strip that lets you keep an eye on the fill level.

Get this gym water bottle at S$8.25 on Amazon.

18. S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The double-walled construction and premium grade, BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel are clearly a draw, but what makes this S’well bottle even better is the fact that it comes in so many gorgeous designs, it won’t look out of place no matter whether you use it in the gym, in the office, or at a party.

Get this gym water bottle at S$39.81 on Amazon.

19. Corkcicle Canteen Classic Collection Water Bottle & Thermos

Another stylish option that will keep your Pocari Sweat cold and coffee hot, it is also brilliant-designed with patented, easy-grip sides to ensure the bottle stays securely in your hand, and comes with a silicon bottom to prevent it from sliding and spilling if you put it on slippery surfaces.

Get this gym water bottle at S$38.60 (9oz), S$58.98 (16oz), or S$70.38 (25oz) on Amazon.

20. Collapsible Water Bottle

There is no excuse for you to not be drinking up after your exercise when you can carry a bottle that is as lightweight and space-saving as this collapsible one.

The BPA-free plastic is said to manage temperatures ranging from -40°C to 220°C, so you can keep beverages of any temperature in this convenient bottle. Those who have bought this are very impressed by the high-quality material and ability to stay leak-free in all situations, so you know that this is definitely worth a shot.

Get this gym water bottle at S$19.60 (350ml) or S$21.90 (750ml) on Shopee.