26 pet-friendly food joints and other establishments in Singapore that you need to visit with your furball, STAT!

Going just about anywhere with your furkid can be a pretty challenging feat in Singapore. Strict regulations aside, there just doesn’t seem to be any place on our sunny shores that is remotely pet-friendly.

Or is there? Contrary to popular belief, there are actually some pretty great places you can go to with your furry companion, and no, it is not the void deck of your HDB.

Without further ado, here are 26 of the best pet-friendly establishments in Singapore — from cafes to parks to… clubs?!

1. Ah B Cafe



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One of the biggest and best pet friendly establishments in Singapore, Ah B Cafe does everything in its power to make a day out with your fur baby the most amazing experience there is. From a large, spacious interior to accommodate pets of all sizes to gates installed outside the cafe, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your pet’s safety is ensured!

All edges and corners are glued down with silicone and floor glued down with rubber tiles to urine proof the roof. An hygienic environment for you and your pet? Check! Oh and did we mention that there is a dog menu alongside the menu for us two-legged folk as well? Get Fido a Unicorn Cake or Salmon Bowl as you enjoy your own Carbonara!

Ah B Cafe: 

Address: 110 Turf Club Road, Sunny Heights, Bukit Timah, Singapore 288000

Opening hours: Tue-Fri: 1.30pm-9pm, Sat: 10.30am-9pm, Sun: 10.30am-7pm, closed on Mondays.

Contact: Site | 8858 6661 | [email protected]

2. Tanjong Beach Club



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There’s no better place to kick back, relax, and have a drink or two with your furry friend as the sun goes down. Known to be one of the best pet friendly establishments in Singapore, Tanjong Beach Club welcomes all dogs on the sandy area of their establishment provided they are leashed at all times.

It can get pretty hot along the beach though, so don’t forget to bring a water bowl for your pup so they can stay hydrated!

Tanjong Beach Club: 

Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098942

Opening hours: Mon: 12pm-10pmTues-Fri: 11am-10pm, Sat: 10am-10pm, Sun: 9am-10pm.

Contact: Site | 6270 1355 | [email protected]

3. The Garden Slug

Established in 2006, The Garden Slug serves up hearty, rustic Western fare in amazingly generous portions. The alfresco area of the cafe is pet-friendly and a popular option with pet owners. If the Instagram tag is any indication, it is one of the most highly popular pet friendly establishments in Singapore!

Since you’re going to be chowing down on some great food, it’s probably best if you pack a treat or two for your pet, too. It’ll hardly seem fair otherwise!

The Garden Slug: 

Address: 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, Bright Centre, #01-59/61, Singapore 425500

Opening hours: Mon-Tue: 6pm-10pm, Wed-Fri: 11am-10pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-10pm

Contact: Site | 6346 0504 | [email protected]

4. Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe



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Much like the name of this cafe, Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe premises can be found in a rather ulu area – it may be a little inaccessible but is certainly a hidden gem! Located in Gallop Kranji Farm Resort, this pet-friendly haven has a swimming pool for dogs, indoor and outdoor seating, and a super cute doggie mural for you to take some snaps with your beloved furball.

They primarily serve up western cuisine such as sandwiches and burgers, but you’ll be pleased to know that you can order a chicken, salmon, beef, or veggie bowl for your furkid too.

Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe: 

Address: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, D’Kranji Resort, Singapore 718813

Opening hours: Thurs-Sun: 10am-6pm, closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Contact: Facebook | 8752 7252 |

5. Marina Barrage



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Yes, everyone’s favourite kite-flying spot is one of the best pet-friendly establishments in Singapore! The large, open space and relatively lesser crowds on weekdays definitely makes Marina Barrage a prime place to visit with your beloved furball.

Make sure to bring your camera along to snap some great shots while you’re at it!

Marina Barrage: 

Address: 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018951

Opening hours: Open 24hrs.

Contact: Site

6. Sunny Heights



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With a huge swimming pool, lots of room for your pet to run around in, and a cafe for both two-legged and four-legged folk (aforementioned cafe has earned top spot on our listicle, even!), Sunny Heights is pure heaven for pets and pet owners alike.

Sunny Heights is actually a dog boarding and day care, but you can always drop by just to enjoy their facilities for a fee, of course! It is also a cage-free environment, so your furkid will be able to run free under the supervision of several trained handlers. There are even grooming services available within the area if you’re looking to get cleaned up before heading home.

