High quality edible bird’s nest that doesn’t require double-boiling

Most of us are already aware of the nutritional value of edible bird’s nest.

For the uninitiated, edible bird’s nest has been proven to contain a protein that has the same structure as the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which can help with cell renewal. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, bird’s nest is consumed to help improve the immune system, nourish the body, and relieve fatigue. It is also said to help enhance skin health.

However, good quality edible bird’s nest is usually associated with long hours spent double-boiling, and the convenient bottled ones that we get off the shelves have sometimes been criticised to be of a poorer quality or to be too diluted with sugared water that it doesn’t offer as much health benefits.

If you’re looking for a convenient edible bird’s nest option that also promises good quality, here’s a curated list to try.

Eu Yan Sang Royal Crystal Bird’s Nest (Reduced Sugar)

eu yan sang edible birds nest

Eu Yan Sang is known for its reputation in producing high quality Traditional Chinese Medicine products and this edible bird’s nest is produced along with their dedication to quality.

Prepared using premium-grade bird’s nest that’s carefully selected and meticulously hand-cleaned, the Eu Yan Sang Royal Crystal Bird’s Nest (Reduced Sugar) does not contain any artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives, and stabiliser.

For your convenience, it is packaged as a ready-to-drink bottle, and can be taken chilled or warmed.

Eu Yan Sang Royal Crystal Bird’s Nest (Reduced Sugar) retails for S$50.90 per bottle and is available at all Eu Yan Sang retail outlets in Singapore and online.


wellnest birds nest

Promising to have a unique formula that has a better absorption rate than traditional bird’s nest products, Wellnest is packaged in a convenient sachet so you can easily slip it into your bag for on-the-go consumption.

While it may have a modern take on bird’s nest, it is also scientifically backed. The efficacy of Wellnest bird’s nest is tagged to a registered patent, and is developed by a team of scientists and researchers who spent almost ten years before creating a unique “Molecular Edible Bird’s Nest”.

How unique? The product uses formulated natural enzymes to break down the bird’s nest so it can be more easily absorbed by the body, while allowing active compounds to be retained in its optimal state. What this means is that proven benefits of bird’s nest can be enhanced.

Besides being fortified with micronutrients found in edible bird’s nest, Wellnest’s formula also includes 6-year-old Korean Red Ginseng and Aronia Berry. The latter two ingredients don’t just add flavour to it, but also help enhance the body’s immune system and improve digestion.

Wellnest is available at an introductory price of S$69 (U.P: S$99) for a box of 30 sachets until April 2022. It is available online.

Zhen Bird’s Nest

Zhen first made news with its range of flavoured bird’s nest that makes edible bird’s nest more delicious.

zhen birds nest

Flavours include Chamomile (which has a calming effect), Chrysanthemum (which can neutralise inflammation), and Lavender (which has therapeutic benefits).

zhen birds nest collagen jelly

More recently, the brand launched a line of bird’s nest collagen jelly. The brand combines the health and wellness benefits of edible bird’s nest with their unique formula of collagen that is clinically proven to help improve skin’s health, and made them into bowls of jelly that are incredibly delicious.

Like its bottled bird’s nest drinks, the jellies come in tasty flavours such as Lychee, Honey, and Peach.

Zhen Bird’s Nest retails for S$88 for a box of two or S$308 for a box of seven. Zhen Bird’s Nest Collagen Jelly retails for S$40 for a box of two. Both are available online.


glyken birds nest

This is probably the oddest recommendation in this list, because the bird’s nest from Glyken comes in a powder format.

This is because after premium-grade bird’s nest is harvested by Glyken, it goes through a patented technology known as the “Glyken Bio Extraction” process, which extract the most essential ingredient from bird’s nest, which is the Active Glycoprotein Peptide, before processing it into powder form.

As the powder is smaller in molecular size, it means that it is absorbed more quickly by the body.

To consume, simply take out one of the conveniently packaged sachets, pour out the powder, add water, and drink up. You can also add it to your juices.

There are several variants to choose from: Glyken S is great for pretty much everyone, Glyken P is for pre- and post-natal care, Glyken M is ideal for women going through menopausal symptoms, Glyken A is great for promoting joint and cartilage health, and Glyken C is recommended for those who are looking to prevent common female cancer or to prevent relapse.

Prices start from S$79 for a small box of Glyken S, which contains seven sachets per box. It is available online.

The Purest Co

the purest co birds nest

The Purest Co harvests its edible bird’s nest from farms in Indonesia and Malaysia. These farms are located near rainforests that help provide abundant food supply for the swiftlets and are also away from polluted areas so that the nests that are produced are as pure as possible.

After harvesting the nest sustainably, the bird’s nest are processed manually in an intensive process – instead of subscribing to a more low-cost method of using bleach to speed up the cleaning process, which can affect the health of consumers negatively.

The Purest Co offers several flavours and variants in its line but the Supreme Wolfberries & Pandan is one of its most popular ones. Monthly subscription plans are available too.

The Purest Co Supreme Wolfberries & Pandan retails for S$359 for four bottles and is available online.