Add a special bundle when you stay at YOTEL to have luxury, sustainable skincare products provided for you

While most hotels offer toiletries, discerning guests often still pack their own because they’re unsure about the quality of the products provided. Who wants to be stuck with shampoo that leaves their hair tangled during a holiday?

This concern would now be the last thing on your mind when you stay at selected YOTELs – including Singapore’s!

The global hotel group has teamed up with beauty brand Urban Jungle to offer its range of luxury, ethical amenities to guests. This is an exclusive partnership, which means YOTEL is the first and only hotel chain in the world to offer Urban Jungle products.

For the uninitiated, Urban Jungle is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that embraces inclusivity and celebrates diversity. The up-and-coming brand was launched in 2021 and its products are known to be simple, effective, and cute.

yotel x urban jungle 2

And it’s not just basic toiletries like Urban Jungle’s shampoo, shower gel, hand wash, and body cream you can look forward to.

Guests can also add a special “Do It On The Daily” Urban Jungle bundle when they book their stay for an additional S$75, to enjoy Urban Jungle’s Melt Me Softly Cleansing Balm, Glow With The Flow Gel Serum, and Double Trouble Silicone Brush too. These products are packaged beautifully in a “Love Pouch Bubble Bag”. This means that you can indeed leave all toiletries at home and enjoy more space in your luggage.

yotel x urban jungle 3 (1)

Besides this, the collaboration also makes the hotel chain more sustainable than before. Instead of throwing away plastic bottles after every use, the YOTEL crew is able to monitor product levels and refill when necessary. Moreover, Urban Jungle’s bottles are made with EcoPure, an additive that assists with the biological breakdown of plastic over time.

Should you add the bundle to your stay?

AVENUE ONE checked into YOTEL Singapore for the Urban Jungle experience for a night.

yotel x urban jungle 1 (1)

The bright colours of Urban Jungle products cheered me up when they greeted me at the room; a great prelude to quality me-time.

The products were gentle, fragrance-free, and had lovely textures, making them pleasant to use.

Urban Jungle Melt Me Softly Cleansing Balm

The Melt Me Softly Cleansing Balm, in particular, was a great product to use to unwind from the day. Besides removing makeup and sunscreen, it also leaves the skin feeling soft, supple, and bouncy.

The Double Trouble Silicone Brush, a dual-ended brush that has a scoop on one end and a flat brush on the other, came with the package. This was the perfect tool to use with the cleansing balm or any clay or gel masks and I was glad that I got to keep it after the stay because I know I’ll continue to find it useful later.

yotel x urban jungle 4

After a long shower using Urban Jungle toiletries, followed by a quick but pampering skincare routine with its products, I was ready to sink into the YOTEL’s SmartBed that adjusts from an upright couch to a flat bed

I woke up in the morning refreshed, and perked up once again the Urban Jungle’s products, before indulging in a simple but nutritious breakfast at KOMYUNITI, YOTEL’s cosy bar and restaurant.

For those who hate packing, having the convenience of quality toiletries and skincare products in the hotel room will definitely be a huge perk.

And for people like me who are always on the lookout for great beauty products, it’s a good chance to give this newly launched but highly raved about brand a proper try, in an environment that’s more similar to home.

Getting these benefits, at just S$75, is a pretty good deal.

Visit the YOTEL website for more information about this collaboration.