Goodwood Park Hotel has made a Squid Game-themed staycation possible – brb, we’re booking it, pronto

We’re sure at some point we’ve wondered what it’ll be like participating in Squid Game ourselves.

We’re talking about the Netflix hit that everyone is talking about. And if you’re one of those who hasn’t a clue about it (where have you been living, really!), here’s a quick summary. The K-drama is about hundreds of heavily indebted contestants who had signed up for a mysterious competition in which they compete in a series of Korean childhood games. The grand winner walks away with a huge prize reward. The penalty for losing a game? Death.


Goodwood Park Hotel has announced the launch of a Squid Game-themed staycation. Of course, the Singaporean version involves no blood (and no humongous prize reward) but features fun elements that Squid Game fans will appreciate.

Called the “Sotong Game”, this special package is available from now till 22 November 2021.

At the Sotong Game staycation, you’ll get to take photos with the iconic “Red Light, Green Light” doll that stands at three metres, try Dalgona candy, and even wear the jumpsuits of the Squid Game staff and players. You’ll also stand a chance to win a million Grab Rewards points if you emerge as the ultimate winner of the Sotong Game Challenge.

Experience five old-school games that Singaporeans will be familiar with: five stones, goli, ring toss water game, hopscotch, and pick-up sticks, held at the hotel’s Tudor Courtyard.


The top 10 winners of each week will get to enjoy a delicious three-course steak dinner for two persons at Coffee Lounge in Goodwood Park Hotel.


This staycation package includes a night’s stay for two persons in Goodwood Park Hotel’s Deluxe Mayfair room. Guests will receive two Sotong Game Curated Experience Boxes, each containing either a red guard jumpsuit or a green player tracksuit (types and sizes are subject to availability), Dalgona candies, and chocolate milk (fans will appreciate this reference!)

You will also receive a pair of entrance tickets to the Sotong Game Challenge at Tudor Courtyard, 1-for-1 Spa Rael voucher, and a complimentary carpark coupon.

If you have no plans for a staycation but want to take part in just the games, you can do so by purchasing the entrance tickets for S$30, and still stand a chance to win the prizes for winners.

Sotong Game Staycation is available for S$360 a night for two persons, and is available on kkday. Sotong Game Challenge is available for S$30 on kkday. Find more information on kkday.