Now, if that isn’t quality service, we don’t know what is!

Sunny Heights: 

Address: 110 Turf Club Road, Sunny Heights, Bukit Timah, Singapore 288000

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 9.30am-6.30pm

Contact: Site | 6314 9363 | [email protected]

7. Canopy Garden Dining



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Situated in the midst of picturesque Bishan Park, Canopy Garden Dining is definitely regarded as one of the best pet-friendly establishments out there.

Seat yourself in the alfresco area and order yourself some great brunch classics, such as Eggs Benedict or a Grilled Breakfast platter. They have a dinner menu too, of course, and a great selection of coffees, teas, and juices. Perfect for a long, languid meal with your furry buddy!

Canopy Garden Dining: 

Address: 1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Bishan Park 2, 569931

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 9am-10.30pm, Fri: 9am-11pm, Sat: 8am-11pm, Sun: 8am-10.30pm.

Contact: Site | 6556 1533 | [email protected]

8. Gardens By The Bay



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You can fully enjoy a walk with a view over at one of Singapore’s best (and possibly most scenic) pet friendly establishments in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands! Make sure to keep all pets on a leash, though, and to clean up after them especially if you walk them along the concrete pathways.

Pets are also only allowed in the Outdoor Gardens, so make sure to keep them from the Conservatories, the OCBC Skywalk, and the Children’s Garden.

Gardens By The Bay: 

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 5am-2am

Contact: Site

9. Casa Verde


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Grab yourself some hearty pizzas and Italian fare over at Casa Verde, a casual Italian restaurant located in the heart of Botanic Gardens. The alfresco area is open to our favourite four-legged four friends, with the foliage and greenery all around providing some nice coverage from the relentless heat.

Still, we hear that it can get pretty hot, so make sure to bring a bottle of water out for your furbaby!

Casa Verde: 

Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore Boatnic Gardens Visitor Centre, Singapore 59569

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am-8pm, Sat-Sun: 7.30am-9pm

Contact: Site | 6467 7236 | [email protected]

10. Sun Ray Cafe



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Dining with your furkids is made so much easier at places like Sun Ray Cafe. Not only do they have a dedicated menu for pets, they also do custom cakes that come in a variety of flavours such as fruit, beef, salmon, or chicken! Prices begin from SGD15 for a 250g cake, though you are required to give them at least two days notice if you want one.

You can view the rest of their diverse menu here.

Sun Ray Cafe: 

Address: 79 and 81 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Gardens Estate, Singapore 559218

Opening hours: Tues-Sun: 9.30am-10pm, closed on Mondays.

Contact: Site | 6283 8700 | [email protected]

11. Pasta J



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Sure, Pasta J may be known for their great pastas and delectable dishes (their Break-up Steak is legendary), but did you know that they are also known for being one of the best pet-friendly establishments around? Nope, you’re not reading that wrong!

Offering affordable and mouthwatering cuisine is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Pasta J. We recommend bringing some treats to keep your furbaby full before they try making a lunge for yours.

The alfresco area is available, of course, but so is the indoor area too. Make sure to keep your pooch on a leash, and you’ll be pretty much good to go.

Pasta J: 

Address: 205 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574345

Opening hours: Sun-Thurs: 12pm-11pm, Fri-Sat: 11.30am-12am, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Contact: Site | 9004 1800 |

12. The Green Door



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Located along the hip Dempsey Hill area, The Green Door (so aptly named due to its signature green front door) is regarded to be an ideal place to grab a bite and a drink after a long day at work. This lush and atmospheric bar surrounded by beautiful greenery also welcomes furkids of all varieties, with the extensive menu available being sure to please even those with the most discerning of palates.

Trust us, this establishment deserves two thumbs (and paws) up!

The Green Door: 

Address: 13A Dempsey Road, Singapore 247694

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 5pm-12am, Sat: 4pm-1am, Sun: 1pm-12am

Contact: Site | 6776 0777 | [email protected]

13. Five & 2



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Looking for a yummy alternative to American cuisine and or your usual brunch fare? Try out Five & 2 instead, which serves up innovative Asian style dishes such as Sarawak Curry Chicken, Bulgogi Korean Beef Stew With Onions, Thai Red Curry Chicken, and more.

It also happens to be a great pet friendly establishment in Singapore, with furkids being able to dine alfresco with you as the sun sets over Punggol Park.

