10 baby swimming schools to build your child’s confidence in water

In the last decade, infant swimming has become increasingly popular as research uncovers the numerous physical and cognitive benefits of swimming at an early age. Swimming taps on a different set of skills related to reflex, spatial awareness and even communication.

Therefore, starting your child early can tap into and stretch your child’s potential in these various skills. Not only can you reduce the risk of drowning (always a good reason to enrol your child in swimming classes), your child can now have an edge over others!

To help you in your quest to find a good swimming school, we have compiled a list of 10 schools you in Singapore that offer swimming classes for babies for you to consider.

1. Able Aquatic School

Source: Able Aquatic School

Able is an acronym for Always Believe in Lifelong Exercise, and the school was founded in 1981, which makes them one of the oldest swimming schools in Singapore. With over 400 certified instructors and years of teaching experience, they promise to find the right swimming instructor to match your child’s needs. While the school’s emphasis is on equipping your child with basic swimming skills, they also strive to develop each child’s self-esteem, motor and social skills, and love for water.

Able Aquatic School’s baby swimming programme is for babies between four and 24 months.

Fees: SGD60 to SGD80 for group lessons, and SGD240 and up for private lessons (for four lessons)

Location: Any public swimming complex or condominium

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2. Aquabambinos

Source: Aquabambinos

Aquabambinos is a family-oriented swim school in Singapore that offers great facilities such as a children-friendly waiting area, baby changing rooms and showers, as well as heated indoor pools. Through songs and toys, they provide a fun and secure aquatic experience for you and your child to learn water safety and build water confidence.

To ensure the best teacher-support, classes are capped at one teacher to four parent-child pairs, so you can be sure that your child will receive the maximum attention he or she needs.

Aquabambinos’ baby swimming programme is for babies between six and 12 months old.

Fees: SGD467 for 12 lessons on weekends, SGD443 for 12 lessons on weekdays (including a registration fee of SGD35)

Locations: 45 Burghley Drive #01-07, Singapore 559022 and 28 Jalan Selaseh, Singapore 808446

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3. aquaDucks

Source: aquaDucks

AquaDucks is Singapore’s pioneer school in infant swimming, with programmes adapted from a mix of European, USA, and Australia teaching techniques. The school prides itself on being child-centric, providing a safe and fun environment to build your child’s confidence. Parent-child interaction is emphasised and parents are encouraged to be the personal coach, under the supervision of swimming instructors.

The programme is also divided into six levels to encourage children to reach the next milestone.

AquaDucks’ duckling programme is for babies and children between six and 54 months old.

Fees: Fees differ according to school terms. Find the updated list here.

Locations: 29 Harding Road, Singapore 249537 (Dempsey),
2 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287988 (Turf City),
25 Gilstead Road, Singapore 309070 (Newton),
201 Ulu Pandan Road, Singapore 596468 (Nexus),
240 Sime Road, Singapore 288303 (SICC, members only),
22 Camden Park, Singapore 299814 (Hollandaise Club, members only), and
36 Swiss Club Road, Singapore 288139 (Swiss Club, members only)

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4. Blue Fin Swimmers

Source: Blue Fin Swimmers

Blue Fin Swimmers is a swim school in Singapore founded by a passionate instructor whose emphasis for the school is on the recreational aspect of swimming – being an essential life skill with health benefits are added bonuses.

The toddlers’ programme aims to cultivate a love for swimming, so you can expect your child to have a fun-filled experience each lesson.

If you would like to observe the lesson and determine its suitability before committing, you are welcome to try the free trial lesson first

Blue Fin’s junior toddlers swim programme is for children between two and four years old.

Fees: SGD250 for one pax, SGD350 for 2 pax, SGD420 for three pax, SGD500 for four pax, SGD600 for five pax (for 4 lessons)

Location: Blue Fin’s swim lessons are held at public swimming pools. Contact them to find more information.

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5. Happy Fish Swim School

Source: Happy Fish Swim School

Established in 2007, Happy Fish Swim School has since become one of the most popular children swim schools in Singapore. You can be assured that your child receives the very best as all their teachers are certified AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant & Preschool Aquatics, which is

Australia’s national organisation for swimming and water safety.
The school provides lessons across Singapore in public swimming complexes, but you can also opt to have the lesson at their indoor heated pool.

