11 Valentine’s Day date ideas that are different from the usual dinner and movie date

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you’re still lost about what to do this year in light of the current situation, not to worry, because AVENUE ONE has got you covered! Take a look at our round-up of some of the things you can do.

And remember to book the activities early before they get sold out! After all, it is the most romantic occasion of the entire year and almost everyone is going to be celebrating it!

1. Visit Jewel Changi Airport

If you hardly go to Jewel Changi Airport because it’s too far, perhaps this is your cue to head there with your partner this Valentine’s Day. Get ready to put on your best outfits as you take lots of photos together in front of the famous Rain Vortex, the flowerbed at Petal Garden, at the Discovery Slides, and more!

Credit: Klook

Other than photo spots, you can shop, eat, and even have fun at the various attractions available at Jewel Changi Airport. Walk across the Canopy Bridge and take in the picturesque views around you, or test your skills as you navigate your way around the Mirror Maze.

Credit: Klook

If you’re intending to bring your kids along with you on your date, they’ll also have fun at attractions like the Foggy Bowls and Manulife Sky Nets.

Credit: Klook

Get your tickets to the attractions from just S$4.50 when you purchase your tickets from Klook.

2. Have a daycation

Sometimes, home may not exactly be the most convenient place especially if you’re still living with your loved ones while waiting for your own house to be ready. Not to worry, because there are still venues in Singapore where you can plan a similar ‘home’ date at.

Dayuse is a global hotel daytime booking platform where you can book hotel rooms from over 100 hotel properties in Singapore, including the ones under luxury hotel groups. As you can probably already tell from its name, this platform allows you to book a room for a daycation instead of a staycation. You will get to enjoy some of the facilities provided at the hotel at a fraction of the price of an overnight stay in the same hotel.

Credit: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

There are few-hour time slots between 6am and 11pm that you can book, so you no longer have to be bounded by late check-in and early check-out timings.

For example, a daycation at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore from 9am to 5pm or 3pm to 11pm will only cost you S$260 instead of S$333 for a night. Plus, you get access to the pool as well, so you can take all the nice photos that you want with your partner.

Check out Dayuse and do things differently this Valentine’s Day.

3. Challenge yourselves at Mega Adventure

For those who are a little more adventurous, challenge yourselves at Mega Adventure by zipping through the air and flying over Sentosa, walking on a tightrope, and experiencing free fall!

Credit: Klook

There is even a 36-obstacle course where you can put your agility skills to the test. To make things more fun, you can even have a friendly competition with your partner and whoever does worse in the challenges would have to pay for dinner.

Credit: Klook

This would be a great time for you to bond with your partner and spend some quality time together.

You can purchase your tickets from Klook and they start from S$20. These are open date tickets, so you can choose to go during the Valentine’s Day weekend, or on Valentine’s Day itself.

4. Go on a hike

The best things in life are free, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money just to have a great Valentine’s Day date. Sometimes, it’s more about cherishing the people that you love and enjoying the small things in life with them. You can go on a leisure hike and explore the different nature trails around Singapore.

Credit: Visit Southeast Asia

Just imagine enjoying nature and walking around with serenity around you and your partner. It’s going to feel like you’re the only two people there, but that’s what makes the experience even more beautiful. You can also take the time to talk to each other in between breaths and even learn more about things you never knew about your partner.

5. Go for a picnic

Instead of booking a reservation at a fancy place for dinner this year, consider doing a picnic instead! You can spend some time together grocery shopping and deciding on what you would like to bring to the picnic. Some popular choices include snacks, fruits, sushi, sandwiches, and maybe even a charcuterie board.

Credit: Popspoken

Prepare them together and all you would have to do next is just find a good spot to sit down at. Do an afternoon picnic if you would like to take lots of photos with natural lighting, or do an evening picnic if you prefer a cooling and chilly breeze. Go slightly earlier and you might just be able to catch the sunset.

Our favourite go-to place is Marina Barrage because the field is huge, so you’re definitely going to be able to get a good spot without too many people crowding around you. Plus, the view is to die for.

For more picnic spots, you can check out our article on unique picnic spots.

6. Visit the S.E.A. Aquarium

For a slightly more peaceful date where you can still dress up pretty nicely, you can pay a visit to the S.E.A. Aquarium, which is known to be one the world’s largest sea aquariums. Here, you get to marvel at more than 100,000 marine life. You can even take a close-up look of endangered species like the manta ray and Napoleon wrasse.

Credit: Klook

Take the time to learn more about the marine creatures and immerse yourselves in the tranquility of the ocean.

Credit: Klook

Tickets are for sale from S$29 and you can purchase them on Klook. There are also bundles available where you can enjoy high tea or receive a S$20 voucher.

7. Discover Singapore with DUCKtours

We might have lived here all of our lives, but how many of us truly know Singapore? Take this as an opportunity to discover our sunny island by embarking on a trip with DUCKtours. Start with a 30 minute ride around the Civic District, before splashing into the water and delighting yourself in views of Singapore’s skyline from a different perspective.

Credit: Klook

This isn’t just great as a couple activity. You can also bring your kids along and we’re sure they’ll enjoy the unique experience.

Credit: Klook

Each ticket is sold for S$39 and you can purchase them on Klook.

8. Visit the beach

These days, the weather is so unbearable that all you want to do is just jump into a pool of cool water just so you can cool off and feel better. Well, instead of just thinking about the idea, make it happen by spending your day at the beach.

It’s time to put on your swimsuit and your sunnies as you relax with your partner either on the sand or on a daybed.

Credit: Tanjong Beach Club

Our favourite beach is Tanjong Beach because it is one of the prettiest beaches in Singapore. Plus, it is home to Tanjong Beach Club, where it has comfy daybeds, a plunge pool, and even an air-conditioned restaurant that serves seafood platters and tipples.

Credit: Tanjong Beach Club

If you’re interested to book a table or a daybed at Tanjong Beach Club, you can do so on their official website.

9. Go on a shopping spree

If you have not decided on what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. Instead of fussing over what to get, you can come to an agreement that you will both go on a shopping spree on the day itself.

Credit: Marina Bay Sands

This allows you to receive items that you both really want and need, without any disappointment or wastage.

Sure, it does take away some of the surprise elements to receiving gifts, but you’re spending time together and also learning more about what your partner likes as you go on this date. Not only are you going to return home with a lot more gifts, but also more knowledge about each other, so score!

10. Have a date at home

Even though Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, we’re pretty sure many places will still be crowded with couples who prefer to celebrate the occasion on the actual day. So instead of heading out, perhaps a good way to spend your Valentine’s Day this year is to stay in for a change.

You might think that it’s boring to be at home on one of the most romantic occasions of all-time, but you’ll be surprised at the number of romantic things you can do at home!

Credit: @glampingcity/Instagram

You can start the day off with some breakfast in bed, and spend some quality time together by watching a movie or learning something new, like a dance. You can also pamper yourselves with a home spa where you guys give each other a good ol’ massage, and ending it off by putting on facial masks for that much-needed rejuvenation.

For dinner, cook together! There’ nothing more romantic than learning a new recipe and cooking together as a team.

11. Have a fun-filled date at Universal Studios Singapore

If you’ve watched a lot of romantic Korean dramas, you would notice that at least one date will be held at a theme park. There’s just something fun and romantic about it. So this Valentine’s Day, head to Universal Studios Singapore and have a fun-filled date on all the thrilling rollercoaster rides.

Credit: Klook

And of course, don’t forget to purchase matching headbands from the souvenir shops so that you can proudly flaunt them and take lots of cute photos with your partner.

Credit: MBC

Tickets are available for purchase for S$58 on Klook.