Five & 2:

Address: 97 Hougang Avenue 8, Punggol Park, Singapore 538792

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 5pm-11pm, Fri: 5pm-1am, Sat: 4pm-1am, Sun:4pm-11pm

Contact: Site | 6282 8801 |

14. Coastes

Always dreamt of having a sun-lit meal by the beach? Well, Coastes is a great place to fulfil this dream along with your furbaby, of course! One of the best pet friendly establishments in Singapore located along a sandy stretch of beach (well, other than Tanjong Beach Club, that is), Coastes provides a diverse range of brunch favourites and desserts that you can munch on as you watch the waves crash against the shore.

We recommend getting a signature cocktail or two to quench your thirst, and maybe some water wings for your pup if you’re planning to take them frolicking out into the water.


Address: 50 Siloso Beach Walk 01-06, Singapore 099000

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 9am-11pm, Fri-Sat: 9pm-1am, Sun: 9am-11pm.

Contact: Site | 6631 8938 | [email protected]

15. Happenstance Cafe



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Some places may offer some pretty nice food options for your furkid, but have you ever heard of a customised pasta bar for your pooch? Yup, apparently, owners can customise for their pets a bowl of pasta to enjoy while they chow down on their own goodies over at Happenstance Cafe. Uh, we don’t know about you guys, but that seems like a total score to us!

The large and spacious interior is also another major plus, with it being designed specially for dogs to roam around, too, so you can rest easy knowing your favourite Fido won’t be feeling restricted or uncomfortable anytime soon.

Happenstance Cafe:

Address: 35 Opal Crescent, Singapore 328485

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 12pm-9pm, Sat-Sun: 11am-9pm

Contact: Site | 6341 7871 | [email protected]

16. Open Farm Community


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Gorgeous venue and interior aside, Open Farm Community is also known for two other things: their scrumptious and innovative dishes, as well as the fact that they’re one of the best pet-friendly establishments in Singapore. Be sure to strike a pose with Fido against the all-white ranch style exterior for the ‘gram before you leave!

With acres of open space, fun recreational activities, and a edible garden city to explore, you (and your furkid!) will definitely have loads to do while waiting for your food to arrive.

Open Farm Community: 

Address: 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 12pm-4pm, 6pm-11pm. Fri: 12pm-4pm, 6pm-12am, Sat: 11am-5pm, 6pm-12am, Sun: 11am-5pm, 6pm-11pm.

Contact: Site | 6471 0306

17. I.N.U Cafe & Boutique



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A popular place for gatherings between pet lovers and pets alike, your furbaby is bound to make a furry friend or two as you both eat, drink, and play. Oh, and did we mention that there is an extensive menu available for both humans and pups, too?

From festive inspired treats (yes, they have doggie mooncakes!), to beef satay, your pup will be salivating for a return trip by the end of it. We’d recommend you drop by on a weekday — we heard it can get pretty crowded on the weekends.

I.N.U. Cafe & Boutique: 

Address: 530 Balestier Road Monville Mansions #01-07, Singapore 329857

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 12pm-10pm, Fri-Sat: 12pm-11pm, Sun: 12pm-10pm.

Contact: Site | 8189 8092 | [email protected]

18. Wheeler’s Yard


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Located right along a park connector, Wheeler’s Yard is a great place to stop by with your furball for a cuppa and brunch after a long walk. You will have to sit in the alfresco area, naturally, but you’ll still be able to soak in the unique atmosphere featuring brightly coloured bikes, rustic table settings, oh and their signature blue door of course.

There isn’t any shelter out by the alfresco tables, though, so remember to pack a water bottle for your furkid!

Wheeler’s Yard: 

Address: 28 Lorong Ampas, Singapore 328781

Opening hours: Tues-Fri: 11am-10pm, Sat-Sun: 10.30am-10pm, closed on Mondays.

Contact: Site | 6254 9128

19. Wagging Rights



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A doggie daycare, grooming salon, and cafe? Yup, with facilities like this, there’s no doubt as to why Wagging Rights is considered to be one of the best pet-friendly establishments in Singapore.

Indulge in some delectable gourmet treats for your furry friend, or simply let them loose in the cute playground area so they can make a friend or two. They even have cute bathroom areas (complete with a fire hydrant) if your pup is feeling a little pooped (literally) by the end of it all. This is as close to doggie paradise as it can get, folks.

