28 fitness studio memberships that cost less than S$100 per month

Now that the safety restrictions are slowly being lifted by the government due to substantially low community cases, gym goers can now rejoice at the reopening of fitness studios.

If you’ve been looking for a change from all the home workout videos (or maybe you’re just lacking motivation at home), fitness studios are the best option to effectively reboot your body and recharge your mind.

Ahead, we rounded up 28 fitness studio memberships in Singapore that will help you get your body back in shape without making a dent in your wallet. You’re welcome.

1. The Gym Pod ($9.90/month)

The Gym Pod

Want to get the full gym experience but still cautious of being in a confined space with other people? No worries. The Gym Pod offers private workout rooms that you can rent by using your phone.

Simply reserve a pod on their app, select how many sessions you want, and pay online without ever getting into contact with anyone!

Another good news? The pod’s cost recently went down from S$7 per session to only S$5.50 for (off-peak period) and from S$9 to S$7.50 (peak period) for a 30-minute session.

If you plan on working out more than 30 minutes a day, access the monthly membership plan for S$9.90, and you’ll get S$2 off your first five sessions!

Each pod can now only hold a maximum of two pax so bring along a pal to work up a sweat with you if you need extra motivation.

For more information, visit The Gym Pod’s website. Download The Gym Pod app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. ActiveSG Gym (S$15 or S$30/month)

ActiveSG Gym

ActiveSG Gym is, by far, the largest group of public gyms in Singapore. The main reason why people like it so much? It’s arguably the cheapest gym option there is on the island, and offers a wide variety of fitness programmes and accessible facilities.

They also allow you to bring your family (no more than five pax at a time, of course), making exercise a bonding session for everyone to enjoy.

The club offers monthly unlimited access (all-day) for S$30 and monthly unlimited access (off-peak period) for just S$15. The MyActiveGYM membership provides unlimited access to all ActiveGYMs island-wide, and children as young as 12 years old are eligible to sign up for it. Singaporeans who sign up as an ActiveSG member using their SingPass are also given free credits that they can utilise at these gyms.

For more information, you can sign up on their app, their website, or simply register at any guest services office at all ActiveSg Sports Centers and swimming complexes.

3. Community Club Gym (S$30/month)

CC Club

If you’re looking to just sweat it out with basic, no-frills equipment, the community club (CC) gyms are serviceable with all the necessary gym materials encompassed into a simple room. They are found all over the island and can be accessed for approximately S$30 a month (concession rates may apply). If you aren’t ready for a long-term exercise, they still offer single-entry fee from S$3.50 to S$6.

For more information, visit Community Club Gym’s website.

4. SAFRA EnergyOne Gym (S$42.80 or S$96.30/month)

SAFRA EnergyOne Gym

SAFRA is known for their EnergyOne program, with its complete facilities and amenities. Activities are categorised into different types, such as team sports, recreation, adventure, target sports, and wellness/fitness programmes.

Their membership fee costs S$42.80 a month for SAFRA members, but do note that there’s a large upfront fee of S$395.90 that you need to make, so this is only an affordable option if you’re intending to stay on for a long time.

Non-members can expect to pay $64.20 (off-peak only) to S$96.30 (all-day usage) per month.

For more information, visit SAFRA EnergyOne Gym’s website.

5. GymmBoxx (S$85/month)


Fitness addicts unquestionably adore this place with their clean facilities, state-of-the-art training equipment, and flexible membership rates. Perfect for people who prefer lifting over cardio!

GymmBoxx offers monthly membership for S$85. You can also opt for the gym’s pay-per-entry usage of S$8 if you want to give it a try without committing first.

For more information, visit GymmBoxx’s website.

6. Dennis Gym (S$39.90 to S$76.60/month)

dennis gym

Dennis Gym is started by the former Singapore Bodybuilding Federation coach, Mr. Dennis Tew in 1988, and quickly rose to be one of the top-quality providing fitness centres on the island. Aside from challenging yourself in the gym, you can also challenge others by participating in a bodybuilding competition that the club officially partners with.

Specialising in muscle toning and personal training with options for classes and programmes, Dennis Gym is a haven for aspiring bodybuilding athletes. Their most popular membership is the 10-month package, which works out to be S$39.90 per month. They also have a three-month membership fee that costs S$76.60.

For more information, visit Dennis Gym’s website.

8. Anytime Fitness (S$80 to S$100/month)

anytime fitness singapore

Anytime Fitness is known globally with a lot of franchises in different areas. Having gained their reputation through their exclusive amenities, this 24-hour fitness club is a sure favourite among Singaporeans. Currently, they are operating 64 gyms here in Singapore with a membership fee of about S$80 to S$100 per month. Membership fees vary depending on location.

