Maybe it’s just the cabin fever talking, but this video from STB is getting us all emotional

Nobody knows how long the COVID-19 pandemic is going to start relenting in Singapore and globally. After going through two weeks of Circuit Breaker, we found out that it’ll now be extended to 1 June, and with even stricter measures in place.

After watching (and re-watching another 10 times before sharing) the video by Wildlife Reserve Singapore about how the penguin at Singapore Zoo had an excursion around the park, here’s another video that reminds us about some of the things we miss about pre-COVID-19 times.

This is part of a public service announcement by STB to encourage Singaporeans and residents play their part by staying at home, featuring some of Singapore’s tourism frontliners, across Singapore Zoo, Gardens by The Bay, Sentosa, National Gallery and a Tourist Guide, some of whom are still on rotational duty basis to continue providing essential care or services in their roles.