Wagging Rights: 

Address: 337 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427590

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-5.30pm

Contact: Site | 6447 0335 | [email protected]

20. W39 Bistro & Bakery



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Cosy, casual, and oh-so-adorable, W39 Bistro & Bakery is a haven for pets and pet lovers alike! You can expect hearty brunch fare such as french toast and waffles along with gourmet dishes like duck confit and baked miso seabass. Yum!

They also have regular promotions such as Furkid Fridays, where dining with your doggie every Friday gets you 10% off your total bill. Now, if that isn’t a sweet deal, we don’t know what is!

W39 Bistro & Bakery:

Address: 39 Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore 128637

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-10pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-10pm

Contact: Site | 9646 5372

21. The Coastal Settlement



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With lots of seating as well as a large outdoor space for pets to frolick around in, it comes as no surprise that The Coastal Settlement is regarded to be one of the best pet friendly establishments in Singapore.

Water bowls are graciously provided for panting pets, and you can enjoy some bites and beer from a diverse menu that is bound to please just about anyone.

The Coastal Settlement: 

Address: 200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508529

Opening hours: Tues-Thurs: 10.30am-11pm, Fri: 10.30am-12am, Sat: 8.30am-12am, Sun: 8.30am-11pm.

Contact: Site | 6475 0200 | [email protected]

22. Kith Cafe


Image source


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That’s right, everyone’s favourite brunch spot is pet-friendly too! Be sure to indulge in hearty breakfast fare such as toasties and eggs benedict with your pup by your side, though you should note that pets are only allowed in alfresco seating areas. Some outlets may not have alfresco seating, so we recommend checking online first before heading down.

A safe bet? The Robertson Quay outlet, which is notoriously popular amongst dog owners. We’ll check it out if we were you!

Kith Cafe: 

Address: 7 Rodyk Street, #01-28 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238215

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun: 7am-6pm.

Contact: Site | 6341 9407 | [email protected]

23. Legend Cafe


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Located conveniently right by Anchorvale Community Centre, Legend Cafe is chockful of good eats such as pizza, pastas and soups, all of which can be consumed with your furbaby by your side! It’s a pretty big space, though we recommend you visit during weekdays as well as it can get crowded and noisy on weekends.

There’s no air-conditioning available either, so be sure to come bearing water for thirsty pups!

Legend Cafe: 

Address: 59 Anchorvale Road #01-06, Singapore 544965

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-1am, Sat: 8am-2am, Sun: 8am-1am

Contact: Site |

24. Menage Cafe



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Regarded to be one of the best pet-friendly establishments around, Menage Cafe is a must-visit if you have a furbaby. Born out of a love for their own pups, the owners of Menage Cafe make it a point to keep an eye out for your pet while you dine on mouthwatering dishes.

Now, who says you can’t have a great dining experience even with your furkid in tow?

Menage Cafe: 

Address: 6 Sin Ming Rd, Sin Ming Plaza #01-01/02, Singapore 575585

Opening hours: Mon: 6pm – 10pm, Tues- Thurs: 11.30am – 10pm, Fri: 11.30am – 10.30pm, Sat: 10.30am – 10.30pm, Sun: 10.30am – 10pm

Contact: Site | 9669 8372

25. Verdure Cafe


Image source


Image source

Quiet, quaint, and surrounded by lush greenery, Verdure Cafe is a great option for pet owners who would love to bring their pets along with them for a meal. Sure, pets are only allowed in alfresco areas, but you’ll be pleased to hear that those areas are both well-ventilated and well sheltered. Score!

Oh, and did we mention that it is located right by their self service water station too? Talk about maximum convenience!

Verdure Cafe: 

Address: 1218 Upper Thomson Road, Springleaf Nature Park #01-02, Singapore 787136

Opening hours: Tue-Fri: 11.30am-10pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-10pm, closed on Mondays.

Contact: Site | 8692 6288

26. Whisk And Paddle



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Dining along a picturesque view of the river with your favourite furball in tow? Check! Yup, that is precisely what you’ll get with Whisk And Paddle. This pet friendly cafe located by the Punggol Waterway has a dedicated section to pet owners and their pets, though you are required to lay a towel under the chair if you’re gonna be plopping your furkid on it.

It can get pretty crowded on weekends too, so make sure to plan accordingly if you don’t feel like waiting up to 30 minutes to get seated!

Whisk And Paddle: 

Address: 10 Tebing Lane, #01-01, Singapore 828836

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 3.30pm-10.30pm, Sat-Sun: 9.30am-10.30pm

Contact: Site | 6242 4617 | [email protected]