For more information, visit Anytime Fitness’ website.

9. 24X Fitness (S$80 to S$100/month)


Having been in the industry for at least 10 years, 24X Fitness focuses on effective and tailored personal training (PT) courses delivered by their well-trusted trainers..

You’d have to call in and enquire for the rates, but expect to shell out S$80 to S$100 depending on your commitment period (excluding any PT fees). The gym may also charge an additional fee for late-night access.

For more information, visit 24X Fitness’ website.

11. Platinum Fitness (S$90/month)

platinum fitness singapore

Compared to other fancy gym outlets like Fitness First or Virgin Active, Platinum Fitness is considered relatively cheap.

The membership rates aren’t published on the site but various reports have mentioned that Platinum Fitness charges from S$90 a month for a yearly commitment in their yearly plan.

Just bear in mind that there are a couple of hefty one-time fees that you need to pay: S$150 for registration and S$70 for the access key. If you’re looking to try it out first, you’d have to shell out a fee of S$35 per entry fee.

For more information, visit Platinum Fitness’ website.

12. Yoga Inc. (S$20/class)

yoga inc

Yoga is undoubtedly the answer if you’re in need of a good stretch and some time off from the hustle and bustle.

Located at Yong Siak Street, Yoga Inc offers single-class bundles starting from S$20 per session for a six-month commitment period. The yoga studio is spacious with lots of window panes to allow natural light to brighten the space, so you can count on having a good workout every time.

For more information, visit Yoga Inc.’s website.

13. The Yoga Space (S$18/class)

yoga space

What is more calming than a peaceful mind having a beautiful scenery as your workout view?

The Yoga Space offers a view of the sea while stretching upon its lush greenery. Single-class bundles start at S$20 per session for a six-month commitment period.

For more information, visit The Yoga Space’s website.

14. Yoga Movement (S$18.32/class)

yoga movement

With a selection of hot and non-hot yoga classes, Yoga Movement offers class packs that start from S$18.32 per class for a total of 30 classes which must be fully utilised within 12 months. This will work out to less than S$100 per month if you visit five times every month.

There’s also a S$35 trial price for beginners that you can opt for if you’re new to yoga or the studio itself.

For more information, visit The Yoga Movement’s website.

15. Sweatbox Yoga (S$20/class)

sweatbox yoga

As suggested in the studio’s name itself, prepare to sweat buckets in Sweatbox Yoga’s high-intensity classes. Expect to fork out at least S$20 per class when you sign up for the studio’s class bundles, which can be utilised within a year.

Psst… Sweatbox Yoga also offers kids yoga in case you’re interested in starting ’em young.

For more information, visit Sweatbox Yoga’s website.

16. BeatX Studio (S$35/4 classes)

beatx studio

It’s cardio time in BeatX Studio, so get ready to pump your body with sweat! A fun and effective way of exercising is expected here with their great music and wonderful light show – in fact, you won’t ever feel like you’re at a gym at all. Offers start from S$35 for four classes. Located strategically at Raffles Place, it’s the perfect location for those looking to squeeze in a lunchtime workout.

For more information, visit BeatX Studio’s website.

17. BBounce Studio (S$16.80/class)

bbounce studio

Looking for a fun way to boost your workout? BBounce Studio has a bunch of mini trampolines to bounce your way through cardio and fitness.

Aside from that, they also offer boot camp classes that are popular among celebrities and athletes.

BBounce Studio offers S$16.80 per class when you sign up for a total of 10 classes, which will work out to less than S$100 per month if you go five times a month. If you ask us, besides the relatively affordable price, you should also go for it because the experience you get here will indeed be unforgettable.

For more information, visit BBounce Studio’s website.

18. JR Fitness (S$54 to S$60/month)

JR fitness

Offering a wide range of dance classes, prepare your body for an exciting workout session here at JR Fitness. From classic yoga to K-pop fitness and Body Combat, their mix of routines is undoubtedly worth the calories burned.

Dance classes start at S$54 a month while fitness class at S$60 a month.

For more information, visit JR Fitness’ website.

19. Contours Express (S$89/month)

contours express

Dreaming of owning a fit body? This women’s gym offers a short yet effective circuit training for you.

Their 29-minute fat-blasting workout may seem easy at first glance, but trust us when we say that you’ll definitely feel the calories slipping away from your body as you progress into the class.

With just 30 minutes per session, their short circuit training workouts are perfect for busy professionals who can only afford to squeeze in short breaks throughout the day. Membership starts at S$89 a month and you’ll get to choose from 11 branches around the island.

