20 fun ideas to get kids active with you, including some games from your childhood!

As adults we know how important it is to stay fit and healthy, and to have an active lifestyle. It is also crucial for our kids to develop a healthy and active lifestyle too – and from a young age. With kids, however, it can be a daunting task to make them move off the sofa or switch off their computer and phones. There is no better way to encourage being active than to be active yourself, and roping them in to be active with you. Here are 20 fun ideas to get kids active with you!

1. Family run or walk

Source: The Asian Parent

Take an evening stroll around your estate with your kids. For the running types, challenge your kids for a run!

2. Catch the cyclists

Chasing your kids around on their bikes is a great way to get active with your kids! This also ensures parents get that extra workout needed!

3. Junior basketball or netball

Walk over to the nearest court in your estate, and shoot some hoops. Rope in your neighbours and their kids for some added fun!

4. Hula hoop fun

Source: Honeykids Asia

If you ever needed an excuse to shake around with a hula, this will be it! You can get these readily at sports or toy shops. Play some fun music while you are at it and get spinning!

5. Football fun

Kick a ball around with your kids for some football fun. All you need is a pair of slippers to set up your “goalpost” and a football and you are ready to kickoff!

6. Swimming

Swimming is a fun way to get active with your kids. Change it up and go to the beach or a different pool. While you are at it, bring a ball and play some water polo with your kids.

7. Park adventures

Source: The Asian Parent

Plan a weekly trip to the various parks and beaches as a family. You can bring out their scooters and bikes, and even your own!

8. Car-free Sunday

Instead of driving down to the nearest shopping mall, walk or take a bus. Get a good trolley to load up any shopping and have your kids help pull that around.

9. Active Simon says

We all know how to play Simon Says, but this time, make it an active version. Some examples to try are march on the spot, stand on one foot or do squats.

10. Kite-flying

Source: Directasia.com

This is a fun way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon! If you are even more adventurous then make your own and test it out in the skies!

11. Statue dance

Also known as freeze dance, this is a popular birthday game. You don’t need to wait for a party to have some statue dance fun at home. Load up their favourite playlist and get going!

12. YouTube Zumba or Aerobics

Instead of going out to a Zumba class, find a class on YouTube and workout with your kids! This also gets them interested in getting some good cardio done!

13 Volleyball-oon


Blow up a balloon, and play a light touch volleyball with your kids. You can throw them a challenge, like keeping the balloon in the air for one minute without dropping.

14. Dog and Bone game

If you have not heard of this game, it is pretty easy to play. Two opponents, aka the “dogs”, need to compete to snatch the “bone”, usually a shoe or beanbag, and run back to the home base before the other opponent catches them!

15. What is the time, Mr Wolf

This is a fun activity especially for the younger kids. Mr Wolf stands with his back to everyone else, and they ask “What is the time, Mr Wolf?” As the wolf announces the time, everyone will need to take the same number of steps, until finally the wolf says “It’s eating time!” and runs to catch everyone!

16. Hopscotch

Source: The Asian Parent

An oldie but a goodie, playing hopscotch is a great way to engage with your kids. All you need is a piece of chalk, a walkway and draw up a hopscotch for endless fun!

17. Badminton

You can now easily rent badminton courts and take your kids out to play badminton. You can plan with another family and have some friendly matches too!

18. Good old “catching”!

Sometimes a simple game of “catching” or tag can promise endless hours of fun with your kids. The aim of the game is for the “catcher” to catch his targets as they run around avoiding “the catcher.” Best played in an open space!

19. Bubble pop!

Source: Familiesforlife.sg

Kids go completely bananas for bubbles. Make a fun game out if by blowing the bubbles up high and have them jump up to pop the floating bubbles.

20. Indoor ping-pong

Invest in some portable ping-pong nets that hook on to the dining table, and this is a great indoor activity with the kids especially on those rainy days!