9 activities and events to do and go for this March

In the blink of an eye, February says goodbye. But don’t despair, for there’s plenty more to look forward to in March. We’ve got International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Earth Hour coming up. Plus, school’s out for the little kiddos, so you can expect a heap of kid-friendly events this month.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with our guide on the things you can do and exhibits to check out for the month of March.


things to do march 2021 bts pop up

For those who have yet to visit the BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL showcase, you’re in luck. The showcase will be extending its operations until 25 April 2021, so there’s plenty of time to drop by. Located in Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore, the showcase at Plaza Singapura draws concepts from BTS’ fourth studio album released last February.

Splashed in a blue shade, the space features experiential zones inspired by the tracks and music videos of the album. You’ll also see TinyTAN merchandise as well as various themed products and apparel.

Expect restocks of the ever-popular TinyTAN merchandise, which ranges from notebooks, folders, coasters, and even mini coloured towels adorned with all the characters. If you’re looking for TinyTAN Holiday Mugs, those will also be back in stock for all you fans out there.

With every purchase, you’ll also receive a welcome kit, which consists of a postcard and a slap band!

BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL showcase is located at Plaza Singapura, #01-08/09 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839.
Its operating hours are from 10am to 10pm daily. 

2. WeBarre On Demand

things to do march 2021 webarre

Asia’s leading boutique barre studio WeBarre has just launched WeBarre On Demand, the perfect companion for its in-studio and virtual workouts. For S$35 a month, you’ll get unlimited access to workouts led by professional WeBarre instructors any time. Choose from full-body workouts, targeted areas, stretch, and even pre and postnatal classes, so there’s something for everyone.

Besides full-length lessons, the studio also offers many 15 to 20-minute workouts – perfect for time-starved individuals who want to squeeze in a quick workout session. You can also do your favourite classes over and over, pause when you want to, and continue right where you left off.

On top of that, WeBarre On Demand lets you customise your workouts according to the duration and the muscles you’d like to work. Your favourite instructor will guide you virtually, so you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Get your complimentary WeBarre On Demand 10-day trial here

3. Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition

You don’t have to wait until May the Fourth to be the ultimate Star Wars fan. From now till 13 June, get to know the characters of Star Wars on a whole new level at ArtScience Museum. The Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition is making Singapore the final stop of its global tour.

Featuring close to 200 original props, costumes, models, and artwork from the film franchise, the exhibition has a ton of memorabilia on display. That includes one of Darth Vader’s earliest outfits, the metal bikini that Princess Leia wore when she captured by Jabba the Hutt, and a model of the Imperial fleet, Star Destroyer.

The exhibition takes you on a customised, interactive identity quest to gain new insights into how the characters were developed, so expect some surprises. It also gives you the opportunity to discover your own personal identities in the Star Wars galaxy and how the Force shapes you. Find out if you’re on the Light Side or Dark Side, and if you’re a Wookiee, Nautolan, Ewok, or one of plenty other options.

Tickets to Star Wars Identities are priced at S$25 for adults, and S$20 for seniors, students, children aged 2 – 12 years and person with disabilities (PWD).

Art Science Museum is located at 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974.
Find out more about Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition and book your tickets here.

4. Otah & Friends

things to do march 2021 otah friends

Created by the same minds behind the Bubble Tea Factory, Otah & Friends is an otter-themed escapade at Gardens by the Bay. Spanning 2,500 square feet of a fantasy world, the immersive 45-minute story-based experience challenges you to seek Otah out before the cookies in his oven burn.

You’ll be treated to a feast for the senses as you step through the door. Once inside, you will get to traverse his stunning pastel-hued rooms, get a whiff of the cookies baking in his oven, rummage through his cabinets to look for clues, and lounge amidst the lush foliage before wrapping up the experience with a visit to Otah’s lemonade cart in his backyard.

Following a sold-out opening month, Otah & Friends has extended its run to 4 April 2021, so you’ll have even more time to discover Otah’s world. From 1 March, visitors who come between 3pm to 6pm on weekdays might even get a chance to meet a life-sized Otah and enjoy a picnic with him!

Tickets are priced at S$15 per person and groups of five can enjoy a special rate of S$12 per person and have the whole space to themselves.