For more information, visit Contours Express’ website

20. Boulder Movement (S$98/month)

boulder movement

Rock climbing and bouldering are fast becoming a popular fitness activity, and Boulder Movement is one of the hotspots for boulderers to convene.

Climbing walls are built especially for beginners, and they also offer classes in preparation for workout sessions.

Five entries cost S$99 and if you are serious about bouldering for a long time, consider their Boulder Movement Citizen membership at S$98/month.

For more information, visit Boulder Movement’s website.

21. STILL Boxing (S$32/session)

still boxing

Mixed with traditional boxing classes with a bit of cardio and weightlifting, STILL Boxing is a studio worthy of the experience. Known for their teardrop-shaped, water-filled punching bags, you can count on learning all the basics of boxing here. Drop-in rates start at S$32, and for a beginner, they offer a first-timer promo of S$50 that’s valid for a month.

For more information, visit STILL Boxing’s website.

22. HometeamNS Fitness Workz (S$53.50/3 months)

HometeamNS Fitness Workz

Best for people addicted to heavy workouts, HomeTeamNS Fitness got all the top-notch cardio machines and swimming pools that are ready for you to challenge your fitness bod. Walk-ins are currently limited to HomeTeamNS members only, and costs about S$5.35 per entry. There’s also a off-peak membership that costs about S$53.50 for three months.

For more information, visit HometeamNS Fitness Workz’s website

23. Amore Fitness (S$3.20/class)

amore fitness

Zumba, yoga, street jazz, kickboxing, and every other cardio classes you can imagine – you can find them all here at the ladies-only Amore Fitness where membership fee starts from S$90 per month for a six-month commitment period.

After surviving their fitness classes, treat and pamper yourself with a relaxing treatment at their boutique spa.

For more information, visit Amore Fitness’ website

24. Kulture Studios (S$100/4 classes)

Kulture Studios

Get your body grooving in this revolutionary dance studio with their different classes offered.

Starting at S$100 for four sessions, Kulture Studios will keep you moving to the beat from start to finish to help you shed off the excess calories.

With their alternative fitness programmes, you’ll probably be having fun as you exercise to their rhythm-based trampoline workout routine.

For more information, visit Kulture Studios’ website.

25. Muse Fitness Club (S$28/4 classes)

muse classes

Prepare for an intense body combat workout in the form of Muay Thai classes here at Muse. For just S$28 for four classes, you can get 90 minutes of Muay Thai workout per session complete with a personal trainer on site.

There are plenty of amenities covered as well, including complimentary shower facilities, toiletries, and full access to their equipment.

However, Muse Fitness Club is currently relocating to a new location so do follow their social media page closely for updates.

For more information, visit Muse Fitness Club’s Facebook page

26. Real Yoga (S$100/month)

real yoga

If you’re not keen to sign up for long-term membership, consider the flexible short-term pass at Real Yoga.

At S$100 a month (for a minimum of three months), you won’t have to worry about letting your hard-earned money go to waste as the short-term plans work on a pay-per-use basis where credits are deducted based on the duration of each class.

For more information, visit Real Yoga’s website

27. True Fitness ($93/month)

true fitness

From relaxation lounges to steam rooms, True Fitness offers a lot more than your basic gym equipment – here, you can enjoy a relaxing cool-down after an intense workout. Try the indoor sprint track and boxing rings if you are up for the challenge. Annual membership starts at S$93 a month (excluding GST and processing fees) and there are a total of eight locations island-wide that you can choose from.

For more information, visit True Fitness’ website.

28. F45 (S$25/class)


F45 is said to have a reputation among gym goers that you’ll never get bored of doing the same thing over and over again.

With the duration capped at 45 minutes for all classes, we can assure you that’s more than enough time to get your body to burn up to 750 calories per class.

Newbies can try the 14-day off-peak trial pack for two weeks of unlimited access for S$49 at their Novena branch.

Plan on staying put at F45 Novena? Then snag the credit pack which entitles you to 10 classes at S$25 per class. This works out to just S$100 per month if you go once a week.

For more information, visit F45’s website

Bonus: Gold’s Gym (S$80/hour)

gold's gym

While not a fitness studio like the rest, Gold’s Gym is one of the largest franchises of personal training centres in Southeast Asia, and with good reason.

From as little as three months, their trusted personal fitness trainers can change your body for the better as they offer personalised, one-on-one attention to ensure that you follow their workout routine correctly.

In fact, they even offer a money back guarantee if you don’t see any results within the first three months of your workout!

At S$80 per hour, Gold’s Gym is definitely pricier compared to other fitness studios on this list, but as far as one-on-one PT sessions go, it’s one of the more reasonable options out there (Virgin Active, for example, charges S$100 per hour).

For more information, visit Gold’s Gym’s official website