Brand new thrills at Halloween Horror Nights 9 you won’t want to miss out on

When someone mentions Halloween in Singapore, chances are the first thought that comes to your mind is Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

Almost synonymous with Halloween in Singapore, HHN returns for its ninth edition this year after the wildly successful runs from the past eight years. From 27 September – 31 October 2019 (on selected nights), USS will be transformed into a scare-fest and this year’s edition features the largest collection of Southeast Asian ghosts, and an original haunted house designed by Thai horror film-makers!

The scariest haunted houses, a death metal concert, peak nights, and more. Here all the details you need to know before you’re scared out of your wits!

Five Haunted Houses

1. Curse of the Naga

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This has to be the highlight of this year’s haunted houses – Curse of the Naga is an original collaboration with directors of acclaimed Thai horror movies Shutter and 4bia to bring to you a truly terrifying Asian horror experience.

Enter as a tourist on the colourful streets of Bangkok and be lured into a lost village under the spell of the Naga, a snake spirit. Beware the charms of the Serpentine Spirit or face the horrifying Curse of the Naga!

2. Twisted Clown University


If you’re not already Caulrophobic (the fear of clowns), a walk-through this haunted house might introduce that fear. At this abandoned carnival, remorseless clowns train the next generation of entertaining killers to wreak havoc on the world.

Be forced into death-defying acts and a lesson on manipulating bodies through puppetry – but don’t expect to laugh much in this terrifying clown university.

3. The Chalet Huntings


Remember when we used to go for yearly chalets and always shared ghost stories?

Well, it’s all coming to life here in this haunted chalet which features an extensive collection of Southeast Asian ghosts under one roof. Langsuir, Hantu Raya, layers of police tape and the mysterious disappearance of five teenagers from the chalet – Uncover the frighteningly dark secrets behind the vengeful ghosts that haunt these cursed grounds.

Be warned: You might stay away from chalets for a while after this experience.

4. Hell Block 9

What’s worse than a cramped and dirty prison? Merciless wardens torturing prisoners and leaving them for the dead – in a claustrophobia inducing jail. Ravaged by death, disease and devastation, this is the very image of hell on Earth. Will you survive till the end of your sentence?

5. Spirit Dolls


Interested in creepy tourist attractions? Then this might be just the haunted house for you.

The Island of Dolls come alive in Spirit Dolls where an entire village was slaughtered by an evil doll that housed a vengeful spirit, only to have their spirits trapped in the life-sized, hand-stitched dolls left behind in the village.

As you check out the Spirit Dolls for yourself, don’t be surprised if you find their eyes (and the dolls themselves) following you around.

Scare Zones and Shows

1. Dead End

This scare zone is the line between the land of the living and the domain of the dead. As you enter the realm of the Undertaker, watch the mourners practice their frighteningly bizarre funeral rites. Try your best to avoid being the next unsuspecting victim of the Undertaker and his coffin.

2. Death Fest


Brace yourself for the most hardcore music festival of the year. This all new morbid metal procession by the fictitious Death Trap Band only takes place on peak nights and will be home to entertainment acts and even impressive pyrotechnics.

This is one show that will definitely be lit.

3. Skin and Bones

Witness the live filming of the Underworld’s top comedy show and prepare to be entertained by hosts Skin and Bones through eccentric entertainment and unexpected special guests in a hell-arious show!

Event Details


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