Explore the Civic District in a brand new immersive outdoor gameplay like no other with your family and friends!

The Civic District has long been established to be one filled with history due to the various national monuments located there, and while many of us have heard of the places there, how many of us truly know the history behind them?

A new project called the Time Heist: Civic District has recently been launched and you can now explore the Civic District in a more interesting manner!

Time Heist: Civic District

Credit: Sight Lines Entertainment

Led by local theatre veterans including Chong Tze Chien and Derrick Chew of Sight Lines and Hossan Leong, Time Heist: Civic District combines elements of a treasure hunt, virtual theatre and gameplay across various monuments within the Civic District area into an outdoor experience like no other.

Your mission

The game begins where you are appointed as Time Agents of 2055 called upon to stop a Time Heist. It appears that a nefarious group of time-bandits known as the Scavengers from 2055 has travelled back in time to 2022 to steal blueprints of Singapore’s national monuments and destroy their physical structures.

Credit: Sight Lines Entertainment

It is now up to you to save Singapore from such atrocities by solving puzzles and completing side quests with your family and friends.

How do you play Time Heist: Civic District?

If you’re interested to participate in the Time Heist: Civic District and stop the Scavengers from accomplishing their mission, you would need to purchase a ticket for the game. It will be played on your mobile device, and each ticket will give you access to one login.

Credit: Sight Lines Entertainment

It is highly recommended that two people share one device for the best gameplay experience.

How does it work?

The tickets you purchase will be open-dated and valid from now till 3 July 2022. While there is no ongoing time limit for you to play the game, which means you can take breaks in between the session by going for lunch or coffee, it is important to note that your ticket will expire in 24 hours after you have activated your account.

The game will take approximately two to three hours to complete if you do not take any breaks, and it is recommended that you begin your experience between 10am and 5pm because some of the venues around Civic District close at 7pm.

Upon purchasing your tickets, you will receive a pre-game briefing within one working day via email to prepare for your experience. In this email, you will also receive instructions of the starting location as well as what you would need to do for the game.

Is it suitable for children?

While there is no gruesome or gory content included in Time Heist: Civic District, this experience is recommended for those aged 14 and above because most of the puzzles are not designed to be played solely by children. As such, parental guidance for younger children is advised.

Pricing of tickets

One ticket costs S$40, but if you gather more friends, the tickets become more economical. A bundle of two tickets will cost S$50, and a bundle of three will cost S$54.

You might think the pricing is a little odd, but the reason for such a pricing is to encourage you to play this game with your family and friends. After all, the more the merrier, right?

VIP experience

Take it up a notch by opting for the VIP package instead. At S$100 per pax with a minimum party of four, you will not only get to play Time Heist: Civic District, but you will also be able to enjoy a specially curated Time Heist set dinner at the National Kitchen by Violet Oon, and a specially crafted cocktail called Equinox at Smoke and Mirrors.

Credit: Violet Oon Singapore/Facebook

This is certainly the package to go for if you’re looking to enjoy the full Civic District experience!

Prizes to be won

And of course, to make things even more exciting, there will be prizes to be won for this experience! The grand prize includes a one-night stay in a suite at Marina Bay Sands for four with breakfast included, dinner for four at one of Marina Bay Sands’ signature restaurants, four entries to ArtScience Museum, and four entries to SkyPark Observation Deck.

Credit: Marina Bay Sands

There will also be two giveaways where you can stand a chance to win a one-night stay in Marina Bay Sands’ Deluxe Room for two!

You can visit SISTIC to book your tickets and visit Sight Lines Entertainment for more details about this experience.