7 Jewel Changi Airport tenants we are most excited about. A&W is one of them!

Slated to open in 2019, the fourth terminal at Changi Airport, Jewel Changi Airport is already making waves as its tenant list is revealed. The 10-storey complex is a S$1.7 billion project, and will be home to more than 280 shops and food and beverage (F&B) outlets.


Here are the tenants that have been revealed and that we’re most excited about:

1. A&W


’90s kids are likely to remember A&W fondly. The fast food chain has left Singapore for more than 10 years now, and fans who crave for their Coney Dog and root beer float often make visiting an A&W outlet an important part of their itinerary when they visit a country it has presence in.

Now that it’ll make its return by setting up at Jewel Changi Airport, we can’t wait to be able to dine at the dearly missed fast food outlet without needing a plane ticket.


What we’ll get: Coney dog, curly fries, root beer float. And we heard that the outlet will also offer a cream cheese burger from Japan.

2. Shake Shack


Anyone who has been to a Shake Shack outlet overseas won’t fail to lament about how it’s not in Singapore yet. Well, it will be soon! The fast food chain will open its first ever Singapore outlet at Jewel Changi Airport. Shake Shack is best known for its sumptuous burgers, and we won’t be surprised if Singaporeans were to make a beeline for it when it opens at Jewel Changi Airport next year.

What we’ll get: The ShackBurger is its signature cheeseburger and is also our absolute favourite (go for double if you want a hearty meal!) We also won’t miss the addictive Cheese Fries, that oozes a blend of cheddar and American cheese sauce.

3. Laderach

If you’ve visited Switzerland, you probably would be familiar with Laderach, a Swiss artisanal chocolatier, known for their freshly made, high quality chocolates, in all kinds of interesting flavours. The chocolatier will open its first store in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport and we can’t wait to stock up on every flavour to snack on while watching shows on Netflix get them as gifts for our friends.

Almond dark chocolate

What we’ll get: Dark almond chocolates that come with a great crunch, raspberry-blackberry if you like something sweet and fruity, and alcoholic truffles, if you want something super indulgent.

4. Violet Oon


Famous local chef Violet Oon may already have a few restaurants in Singapore, but she’s opening her largest restaurant to date at Jewel Changi Airport. The 350 sqm space will continue to offer local delicacies, which she is most known for.

Dry laksa

What we’ll get: Dry Laksa, Buah Keluak Ayam, and Pulot Hitam – basically the most drool-worthy Peranakan dishes.

5. Tiger Street Lab


Local brewery Tiger Beer will be launching the first-in-the-world Tiger Street Lab at Jewel Changi Airport, offering exclusive seasonal brews.

What we’ll get: We already know that Tiger Beer is based in Singapore, which means we are able to get the freshest brew from them as it is. We’re confident we’ll enjoy the exclusive offerings they are going to launch at this concept store. Surprise us!

6. Pokemon Center Singapore


The store will be Pokemon’s only permanent retail store outside of Japan – how privilege are we! Most importantly, besides the merchandise that you’ll normally find in Japan, the Singapore store will also be stocked with exclusive merchandise like toys, stationery, trading cards, and video games that are created just for Jewel Changi Airport!

Fans of Pokemon can also look forward to the game franchise’s only permanent retail store outside of Japan. Apart from merchandise sold in Japan, the Pokemon Center Singapore will also be stocked with exclusive toys, stationery, trading cards and video games created just for Jewel.

What we’ll get: All the exclusive merchandise that even visitors to the Japan store can’t get their hands on, of course!

7. Nike store


We already have a number of Nike stores around Singapore, but what got us really excited is that Nike will be opening the largest store in Southeast Asia at Jewel. The store will span 1,000 sqm, which means it’ll not just be able to stock all kinds of merchandise, but also have space to offer an even better customer experience.

What we’ll get: We’re not sure if the new store will stock any exclusive items, but if it does, we’d definitely want to get our hands on them.


Besides exciting shopping and dining options, Jewel is also going to feature Forest Valley, Singapore’s largest indoor garden, and a 40m-tall indoor waterfall that will transform into a light and sound show at night. This terminal will be linked to Terminal 2 and 3 via air-conditioned bridges and is expected to see 40 to 50 million visitors a year.