Happy Fish’s Infant Aquatics programme is for babies between four and 23 months old.

Fees: SGD342.40 for 12 lessons on weekdays and SGD428 for 12 lessons on weekends (group lessons)
For private lessons, find the details here.

Locations: Any public swimming complex,
8 Duke’s Road, Singapore 268888 (Bukit Timah),
100 Turf Club Rd Singapore 287992 (Horsecity),
750A Chai Chee Rd, Singapore 469001 (Bedok), and
2 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore 608512 (Jurong East)

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6. Little Splashes Swim School

Source: Little Splashes Swim School

Popular swim school Little Splashes boasts a coaching syllabus which has been developed for 20 years to give your child the best learning experience. They focus on right-brain training and promote self-reliance while fostering social skills with others – all through swimming.

Infants as young as three months old can participate in their programme. Classes are also capped at a ratio of one teacher to five parent-child pairs to ensure optimal supervision.

Little Splashes’ baby swimming programme is for babies between three and 18 months old.

Fees: SGD458 for 12 lessons on weekdays and SGD506 for 12 lessons on weekends (including a registration fee of SGD50)

Location: 300 Bedok South Avenue 3, Singapore 469299 (Siglap Community Centre)

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7. Joysfin Swimming

Source: Joysfin Swimming

With swimming lessons held at over 25 locations (including condominiums), Joysfin Swimming is very popular among parents for providing flexible training sessions. Not only do you have the convenience of location, but they also offer the option of private classes to cater to your child’s individual needs.

Their primary focus for babies is to help them overcome any phobia of swimming, so that the child can be confident in water and enjoy swimming as a sport for years to come

Joysfin’s baby swimming programme is for babies from five months old. 

Fees: SGD250 to SGD320 for private lessons, SGD80++ for small group lessons, SGD60 to SGD80 for large group lessons (for four sessions)

Location: Any swimming complex you prefer

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8. Jump! Swim Schools

Source: Facebook

As one of Australia’s leading swim schools, Jump! Swim Schools dedicate themselves to providing the best aquatic learning experience for children. Classes for babies are strategically organised into four levels, with a narrow age range, so that lessons can be tailored according to the child’s developmental stage.

The school’s curriculum emphasises on bonding between parent and child, so if you are looking to bond with your child over some splashing good fun, look no further!

Jump!’s duckling swimming programme is for babies between three and 9 months old.
Jump’s duck swimming programme is for babies between 10 and 24 months old.
Jump!’s goldfish swimming programme is for toddlers between one and two years old.
Jump!’s tadpole swimming programme is for toddlers between two and three years old.

Fees: SGD408 for 12 lessons

Location: 100 Turf Club Road Bukit Timah, Singapore 289902

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9. Little Swim School

Source: Little Swim School

In 2016, Little Swim School built their very own swimming complex tailored for infants and toddlers. Featuring a temperature-controlled pool cleansed with saltwater chlorination, the pool will be in an ideal condition for children, especially infants. You need not have any fear of skin discomfort as saltwater chlorination is gentler on the skin compared to regular chlorinated water in swimming complexes.

Little Swim School’s baby swimming programme is for babies between six and 48 months old.

Fees: SGD650 for 12 lessons

Location: 27 West Coast Highway, Singapore 117867 (Westway)

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10. WSC Waterkids

Featuring swimming programmes for one month old infants, WSC Waterkids is one of the few schools that cater for such a young age. The school strongly believes that swimming can improve a child’s development in motor skills and cognition, and their programmes are organised to promote these developments. Through a highly specialised curriculum, your child will receive training best tailored to his or her developmental stage.

WSC Waterkids’ baby starter 16 programme is for babies from one to six months old.
WSC Waterkids’ happy baby 79 programme is for babies from seven to nine months old.
WSC Waterkids’ happy baby 1012 programme is for babies from 10 to 12 months old.
WSC Waterkids’ happy baby 1318 programme is for babies from 13 to 18 months old.
WSC Waterkids’ happy baby 1924 programme is for babies from 19 to 24 months old.

Fees: Varies according to level, class size and swim teacher. You can find the fees range here.

Locations: Ngee Ann Alumni Clubhouse, private condo pools and selected public pools. You can find the list of public pools here.

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