Find out more about Otah & Friends and book your tickets here

5. Lite On!

things to do march 2021 lite up

Downtown East is pulling out all the stops with multi-sensory light and art installations as well as new retail, dining, and lifestyle venues. From now till 21 March 2021, the lifestyle destination illuminates for Lite On!. It’s a programme that showcases four Instagram-worthy works by local artists Speak Cryptic, BOD, Shophouse & Co, and Space Objekt.

These visually stimulating yet meaningful mixed-media pieces draw inspiration from imagined landscapes, existing spaces, and everyday things. Walk through a kaleidoscopic tunnel, surround yourself with playful illustrations, and pop bubbles on the bubble-wrapped staircase.

For more information, visit downtowneast.com.sg.

6. Moo Moo Park

things to do march 2021 moo moo friends

Get ready for the very first drive-through art exhibition in Asia. To celebrate the Year of the Ox, the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre has set up an immersive outdoor experience that brings art and technology together, shining a light on Chinese culture as well as the importance of sustainability.

In the comfort of a car, you can learn about the ox’s cultural significance through digital artworks by eight local artists. It features the works of Almostasthma, André Wee, Antz, Puffingmuffin, and Mithra which have been transformed into 3D installation art, selfie filters, and augmented reality murals.

Look out for a “talking” red packet by one of the artists, PuffingMuffin. Her whimsical artwork comes to life in the form of an ox sculpture clothed in popular Chinese motifs. You can also select a Chinese New Year greeting in Mandarin and the five major dialects of Singapore (Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka, and Hainanese).

Tickets are priced at S$5 for walk-throughs and S$10 for drive-throughs. Book your tickets through SISTIC.

7. Days — and counting

things to do march 2021 days and counting

To capture the strange times in the pandemic, OH! Open House has rolled out a “sleepwalking” digital art experience, Days — and counting. This year, the independent arts organisation goes digital with an immersive virtual trail that takes place over three seasons, embodying the notion of dreams through audio, text, and moving images.

First launched on 30 October 2020, Season 1: Walls Crumble invited all to traverse a surrealist narrative of a sleeping man’s dreamscapes through an old-school Teletext, and delved deeper into the idea of home during the circuit breaker.

Season 2: The distance between us began on 19 February 2021. Immerse yourself in a captivating combination of art and stories through an interactive point and click adventure game. The second season is divided into four weekly-released episodes, with each episode available during certain times of the day, and only for one week.

Check out the collaborative online diary by Bailey Wait, Lim Shi-an, Robert Wait, and Tan Kheng Hua; an online zine by Berny Tan; a collaborative music video by Churen Li, Hell Low, Subhas Nair, Tim De Cotta and Weish; video game vlogs by Denise Yap; a mobile visual gallery by Ezzam Rahman; a lecture-performance by artist Lynn Lu; and an e-commerce site by Yen Phang.

See the full lineup of episodes and purchase your tickets here

8. Plotterpus Adventure Tours

things to do march 2021 plotterpus

A part of Got to Move (GTM), Singapore’s nationwide dance movement, Plotterpus Adventure Tours is an interactive digital performance for the whole family. Great for children from the ages of 4 to 9, this dance adventure begins with a series of curated Instagram posts about plotterpi by their avid plotterpus watcher and tour guide, Cheryl.

Follow the posts and participate in the 45-minute plotterpus tour over Zoom, so you’ll pick up on interesting plotterpus facts and learn how to move like one. There are currently six Zoom tours being offered, so go ahead and register for one when it launches.

Plotterpus Adventure Tours launches on 12 March 2021.
Check out Got to Move’s Facebook page for the latest announcements. 

9. The Ballroom of Magnificent Beasts

things to do march 2021 ballroom of magnificent beasts

Also a part of Got to Move, The Ballroom of Magnificent Beasts is a family-friendly interactive digital dance project that uses augmented reality filters to engage with your little ones.

Created by The Arts Fission Company, the dance project creates a fantasy realm where each family member assumes the role of a wild beast avatar to go through a game-like dance tour through dance movements.

The Ballroom of Magnificent Beasts launches on 5 March 2021.
Check out Got to Move’s Facebook page for the latest announcements. 

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